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Tuesday, 11 September 2018

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SgamePro Ico Review-Introduction Of SgamePro...


SgamePro is an online platform. Using it, people who are interested in playing mobile games, can earn money. This is how it works. You need to play some of the most popular mobile games. Perform well in those games, and you will get “tokens” of cryptocurrency. These tokens can be used to trade in some other cryptocurrency, used for shopping online, or even converted into real life money. SgamePro is in an official collaboration with
the number one, and the most subscribed Youtuber in the world, Pewdiepie. To start, you need to buy Sgame Coins. These coins are like the entrance ticket to a carnival. This is the currency of the company. The platform has a protocol, which measures the amount of time you spend playing. You are rewarded according to it. Once you start earning rewards, you can directly spend them on many popular products, such as Xbox, and Netflix.

Design review:

The design of the website is really innovative. The color scheme is blue on top of white. The most attractive feature is the white set of abstract lines operating like a computer program, which follows the cursor. The size of everything is according to its importance. The clock ticking which is counting down the time left for sale is also quite effective. The diagrams to explain the way payments work is also really helpful, and is designed to effectively explain the entire process to anyone visiting the website for the first time. The small details all over the page are also a sign of the level of quality offered by the company.  The design of the website is good enough to leave a good first impression on anyone visiting it.

Operations review

All the operations used on the website work quite well. The animations, pop-ups, and the subtext elements, such as the moving cursor, all work smoothly, and there is no lag of any sort. The transition from one page to another takes place smoothly as well.


The website has product based content. It effectively delivers the purpose, and applications of using the platform well. The tools, and terms used by the website are hard to understand for someone who does not know about crypto-trading. But, the explanations given by the company along every step are quite helpful. The diagrams, and the messages are quite appealing as well. The specialty is the collaboration with Pewdiepie, and the video message of Pewdiepie himself followed by it. This can prove to be quite attractive for many of his fans visiting this website.


The website is a really well-developed one, and every aspect of it is really professional, and innovative. The design, along the content is enough to make anyone have second thoughts about not using the platform. The idea is brilliant no doubt, but the way the message has been portrayed, and is communicated to the visitors is quite brilliant as well. The way its collaborations are advertised is also a genius way of gaining trust of the visitors.

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