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Hackers are all around us, some may be ethical while others unethical. However, judging every book by its cover may not be possible in today’s digital world still one has a chance to focus a little before moving ahead with any kind of online wallet.

Cryptocurrency Users, Beware

Cryptocurrency users are a worried lot when it comes to security. There are many reasons to say this and one of them is that hackers, for the most part, try to steal personal information of the users thereby rendering them with no funds at all!

A few folks reading this would also be aware of the fact that transactions related to cryptos are ‘anonymous’ hence it is next to impossible to track down culprits.

Anonymity turns out to be the easiest tool for hackers to withdraw information and password of a crypto user in no time. Secondly, many EOS based wallets have suddenly sprung up across Google Play Store, which as you might have known by now are fake.

Fake EOS Wallets to Watch Out For

These fake EOS wallets never leave an opportunity to figure out account information besides passwords that users put in to use. All of this is possible with the help of a ‘malware tool’ utilized by fake software.

Another factor to be taken a note of is that crypto transactions being anonymous have the ability to hide stolen funds forever thereby hackers leave no stone unturned to fund their accounts!
Decentralization apart from anonymity are major setbacks for organizations and authorities in particular to bring about digital currency in to a profitable business.

EOS RIO: Facts to Know

In fact, there is only one EOS based company set in Rio De Janeiro in Brazil, responsible for Block Producers. And there happens to be none other site per se. This Brazilian establishment works towards development of Blockchain based Digital Products. Moreover, it does not have any inkling with EOS wallets found on Google Play Store.

EOS RIO, does not even have any of its Block Producers application(s) on the giant Google Play Store. So, readers, ensure that you never download any random EOS app’ available on Google Play Store. In case you wish to utilize the services of EOS then you would have to go to the official website and not switch to the Play Store.

Remember, one more factor, EOS Block Producers have been given the responsibility of governing EOS Blockchain!

EOS Reports Fake EOS Wallets to Google

Due to an alert team back in EOS Community, Google took action and removed all fake EOS Wallets in no time. Indeed, the team at Google ensures that there is not even a single fake app on its Play Store.
To assist you further in this regard, we would suggest you to keep a check on reviews found for a product. In case you find numerous reviews say around 1,000 or more then most probably you may go ahead and use it else it is better to back off beforehand rather than losing out funds.
As said, precaution is better than cure.

Currencies have over the centuries changed handed and denominations while retaining its true colors that is: used purely for transactions or money given in exchange of goods. Keeping same thoughts in mind, cryptocurrencies had come into the picture but still, somewhere they lacked to create interest among people.

With time and continuous efforts from the brains behind this currency type, things have changed as many folks have tried shifting their focus from using traditional ‘set’ currencies to the cryptos.

A Shift Slowly Picking Up Speed

Cryptocurrencies have finally begun to make themselves useful in the way they were intended to. Here we are talking about one of the many incidents wherein the residents of Moscow employ cryptocurrencies to conduct transactions. It might come as a bit of surprise for some folks as till now there has been a wave of uncertainty as to how would Bitcoin rise with passing time.

Remember readers, Bitcoins are one of the cryptocurrencies and yet there are many more cryptos out there. Bitcoin is one of the cryptos that many people use for transactions apart from ethereum, ripple, litecoin etc.

Report on What Cryptocurrency Usage Survey Has to Say

A survey had been recently conducted according to which close to 5% residents of Moscow preferred non-cash methods of payments inclusive of the cryptocurrencies! To be precise, about 1,000 people carried out transactions in such non-cash modes of payment. And to ascertain this survey further, regarding age group of people using these new modes of transactions, the surveyors got to know on questioning that there was no age bracket in particular and instead, all of them belonged to different age groups.

It does make sense here: cryptocurrencies were never meant to be put into service by only one age group but rather it has to be utilized by one and all!

Forms of Payment Used

On the other hand, there are still about 96% of residents who opt for bank cards while 16% of them used e-money. This survey also threw light on other payment services that people used namely: internet banking is utilized by about 32% of residents whereas some of them constituting about 40% of the population had switched to numerous mobile bank applications.
Hence, as you notice, people switch from one to another application (currency) in some time only. Therefore, it was about time for Cryptocurrency to make a mark for itself clearing the air that yes, it was time ripe for it to make a real entry in the real world out there.

Are People Ready to use Cryptocurrencies?

Curiosity arises whenever this question is asked - are people actually ready to use cryptocurrencies? Well, if looked at the above results from a survey conducted on residents of Moscow then we can very well say, about 5% of residents shall definitely give a try to Cryptocurrency as yet another ground-breaking payment method!

Quantum Physics has been studied over the years while being applied in varied cases. In case you have forgotten, Quantum Physics is a branch of science based on quantum theory where particles can be in two different states at any given point of time.

Bringing this concept to the fore, Quantum Computers tried pitching in efficiency as a resource, (stated to be turned in to an asset soon). Thus, building quantum computers efficient in calculations that classic computer did not possess.

Newbie in Business

Of course, you read it correctly this is what is going to be the future of quantum computing where one sees collaboration of both cryptography and artificial intelligence.

Quantum, the word itself gives out a lot on what exactly goes on with this set of computing. You may be surprised to a certain extent to know that in such a computing, precise wavelengths besides lasers (accurate ones) are put in to use.

Humble Beginnings

Started from a small note, today, quantum, artificial intelligence, cryptography among other similar things have gone on to become key notes of a system. Transistors to a chip, integration was very well done with chip consisting of numerous transistors.

What if we told you that the next thing in line does not have transistors at all! What would you have to say then? Well, then tighten your seat belts because this is the time to welcome a ‘small chamber’, a chamber that is going to control processes. In other words, a chip minus those transistors!

These chips or rather Quantum Computing shall introduce the next game of computing world in form of power packed ‘qubits’ rather than bytes.

All of this can happen through a process ‘entanglement’ and it is only when ultra precise lasers come together on chips to have about 5 qubits installed on them. With over 30 years of background work, Quantum seems to have taken over Computing Department as well.

Companies such as IBM or even Google have been exploring different methods to bring to fore this kind of technology, naming it as ‘superconducting’. In this process, real atoms are trapped and later on cooled.

Quite a distinct approach, yes, however, with everything falling in to place, you could be surprised to know that when aspects are streamlined then it is obvious: nothing can be wrong. Agreed that there might be a delay but story ends there.

Many players have set foot on such a kind of computing as some of them have already witnessed how quantum works its way for turning a structure into a systematic one. In future, there are also chances that these ‘Quitbit Chips’ shall make their way up to phones or other devices; taking them to the next level of smartness plus endurance.

To ensure this happens, it would take another decade or so in order to have cryptography in place and begin work on emerging technique of the century. Such a technique requires encryption algorithms and this brings us to cryptologists… who are already putting in their brains for quantum proof set of algorithms.

Yet to see changing world and usage of Artificial Intelligence, Cryptography and Quantum Physics; oh! Should I say Quantum Computing!