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Cryptocurrency Regulation is now going to take a new front with G20 Countries coming in to the picture for having ‘cryptocurrencies under the tax radar’. FATF or the Financial Action Task Force’s standards will be considered so as to enable Anti Money Laundering Act to take precedence with the way things work.

G20 Opens Up to the Possibility of Having Cryptocurrencies Regulation

The United States has been at the peak when it comes to cryptocurrency market followed by Japan, and it is due to them that G20 Countries could consider having cryptocurrency regulation; especially after the way it has shot up or rather seen a number of fluctuations over the past few months.

When such a huge set up like G20 Countries come in to the picture for #regulation of #cryptos then it will certainly be in line with FATF or the Financial Action Task Force Standards. These recent developments were seen post signing of a ‘joint declaration’ back in Buenos Aires, capital of Argentina.

There were also reports that stated of having these regulations go along with Anti Money Laundering Acts. Besides, stronger ties lead to stand against financing of terrorism.

Cryptocurrency Regulations would help Regulatory Frameworks

Agreed that there are many countries which have begun regulations in a right manner however, there are others as well who are still far behind due to the obvious reasons related to it. In order to have international standards up in place, regulatory frameworks shall be beneficial.

Establishment of Cryptocurrency Ventures seems to be put on hold due to regulatory clarity not being there. Therefore, it turns out to be necessary for speeding up the regulatory process so as to enable establishment of cryptocurrency ventures. Even Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs among other financial institutions are looking forward to have all crypto regulations in place.

2019, a Year to be remembered for Cryptocurrency

The sources went on to state that further discussions shall be carried out somewhere in 2019 because it is then that Japan would become the President of the Summit. (And like stated in the article earlier, Japan is second to the U. S. when it comes to cryptocurrency transactions).

It may be recalled that, Bruno Le Maire, Finance Minister of France, had earlier stated on ‘careful examination of cryptocurrencies and specifically Bitcoins’ post which final decision on having regulation of cryptocurrencies can be made.

Bitcoin Price Today

As some of you are aware of the constant changing aspect of Bitcoins, in recent times, it has not been stable with today’s (the time this article was written) Bitcoin price was close to $3933!
The moment all these questions are answered, it would become clear as to what and how will cryptocurrency regulation go forward. There are also speculations of having a ‘public investment vehicle’ similar to that of an ETF or the Exchange Traded Fund.

Looks like G20 is going to move forward and help create a system that backs ‘sustainable growth’ in ways benefiting many out there! While it is to see what would be the impact of this on cryptocurrencies. 

Quantum Physics has been studied over the years while being applied in varied cases. In case you have forgotten, Quantum Physics is a branch of science based on quantum theory where particles can be in two different states at any given point of time.

Bringing this concept to the fore, Quantum Computers tried pitching in efficiency as a resource, (stated to be turned in to an asset soon). Thus, building quantum computers efficient in calculations that classic computer did not possess.

Newbie in Business

Of course, you read it correctly this is what is going to be the future of quantum computing where one sees collaboration of both cryptography and artificial intelligence.

Quantum, the word itself gives out a lot on what exactly goes on with this set of computing. You may be surprised to a certain extent to know that in such a computing, precise wavelengths besides lasers (accurate ones) are put in to use.

Humble Beginnings

Started from a small note, today, quantum, artificial intelligence, cryptography among other similar things have gone on to become key notes of a system. Transistors to a chip, integration was very well done with chip consisting of numerous transistors.

What if we told you that the next thing in line does not have transistors at all! What would you have to say then? Well, then tighten your seat belts because this is the time to welcome a ‘small chamber’, a chamber that is going to control processes. In other words, a chip minus those transistors!

These chips or rather Quantum Computing shall introduce the next game of computing world in form of power packed ‘qubits’ rather than bytes.

All of this can happen through a process ‘entanglement’ and it is only when ultra precise lasers come together on chips to have about 5 qubits installed on them. With over 30 years of background work, Quantum seems to have taken over Computing Department as well.

Companies such as IBM or even Google have been exploring different methods to bring to fore this kind of technology, naming it as ‘superconducting’. In this process, real atoms are trapped and later on cooled.

Quite a distinct approach, yes, however, with everything falling in to place, you could be surprised to know that when aspects are streamlined then it is obvious: nothing can be wrong. Agreed that there might be a delay but story ends there.

Many players have set foot on such a kind of computing as some of them have already witnessed how quantum works its way for turning a structure into a systematic one. In future, there are also chances that these ‘Quitbit Chips’ shall make their way up to phones or other devices; taking them to the next level of smartness plus endurance.

To ensure this happens, it would take another decade or so in order to have cryptography in place and begin work on emerging technique of the century. Such a technique requires encryption algorithms and this brings us to cryptologists… who are already putting in their brains for quantum proof set of algorithms.

Yet to see changing world and usage of Artificial Intelligence, Cryptography and Quantum Physics; oh! Should I say Quantum Computing!