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It seems to be snowing Cryptos and Fortnight V Bucks this Christmas! Yes, you read it correctly, as per statistics and surveys having been conducted recently, people, especially today’s generation slowly has begun to shift towards the new age of Christmas gifting ideas. Agreed that is not a bad part as such but hey have you ever wondered as to why people of an era earlier or at the least, a few generations before never happened to look up to cryptocurrencies as a gifting possibility?


Though people from the 1960’s had enough sources to invest still they preferred other gifts over cryptocurrencies. However, things have changed with the passage of time as now most of the Americans feel that it is in greater interest to gift Fortnite or Cryptocurrency! Both of them are virtual currencies while one of them is from Fortnite, a popular video game.

Fiat versus Cryptocurrencies

Fiat was and still is a great medium of exchange; reasons being it is approved by the Governments directly yet there has been a slight shift with the way there has been an advancement in currencies.
The generation today, does not have an issue when they use cryptos rather than traditional fiat even during ‘the gifting for Christmas’!

Digital Assets

These days, digital assets are given more importance and hence people tend to invest a lot in them. While on the other hand, if one notices a bit more carefully then one can find that Cryptocurrencies have to a large extent become another of the best sources of ‘medium of exchange’.
This gives rise to the idea that cryptos are the next form of digital asset that has crept into the lives of people.

Fortnite’s Story of How to Keep People Glued to Fortnite V Bucks!

It is quite unlikely that a firm shall make use of forcible techniques to keep people locked down to using only its currency. Fortnite has, however, made this switch without creating any sort of errors so far.

As we speak, Fortnite has ensured that its participants utilize only V buck to pay not only for outfits but also for in-game upgrades. Outfits that they will be buying shall be worn by characters in Fortnite. And when refunds are in question then they shall be made only in Fortnite V bucks thereby giving leverage to V bucks over Fiat.

Some of you may have very well heard that slow and steady wins the race; same is the case here!

Final Word

As per the survey recently conducted or even a study that Piper Jaffray conducted, many teenagers have felt that it is high time this switch has been made, strongly supporting a trend wherein teenagers from America have Cryptocurrencies and/or Fortnite V Bucks in their ‘Christmas Wish Lists’ rather than the same old Fiat.

Question that has risen due to this shift indicates: how would organizations react to this situation or would they allow for ‘Christmas gifting ideas change its base’?

Watch out for this space for the latest updates on ‘changing trends in crypto world’.