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Thursday, 23 August 2018

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How the latest news on cryptocurrency market is boon for investors?

In 2017 cryptocurrencies have performed so well and this technology is constantly expanding in 2018 also & is attracting new investors. However, most of the beginners face many troubles when they are searching for the next cryptocurrency to invest. Fret not! You are not alone. We understand how confusing the situation is and to resolve that try to keep up-to-date with the latest news on cryptocurrencymarket every day. Here, you can easily get the answer to all your questions such as whether “Should I be investing in Bitcoin?” Or “Should I be investing in Ethereum?”.

Today, the marketplace is filled with many cryptocurrencies as almost every business is launching new cryptocurrency every day and offering the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) projects to the investors. So, choosing the right project is a hard nut to crack especially for beginners. Therefore, it is extremely important for them to have an ICO alert so that they do not find any difficulty to know about the ICO project. By getting the ICO alert, you can also be a part of some trending discussions such as “ICO Investment Guide” or any other latest news on cryptocurrency market.

By using ICO alert and following the ICO investment guide, the investors can get the complete information about both the existing and upcoming ICO projects and with the help of ICO reviews, they can determine that whether this investment is worth to him/her or not. Today, in this blog, we are going to discuss that how to keep yourself up-to-date about cryptocurrency is beneficial for you.

l  Concept
With the help of the latest buzz in cryptocurrency, you can easily find out the potential of your coveted business in the current market in terms of its size and wealth.  Apart from that, you can even get some information about the competitors and whether your ICO project is capable enough to steal some of the market shares.

l  Team
We are very well aware of the fact that the marketplace is filled with both reliable and fraud companies who are dealing with the ICO Projects. So, if you have an in-depth knowledge of the team, which actually exist, then nobody can mislead you into having a star team. Most of ICO websites will have a team page in their LinkedIn profile from where you can get all information about them such as their experience, proficiency, skills, etc.

l  Whitepapers
To check the reliability of the ICO project, you can check its whitepaper. The whitepaper is a standard of every ICO, which consists the detail information of the document such as:
Ø  Summary and overview of the project.
Ø  Complete market research.
Ø  Analysis report.
Ø  The team behind the project.
Ø  Complete product details.
Ø  Legal aspects of the tokens
Ø   Marketing strategy.
Ø  Competitive landscape and market size.

l  What is the need for creating a token? 
If you know what is going on the cryptocurrency market then you can easily give the answer to this question. This is an important question that every project needs to answer that what is your purpose behind to create a token? Why is not Ethereum or Bitcoin enough to serve as the project’s token? So, instead of creating any story you can give them a solid reason that what is the need for creating a token.

l  Keep you aware of country laws
The latest news on cryptocurrency market or ICO alert keeps you up-to-date about the different country laws in cryptocurrency market. Nowadays, government and regulators worldwide are now exploring ways to control the cryptocurrency market. So, before investing in any country, it is recommended to check their laws to prevent trading or avoid any harm to your investment.

l  Set your goals before investment
Thinking that investment in cryptocurrency can make you rich in the future, but by learning the current marketing trends, you can stick to manageable goals. Whenever you reach your targeted investment try to withdraw it.

You can subscribe to ICO Fan to get the latest news on cryptocurrency market or the ICO alert. This is an amazing platform which keeps you updated with the latest news on the blockchain, cryptocurrencies, ICO reviews, or ICO investment guide. 
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Wednesday, 25 July 2018

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Latest news on cryptocurrency market: Monero to reduce security risks - ICO Alert

Monero web wallet to fix flaws unveiled in audit to enhance security 

New Alchemy, a blockchain strategy and technology group, reviewed XMRWallet’s infrastructure in June 2018, during which web traffic and user interface of the application were inspected with an objective to discover security flaws that can have a negative impact on the app’s trustworthiness.

According to New Alchemy’s report, the XMRWallet application provides a high-quality user experience, an advanced development approach and a clear separation of client and server functionality. But, when it comes to security, a number of potential vulnerabilities were uncovered. Although some of these issues were minor and others were critical, the assessment concluded that all of the issues were fixed.

latest news on cryptocurrency market

Following re-testing, New Alchemy said that all seven critical issues had been fixed. All moderate issues were also addressed, expert one which was later re-classified as a general concern rather than a security issue. In addition to this, three minor issues were also taken care of.

According to the latest news on cryptocurrency market, New Alchemy’s report concluded that the XMRWallet application provides an intuitive user interface. All of the aspects of the application were employed, such as value transfers to and from multiple counter-parties. The code development and organization process made it easier to comprehend how the components have been fit together. Minimal external data dependencies, minimal endpoints and minimal unrelated web traffic are the strength of the application.

New features uncovered

The audit was performed as XMRWallet started to introduce a set of new features such as the ability to set the USD pride for sending Monero, matched in XMR automatically. Apart from this, enhancements have been made to the confirmation window, which is seen by the users prior to completion of a transaction and transfer of money.

Nathalie Roy, the founder of XMRWallet, was inspired to launch the platform after she used MyMonero and found out that there were various features that could be improved further. She believed that XMRWallet could support decentralization and provide a backup plan in an event of unavailability of other web wallets.

As per the latest blockchain news , XMRWallet allows quick account creation and the platform supports 10 languages presently. The platform also provides fast transaction times, allowing the users to send and receive Monero right away.

XMRWallet is an open-source web environment for Monero wallets. The platform is completely free for users and relies on donations to provide continuous service.
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Thursday, 19 July 2018

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Latest News on Cryptocurrency Market – Bitcoin Price Rises High - ICO Alert

On Tuesday afternoon, the price of Bitcoin increased by 10% in less than an hour, thereby pushing the crypto currency’s value above $7000 for the first time since June this year. With this, in fact, other major cryptocurrencies gained a boost off the back of Bitcoin’s resurgence with Ethereum, Ripple and Bitcoin Cash all climbing by between 5-8% over the last 24 hours. Indeed, there will be even latest news on cryptocurrency market coming this month setting new benchmarks for the blockchain industry.

Latest News on Cryptocurrency Market

However, the most significant gains were experienced by Stellar and Cardano which further rose by 22% and 16%. Although, the latest hike in the Bitcoin price has still remain farther away from its all-time high which reached close to $20,000 in December 2017. However, all of a sudden spike still represents Bitcoin’s best day in around 3 months which in itself is a big achievement for Bitcoin as it regains its reputation back in the blockchain industry.

Certainly, positive and negative news in the cryptocurrency arena can be attributed towards Bitcoin’s market movements. Earlier this week, a 4% gain followed news that investment firm BlackRock is planning its move towards blockchain space. Matthew Newton, a market analyst at the investment platform eToro said in an email to The Independent that news like BlackRock Company goes a long way in lending legitimacy to crypto as an asset class which is extremely powerful over a long period of time. Mr Newton added that negative news can be more prominent on the market than positive news. This way, investors would be wise to remain cautious as we saw a similar situation in April where some big positions were squeezed which caused the price to increase. Having said that, if Bitcoin pushes past $8k, it will show that the bull is back and prices could continue to climb further.

BlackRock is not one of the first well-established firms in the financial sector to express an interest in cryptocurrency with Goldman Sachs launching a Bitcoin trading operation and thereby backing fintech startup Circle. Circle revealed in the month of May that it plans to launch a digital version of the US dollar which would offer many of the benefits of cryptocurrency while also overcoming the price volatility issue.

Cryptocurrency analysts expect more giants from the traditional financial sector to discover the promising market with some professionals’ suggesting fiat currencies could merge with cryptocurrencies. We also need to remember that cryptocurrencies and blockchain are a 10-20 year project and this will take a lot of time.
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Thursday, 12 July 2018

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ICO investment guide: Things to consider before investing in ICO - ICO Alert

ICO investment guide: Things to consider before investing in ICO

Participating in ICO can bring massive returns, however the venture is risky too. There are many things that can go wrong, and unfortunately, you may end up losing all your investments. This is why it is crucial to prepare yourself and do your due diligence before investing. This ICO investment guide covers the things that you should consider prior to investing in any ICO token sale. Read complete information about the ICO project on its website. Check out the details of the company - the team and the advisors, the problem that they are solving, the market size of the industry, the revenue model and how feasible is the solution that the company is offering. In addition, check the legal INC formulation of the company and from where ICO token sale is being offered.

ICO investment guide

Find out if the ICO project is backed by any VC or Angel investor; make sure to check the investor’s profile and experience too. A well established and experienced investor means that the project has more chances of being successful. However, this does not guarantee success. Read the white paper; it contains detailed information about the project and ICO phases. If the white paper is too technical for you, seek advice of an expert. Check the utility of the token. Find out the value of a single token along with where and how can it be used other than trading. A careful evaluation of ICO terms and conditions is important. Find out if there has been a large pre-sale discount. If yes, then at what stage. What are ICO dates and discount offers? Also, examine that the total market cap and funds being collected are reasonable or not.

Understand the risks

An important thing to remember before investing in any ICO project is that most ICO stages are only on paper known as “White paper” or at an early development stage. Furthermore, 99% ICO projects are working on Blockchain, which is a new technology and the professionals are rapidly honing their Blockchain development skills, which means that a project may get delayed. Also, there would not be a tenfold increase in the value of all ICO-issued tokens, and in the worst case some tokens may even fail and no longer stay on the cryptocurrency market. In addition to the points mentioned above in this ICO investment guide, one of the most important things to remember is - never invest more than you are prepared to lose. Do not make the mistake of investing all your savings just because you think it will make you big bucks. ICO can make you rich but it can also make you lose all your money, so be careful. To choose the right ICO project for investment, stay informed about all of the ICO projects on the market. You can subscribe to a newsletter to get regular ICO alert and know what’s happening in the cryptocurrency world.
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