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NOTE: Before we dig too deep into this, let me first remind you that Bitcoin mining and Bitcoin trading are two entirely different things.
Before figuring out which exchange to use, let’s first examine what it's. Why you may need one. A crypto exchange is a place where you’re allowed to buy and sell Bitcoins or Altcoins, from other people within the bitcoin community, using more mainstream and traditional forms of currency, such as the USD or EUR. Or by using other forms of cryptocurrency. So if you’ve ever asked the question, “How do I invest in Bitcoin?”, then a bitcoin exchange may be your answer!


So how does this Bitcoin Trading system work?

Some of the exchanges will allow you to purchase BTC directly, using your native currency. For example, at Coinbase, after creating an account, you can link your bank account to their website. Whenever you want, you may use their system to easily buy bitcoin online. See the image below, from my Coinbase account:
Not everyone wants to be a miner. Some people would rather just watch the price of the coin they’re interested in. Then once it reaches the desired price, they’d buy it, a fraction of it. That’s the power and beauty of the Bitcoin. You don’t need to own a whole Bitcoin to become an investor. You can own a fraction of a coin. That’s perfectly fine! Now, once you've your BTC, you can then use one of the other exchanges to transform your BTC into any kind of crypto coin of your choice!
These other coins are referred to as, “Altcoins“, or simply alts as it’s an alternative coin of the Bitcoin. The price of each Bitcoin and alt is regulated by its users. There are Buy Orders and Sell Orders. These are prices that are set by the community. Let me explain, a little more.

Let’s say that I have .5 Bitcoin (BTC). I want to use that amount of .5 BTC, to purchase DigiByte (DGB). Why DGB? It’s just an example. Let’s say because I followed someone else signals based on TA/FA. How many can I buy? To figure this out, we’re going to need to do some calculations.

Let’s say someone has DGB. Wishes to have BTC instead. They’ll perform a Sell Order. What this means, is that, suppose they've 10,000 DGB. I wish to have BTC instead. What they’d do, is figure out how many Bitcoin they feel their DGB is worth. Since BTC is currently worth more than DGB, you should be able to sell a fraction of a BTC to buy a hefty amount of DigiByte. All clear?

I’m looking now at Binance and someone is selling 1 DGB for 0.00000082 BTC. This means that you can buy a lot of DGB for barely any Bitcoin. You don’t need a calculator since you can basically input the amount of DigiByte (or whichever Cryptocurrency) you’re interested in acquiring. In REAL-TIME, the amount of BTC you’d need to spend will be updated, directly on the site! Pretty awesome, right? So if 1 
DGB is 0.00000082 BTC, you can just play around with the numbers, until you see how many you can afford.
This is how you calculate. Also, keep in mind that while you’re figuring it out, someone may have offered a better Sell Order price. After you figure out how much you’ll need to spend to get your desired coin, it’s a good practice, from my experience, to copy the amount you need to spend, to your computer’s clipboard, using CTRL+C or Right-Clicking. Then simply REFRESH the browser screen, to see if any better rates are available!
So now, once you've done this, you should see how using a Crypto The exchange could be much more beneficial than trying to become one of the greatest bitcoin miners. This all happens pretty much in an instant. There’s no waiting around for your mining results to give you satisfaction!
So that about sums it up. You should now have a clear understanding of why and how using a bitcoin exchange can make your life become much easier than it might be.
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Over a period of few weeks, cryptocurrency market has seen only downside yet there are a lot of investors who believe in the fact that: cryptocurrency is here to stay for long. These investors are the ones who are capable enough to handle severe losses while taking high risks when it comes to investments.

But what about minor investors? Is the whole question which remains unanswered to most part?

Crypto Market Crash to be Short Term

Reports apart from experts from crypto field have said that retail investors along with some individuals ended up selling high risk assets such as Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) in the wake of ongoing fluctuations in cryptocurrency world. Reasons behind them drifting away from these assets is simple: they have to cover expenses and with no option left, they resort to selling these risky assets.

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When there is 80 to 90 percent drop, it is pretty much obvious for people to find solutions to the problems arisen recently. There are also other people who believe that crypto market crash witnessed in the past few days will be only for a while now and would not last long.

According to a Charity Fund Executive from the United Kingdom, this crypto crash shall recuperate itself within a short span of time and it would not be long enough before things came back on track. Even the Chief Investment Manager at CCLA, James Bevan, added to these statements saying, at the level of traditional finance, there are surprisingly a number of road blocks that people face so cryptocurrencies are no different from them.

For your information, CCLA is one of the top Fund Managers in the United Kingdom and as per their reports, they have invested about £7,842 million in different assets under the tag ‘management’. This record is till the March of this year though.

Billionaire Investors and their Thoughts on Cryptocurrency Pricing

On the other hand, a few investors from the billionaire group have some more points to add. This list is inclusive of Tim Draper, Jim Breyer and Mike Novogratz among the others. In their views, there is going to be a ‘long term trend of Cryptos’!!!

Now if you question here about it being easier for wealthy investors to take risks, then you are absolutely correct however, there are other aspects to be looked at before coming to a final conclusion and some of these include the way ‘bear market’ has seen its ups and downs.

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‘Fluctuations’ is a word that has turned favourite for cryptos at the moment and specifically when the talk is about Bitcoins and its price today. One aspect to be made a note of is that you shall certainly be surprised to know as to how and when will Bitcoin Recover from the losses it has faced so far.
Certainly, a doubt has to be answered and when it is about Bitcoin Pricing then let us throw light on how in the past, it took about 67 weeks for Bitcoin to recover! Yes, you read it correctly, 67 weeks and so, hope is not lost altogether but of course, we cannot assume that the future would be the same! Do you?
Bitcoin Exchange Traded Fund had been considered by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission but it looks like there would be further delay in making final announcement for it. Here, we are speaking about Bitcoin ETF or the Exchange Traded Fund from VanEck.

Cryptocurrency Market Instabilities

As some of you may be aware of the situations that have hit the cryptocurrency world in recent days, it was indeed a decision to be made by the concerned authorities. In addition to this, 2018 is almost to an end due to which decision on VanEck’s ETF has been deferred to the 27th of February 2019.

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Upgrades in Cryptocurrency Market must be done before Approval of Bitcoin ETF

In a statement released on 6 December 2018 by U. S. SEC, it clearly mentioned reasons for the delay, one of them being that anything which relates itself to cryptocurrency has to be thoroughly checked for any loop holes. It is only when all facts fall in to place shall the authorities approve or may even disapprove the ETF put across by VanEck.

Another surprising factor we may look at is: $BTC ETF has been in pending list for quite some time as Securities and Exchange Commission from the United States had rejected ETF by VanEck (Investment Firm) apart from SolidX (Blockchain Company) a few times in 2018 as well.

Will Bitcoin Exchange Traded Fund get US SEC’s Nod?

As per the Director of Digital Asset Strategy of VanEck, there does not seem to be any reason for U. S. Securities and Exchange Commission to delay the decision of ETF further.

Gabor Gurbacs, Director of Digital Asset Strategy, VanEck further went on to add that the team is confident of having approval of US SEC this time.

Stringent rules have taken the positions resulting in numerous Bitcoin ETF Applications being rejected by the United States SEC on the grounds of preventions. These preventions mainly connect to fraud as well as market manipulation (seen greatly now a days).

The Future

In case every detail goes as planned then US SEC shall ensure of having Bitcoin Exchange Traded Fund by VanEck and SolidX on CBOE or the Chicago Board Options Exchange. When we consider Securities and Exchange Act, then SEC has got about 240 days in which the authority can understand any ETF Application in detail before making a final call.

Keeping this Act in mind, US SEC has got time till the 27 February 2019 to make a decision on whether to allow BTC ETF coming in to action or not.

It may also be recalled that there were 9 Bitcoin ETF Applications in total that SEC rejected in the month of August. Most of them were in rejected state as they did not comply with the rules laid down by the authorities.

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What Jay Clayton has to say about Cryptos, Bitcoins and ETF?

There are other firms such as Gemini who believe to get through the ETF applications this time round. Nevertheless, time apart from the features of an ETF would decide the fate of a BTC Exchange Traded Fund to be listed or not. Until then it is better that we follow rules and stay in good books of the authorities.
Stablecoins seem to take over most of the cryptocurrencies and we can say this because Cryptocurrency exchanges are moving towards roping in their stable coins in their exchanges. For starters, stable coin is another set of cryptocurrencies wherein price volatility effects are minimized to a great extent.

Bitfinex and Ethfinex Back USD Stablecoins

Recently, there was an announcement made according to which Bitfinex, a Cryptocurrency Exchange along with Ethfinex have decided to extend support to four more stable coins in their trading list. These stable coins are supported by USD and this is the reason for both Cryptocurrency trading exchanges to enter in agreement with them.

Who Can Utilize New Cryptocurrency Trading Facilities?

New Cryptocurrency Exchange Trading facilities have been specifically designed keeping in mind all the Crypto Traders out there. It would indeed be easier for them to deposit as well as withdraw a stable coin.

Another aspect attached to the list of perks - ‘trading verification status’ is never going to have any affect on trading. Nevertheless, the whole set up of not only Bitfinex but also Ethfinex is that it is only open to the ‘verified traders’ and that to only in their platforms.

Stablecoins Available in Cryptocurrency Exchange

Currently, four stable coins have been included to the existing list of trading and they are as follows: first one being USDT/ Tether, second one is True USD or TUSD, while third one in this list is Gemini Dollar aka GUSD whilst fourth one is none other than Paxos or PAX.

With such a combination of coins coming together on a single platform, you may be surprised to witness that this platform still remains to be rationalistic as far as it can make itself to be.
In a similar way, other Cryptocurrency exchanges have begun to take forward the tradition of including stable coins in their list of crypto trading thereby giving an option to crypto enthusiasts to select from numerous listed trading exchanges.

Is It?

There are however, other things that have to be taken a note of, one of them being ‘unbiased meeting place’. Such a system shall indeed be an attraction that people would look forward to. Introduction of ‘direct USDT FIAT Trading’ in November ensured that there is going to be a rain of trading pairs which are helpful to many.

Interestingly, there is EURT / EUR Trading Pair apart from USDT / USD Trading Pair on the Bitfinex Platform that gives an edge over others in this competitive world of Cryptocurrency trading exchange.

Some of you may even be aware of the fact stating: exchanges tend to put in to use ‘stabilized tokens’ in order to keep these in the ‘reserve state’. In simple words, reserve would mean that an individual does not have to hurry tokens in to fiat thereby cryptonians do not have to worry about any related situations!

Finally, with Tether aka USDT coming on to the platform of Bitfinex as well as Ethfinex, it is beyond question that crypto market is going to move forward in near future.
Institutional Trading is now a days becoming one of the most sought after notions while on the other hand, there is a rise in crypto exchanges. In spite of this sudden surge in cryptocurrency exchanges, U. S. Securities and Exchange Commission is not leaving a stone to ensure that all of these digital currency exchanges follow rules.

If you have a look at Poloniex, which is a Digital Asset Exchange having a variety of Digital Assets, you can witness the way it is accelerating itself to the top to ensure that there are a number of cryptocurrencies available for trading. And recently, to add to the digital assets list, there is introduction of ‘institutional accounts’!

Why Should One Opt for Poloniex?

It is a very simple question as to why should one settle on Poloniex when there are other exchanges as well? And the answer to this question is also very simple, the team behind Poloniex understands that trading also requires advanced tools from time to time and therefore keeping such a thought in mind, they have come up with an approach that will have far reaching effects in the longer run.
These said effects will without any doubt be positive ones that have the ability to facilitate trading depending on the situation. In other words, all the latest trading tools required by institutions will be in place.

Who Gains from Crypto Asset Trading?

In actual fact, it is both small and large institutions who would be reaping benefits from Poloneix based on grounds such as: powerfully built API Services, endless selection of Crypto Asset Trading Pair besides Support of the Team.

Another bonus attached while using Poloniex is that customers shall be in a position to not give any ‘fees’ for BTC or USDC Trades. Nonetheless, these terms are going to be applicable only for the month of December!

Customer’s experience matters a lot for Poloniex and this is the reason why they strive hard to ensure things work for the best for Poloniex Users. It was even last month that USD Coin or the USDC Trades had $500K fees waived off!

Things to Know

This does not end here because there is still a surprise in store for the users, one of them being, like the one stated earlier: BTC and USDC Trades would not have any fees while the other benefit attached states: users can purchase BTC without paying any extra fees. Option for not paying any fees is only till 2019! So, it is better that you utilise it at the earliest. An individual can make use of ‘free service’ in order to convert USD to USDC through Circle!

Poloniex is going to be up against GDAX from Coinbase and when more than one firm is involved in institutional trading, then it is to see who wins this game! While Users of any cryptocurrency exchange or institutional trading shall look forward only to the benefits that they can reap from trading giants available out there in the crypto world.
What if you get to use a technique through which you can actually ‘guess price of digital assets?’ As in you can have an idea of whether a digital asset is going to rise or fall?! Well, if a feature like this is there then there is going to be an opportunity galore like never seen before. However, for this to turn in to a reality, you will have to look at ‘OKEx’.

For your information, OKEx is a Cryptocurrency Exchange based in Malta and it is this exchange that is responsible for ‘Perpetual Swap Trading’, a pioneer in the field of judging prices of cryptocurrencies.

What is Perpetual Swap Trading?

In simple words, Perpetual Swap Trading, is in fact ‘progressive’ whilst having a few inklings to ‘futures contract’. There tends to be slight difference though, major one of them being: there is no daily settlement and secondly, there is not going to be any expiry!’. With such aspects attached, Perpetual Swap, a peer to peer technique developed by OKEx is expected to go great guns in near future.

Perpetual Swap to Begin on 11 December

Yes, it would be from the 11th of December that one is going to be able to make use of the peer to peer virtual derivative from the house of OKEx. With Perpetual Swap by your side, you can perform numerous actions simultaneously thereby giving an edge over others.

Some of the actions being: Perpetual Swaps, Spot Trade with Margin, Futures Contract apart from Leverage. Another point to be noted down is: swap contract has notional value equal to that of $100 Bitcoin.

One of the most important features include: there is not going to be any expiry date attached to the Perpetual Swap. In other words, there can be either a longer or a shorter position (here long position addresses price rise expectation whereas shorter one tends to focus on price going down).
So, when these positions have no expiry date then people involved in such a set up end up being the beneficiaries.

Transaction Fees to be on the Lower End

Transaction fees is another of those concerns that one faces, hence, to resolve this issue, you can expect ‘transaction fees to be on the lower end’ when compared to similar projects from this field.
Daily settlement is possible at OKEx thereby giving an opportunity to people involved wherein they withdraw on daily basis whilst gaining profits on it. Malta has indeed turned out to be one of the favourite stops of the business, reasons being OKEx!

11th December 2018 is the day when officially Perpetual Swap Trading would go live at OKEx. An individual may utilise its facilities from 01:00 or GMT + 9 hours. Finally, it is to be remembered: to ensure nothing goes off track, risk control strategies are in place as these have far reaching effects in Trading!

Let us know what do you think of Perpetual Swap in Malta in comments below.
Coinbase, the Digital Currency Exchange has gone on record to state that it shall now add Zcash to its listings thereby enabling transfers of Zcash or ZEC on its platform Coinbase Pro. This transfer of Zcash on Coinbase is limited to the Coinbase Pro Users at present whilst there are plans to open its use to the other users in future.

As a result of this, Zcash, which is another of the cryptocurrencies in the market will be trading in Australia, Canada, the European Union, the United Kingdom, the United States apart from NY and Singapore.

Why Zcash on Coinbase Pro?

Zcash, as most of you might know is a cryptocurrency and it is one of those few currencies that focuses on providing improvised privacy to its users. To ensure that this turns out to be a reality, Zcash puts in to use cryptography! Another benefit that users get at Zcash is ‘efficient, safe and private digital transactions’ with Zcash by your side.

Moreover, there is an option of having differentiation of shielded as well as transparent transactions similar to that of encrypted HTTPS and unencrypted HTTP! And as the words describe, transparent or not crypted version will allow access to third party for seeing metadata. While for encrypted or the shielded version, this is not the case and data remains protected.

Deposits from Transparent and Shielded Addresses but Withdrawals for Few

Yes, at the beginning Coinbase is not going to go full fledged when it came to depositing or withdrawing at Coinbase Pro for Zcash. An individual would be able to deposit from either transparent or the shielded address however this case changes when it comes to withdrawals.
Withdrawals are going to be permitted only to transparent or unencrypted addressees only for time being. In future, situation may change as and when local laws of a state would allow. For this to turn a reality, it shall certainly take some more time.

ZEC Launch and its Stages under Trading Rules of Coinbase

Starting from 10 am PT, that is 29th November, customers can transfer ZEC to Coinbase Pro Accounts. Order books shall become in transfer only mode for a minimum of 12 hours.
In next stage, customers will be permitted to post ‘limit orders’ and have no match; with these order books being in ‘post only mode’ for about a minute.

It will be only at Stage 3 that limit orders will begin matching while customers would not be in a position to submit these market orders. Whole set up for stage 3 shall last for about 10 minutes.
In the final stage, also known as ‘full trading’, options such as limit, market or even stop orders will be available for use.

(Note: ZEC at the moment is not available on Coinbase.com or its Mobile Applications.)
In case you wish to start trading then you have to sign up for the Coinbase Pro account, as Coinbase is aiming to include trading of many assets over a period of time.
Bitcoin Futures does not look like taking a downhill drive because NASDAQ, the American Stock Exchange, second largest in the world, has some plans for it. If reports are anything to go by then the American Stock Exchange is in no way going to leave Bitcoin Futures as it is still in full force to keep launch of Bitcoin Futures as per the plan.

Bitcoin goes down but not plan to launch Bitcoin Futures

Though Bitcoin in recent times has seen downfall on almost continuous basis still it did not leave an impression on NASDAQ. Reasons for this being, team at NASDAQ plans to launch Bitcoin Futures somewhere in early 2019.

Work is in full swing for the launch to be a timely one as team responsible for this at NASDAQ is working on nitty gritties of the launch and it has already come to terms as to what are the missing aspects. With this information in hand, team at the second largest stock exchange is constantly upgrading its launch in order to meet standards laid down by none other than the Commodity Futures Trading Commission aka CFTC.  For the beginners, CFTC is the main swaps regulator back in the United States.

Agreed that there many plans were there for Bitcoin Futures to be launched somewhere in the mid of 2018 however, all aspects could not be placed during this time and thus the delay was about to be caused. However, with passage of time, NASDAQ has worked out its plan and it is in full swing to release one of the best versions of Bitcoin Futures in present day.

It is now to see what would be its affects or how Bitcoin Futures is going to be affected by the volatile pricing of Bitcoins witnessed now a days in crypto world. Bitcoin pricing has indeed shaken the world to the core bringing about a series of changes in the way people in general and investors in particular looked at Bitcoins.

NASDAQ not affected with Bitcoin Pricing

There were also some reports in the market that stated that the American Stock Exchange is not perturbed with the way Bitcoin’s world changed almost overnight! (or should we say almost a few months?!)

Cryptocurrency Trading may go in for a Change

Yes, you have read it correctly, with NASDAQ’s decision becoming a reality, it is sure to make some changes, major ones to the world of Cryptocurrency. Although majority of these modifications would be seen in the Cryptocurrency Trading World!

Due to this and similar other reasons, Bitcoin Futures is being planned to be launched in early of 2019 and most probably in Q1 of 2019! Another of the key points here is that there are a lot more chances of having NASDAQ’s own Bitcoin Futures Contracts in Q1 so that nothing goes wrong at the last moment with inclusions of having the latest techniques in place so as to be enable to cater to the upcoming market.
Bitcoin ETF or the Bitcoin Exchange Traded Fund came very close to the approval of United States Securities and Exchange Commission! However, this can be possible only when there is better ‘market surveillance as well as custody for the Cryptocurrency’ and for this to happen it might take some more time.

Well, it comes to a little surprise after Chairman of U. S. SEC, Jay Clayton announced about giving a nod to Bitcoin ETF (exchange traded fund). Till date SEC has denied access to numerous ETF applications, because the committee understands that they are still not up to date when it comes to ‘investor protection’.

First Bitcoin Exchange Traded Fund

If everything falls in place then Bitcoin Exchange Traded Fund is going to be first of its kind in this league! It was at the Consensus Invest Conference in Manhattan that Jay Clayton specifically announced about its plan to release first Bitcoin ETF however, this can be done only after careful consideration of how things work out post complete quality check.

‘Manipulation’ is one of the major concerns that Clayton stressed on and he said that most of the Cryptocurrency exchanges are not equipped with similar monitoring tools which usually is there with stock exchanges. This would further lead to not getting to know exact price of Bitcoin, it may also harm interests of the investors.

On the other hand, if we take a note of exchange traded funds then they end up keeping a track of index or a group of assets. Earlier as well, SEC did not approve Exchange Traded Funds brought up by Winklevoss Brothers. Reasons behind this was a simple fact that there were many risks involved overall and US SEC could not take up such ETFs to a larger interface.

Custody or Storage Matters in case of ETF

Of course, storage or the custody is another of the major concerns that we are facing nowadays and hence even U. S. Securities and Exchange Commission Chairman, Jay Clayton mentioned this about safe storage of assets.

When we look at the price of Bitcoin, then we know that its price is already not stable therefore, this stands to be one of the hurdles that has to be addressed at the earliest before taking things to the next level.

Out there, a number of ‘custody solutions’ related to cryptocurrencies are there or are in the pipeline. It is now to see how these set of solutions come forth to assist Cryptocurrency custody apart from handling trade execution for ‘institutional investors’. To ensure that end results are perfect, Clayton went on to add that a lot more improvement in custody solutions shall be helpful!

Would US SEC decision affect Bitcoin Pricing?

This is one of the major questions arising in crypto discussions. As most of us are aware of how volatile Bitcoin has turned itself in to. However, experts would not be able to say currently as to what would this decision of SEC bring in for Bitcoins!
Koi Trading is going to witness some of the best investments in recent times that too from ‘Binance’! Well, it has been officially announced today that Binance Labs would be investing a significant amount in a Crypto Trading Desk and it is none other than Koi Trading.

What is Koi Trading and Why is Binance interested in Investing in It?

‘Koi Trading’ targets itself to become the best ‘compliant global option’; basically, it will be made only for ‘Private Cryptocurrency Liquidity’. In addition to this, Koi Trading has made itself helpful in domains such as Data Science, Compliance Consulting Work and Quantitative Research among other similar stuff!

‘Compliant’ is a word that is close to Koi Trading because it aims to have not only Cryptocurrencies but also Fiat come together in a ‘compliant way’. With its network originating in San Francisco, CA, Koi has its OTC Trading Operation located (read headquartered) there itself.

Team at Koi Trading

CEO and Founder of Koi Trading, Hao Chen went on to state that there is an experienced team from Sales, Trading and similar backgrounds who would be putting their brains together to ensure that the Mission that Koi has set itself to would become a reality. And to assist one in this path is Binance’s Funding!

Another interesting factor here, if you have noticed is that, Binance also comes along to be possessing a ‘broader vision’ thereby turning in to an ally one could not forget. When these two bigwigs cross paths, there are many possibilities that an individual shall be witnessing networks in EU, Asia as well as North America to acknowledge what OTC has to offer.

What is OTC? Why is it Important?

In China, you are going to witness that OTC Trading is known by one and all (mostly). There are also numerous reasons for OTC Trading to go strong in China specifically after Crypto World witnessed crypto exchange bans or other kinds of regulations including complications.

However, like nothing can be perfect but close to perfect only, OTC is also facing some obstacles that if resolved might turn this form in one of the best things ever made. To help you understand this concept in a better manner, you can keep reading this article:
·         OTC Cryptocurrency Trading in China is coordinated in a manner wherein ‘WeChat’, another Chinese application is used for communication.

·         This technique may have an impact that would not let growth of a system as large as OTC Cryptocurrency Trading. Especially when there is growth from all corridors of the Cryptocurrency Markets.

·         It was therefore time for something more robust to take challenges head on because OTC Market has seen itself rising in crypto world outside China so the solution had to be brought in to existence.


AML Program from the house of Koi, Binance Labs Investments, Banking Relations from the United States moved things in a fast track mode so that whatever improvisations are being made, they can be implemented without any glitch or delay and trying to be not affected by any third-party instability. It is now to see how would Binance take this venture forward with passing time.
Watch this space for more news on Cryptocurrencies.
Cryptocurrency trading has been a tremendous trend from the last few years because of the enormous market cap they have occupied over time. The current amount of trade-able cryptocurrencies is 2071 which has a total market cap of over $200b across all the exchange platforms. Bitcoin, no doubt, has always been on top of all because of its market cap is above $100b in present which covers over 50% of the total market cap of the entire cryptocurrency ecosystem, but other than that, there are some other cryptocurrencies that have been hugely traded along the way and has gained a huge increase in their trading volumes over the time. Below are the Top 5 cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin that have been traded massively across the exchanges since the starting of October 2018.

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Top 5 ICOs Of The Week [18 Oct - 24 Oct - 2018

Tether ICO Review, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency

1. Tether (USDT)

Tether, the cryptocurrency claimed to be backed with USD, was first issued on October 6, 2014. It has a market cap of over $2.5b in present. The cryptocurrency has been being traded in very large numbers in the last few years, especially in near past. Tether has gained a trading volume of over $15b last week, and over $80b within the last 30 days. Tether is on the top of our list of most traded cryptocurrencies of the ongoing month (October 2018). Below is the daily trading volume of Tether from the starting of the month.

Oct 01:     $3,069,480,000
Oct 02:     $2,818,190,000
Oct 03:     $2,812,780,000
Oct 04:     $2,374,680,000
Oct 05:     $2,330,830,000
Oct 06:     $2,238,520,000
Oct 07:     $2,187,670,000
Oct 08:     $2,594,100,000
Oct 09:     $2,183,500,000
Oct 10:     $2,295,300,000
Oct 11:     $3,772,600,000

It has been consistently getting a trading volume of between $2b to $3b every single day, which makes it the most traded cryptocurrency besides Bitcoin in October 2018.

Ethereum ICO Review, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency

2. Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum is one of the most used cryptocurrencies of all time. It was released on 30 July 2015. The cryptocurrency since then has reached the market cap of over $23b by now. In spite of the ups and downs, it has to see, Ethereum is still one of the most traded cryptocurrencies in the entire cryptocurrencies ecosystem. It has gained a trading volume of over $9b in the last week, and above $49b in the last 30 days of time. It is the 3rd most traded cryptocurrency of October 2018. Below is the daily trade volume of Ethereum in this month.

Oct 01:     $1,597,500,000
Oct 02:     $1,542,080,000
Oct 03:     $1,683,930,000
Oct 04:     $1,479,500,000
Oct 05:     $1,547,330,000
Oct 06:     $1,505,070,000
Oct 07:     $1,470,480,000
Oct 08:     $1,470,740,000
Oct 09:     $1,405,130,000
Oct 10:     $1,384,040,000
Oct 11:     $2,167,620,000

Maintaining a trading volume of over $1b every day makes Ethereum the 3rd most traded cryptocurrency of this month and 2nd on our list.

Ripple ICO Review, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency

3. Ripple (XRP)

Launched on October 25, 2016, Ripple has the 3rd largest market cap after Bitcoin and Ethereum occupying the first two positions. The cryptocurrency has gained fame for being the fastest payment protocol ever existed, and has a market cap of over $17b is present. Ripple is also one of the most traded cryptocurrencies around the globe. It has got a trading volume of over $3.5b in the last week, and over $27b in the last 30 days. It is the 4th most traded cryptocurrency of this month. Details below show the trading volume for each day from the starting of this month.

Oct 01:     $1,412,800,000
Oct 02:     $743,705,000
Oct 03:     $789,229,000
Oct 04:     $621,615,000
Oct 05:     $589,636,000
Oct 06:     $672,167,000
Oct 07:     $548,645,000
Oct 08:     $540,832,000
Oct 09:     $416,867,000
Oct 10:     $412,207,000
Oct 11:     $791,202,000

A trading volume of over or around $500m every day makes it the 3rd most traded cryptocurrency of October 2018, excluding Bitcoin.

EOS ICO Review, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency


EOS can be considered to be the most successful cryptocurrency if we divide its success by the time of its existence. It was released on June 1, 2018, and has gained a huge success because of the fewer transaction fees and the speed of the transactions. It has a market cap of over $5b by today. People love to trade this cryptocurrency because of the transaction times it has, and that is the reason why it is also one of the most traded cryptocurrencies of all time. Above $3.5b is the trading volume of it in the last 7 days, and over $18b for the last 30 days. It is the 4th most traded cryptocurrency of October 2018 after Bitcoin. Below are the trading volumes of this month for EOS.

Oct 01:     $695,608,000
Oct 02:     $564,671,000
Oct 03:     $595,740,000
Oct 04:     $613,679,000
Oct 05:     $554,553,000
Oct 06:     $486,075,000
Oct 07:     $525,930,000
Oct 08:     $627,571,000
Oct 09:     $538,883,000
Oct 10:     $533,169,000
Oct 11:     $758,737,000

Getting a $500 or above trading volume for each day, it is the 4th most traded cryptocurrency of this month.

Bitcoin Cash ICO Review, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency

5. Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

The congested transactions of Bitcoin and the large fees being charged on them pushed the developers to fork the coin in order to increase the block-size and solve those issues. The hard fork taking effect on 1 August 2017 split the coin into two, naming the second one Bitcoin Cash. As a result of the fork, every person having Bitcoins had received Bitcoin Cash equivalent to their Bitcoins, and this resulted from an immediate trade scenario for the newly generated coin. Since then, it has been in the markets and has been being traded in large numbers by traders across all the exchanges. The coin currently have a market cap of above $8.9b. Its last 7 days trade volume is around $2.5b and it has 30 days trade volume of over $12.7b. Thus, it is the 6th most traded cryptocurrency right now in the crypto universe. Below are the trading volumes of it in October 2018.

Oct 01:     $450,906,000
Oct 02:     $536,291,000
Oct 03:     $512,420,000
Oct 04:     $466,791,000
Oct 05:     $384,914,000
Oct 06:     $391,070,000
Oct 07:     $382,426,000
Oct 08:     $397,869,000
Oct 09:     $372,000,000
Oct 10:     $369,806,000
Oct 11:     $487,652,000

With a trading volume between $2b to $4b every day, it is the 5th most traded cryptocurrency of October 2018 besides Bitcoin.

These are the most traded cryptocurrencies of the ongoing month, October 2018 excluding Bitcoin. The race to be on top will obviously continue forever, and to see who stays on the top, we will always have to keep an eye on the markets and such stats.