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Nodvix ICO Review, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency


NODVIX is a decentralized, self-regulating, 24-hour broadcasting platform that is built to provide interesting and relevant video content to its users according to their interests. No need for KYC and no governmental censorship makes it the best environment for video content makers, advertisers and viewers altogether.

The platform uses Torrent-Nodes on its blockchain to complete all the processes which make it totally decentralized. Content makers will create and upload their content on the platform which the Torrent-Nodes review, rate and categorize according to the nature of the content. The advertisers will submit their advertisements which would also pass through that process. Torrent-Nodes will then generate a hash that will contain a wallet address where the funds paid for advertisement are sent. The Torrent-Nodes will adjust a relevant advertisement into the content and publish it to the category it belongs in the network. The users then can watch the content on the platform, any hour of the day, anywhere in the world.

NDVX is the utility token of the platform which will be used for the payments on the platform.


An extremely vast majority of users on internet use video content platforms to watch any type of content, which even contain advertisements. Those advertisements are barely relevant to the content being watched, nor they are of interest of the users all the time.
The platform also charges too much to advertisers to include their promotions into the content.

NODVIX aims to finish all these hurdles of the video content ecosystem by providing content makers a way to earn the most of the profits generated by the advertisements inserted in their content, and gives advertisers a cost-friendly platform for promoting their products and services. The viewers will also not have to watch advertisements that are not of their interest and will only see advertisements that are relevant to the content they are watching.

Some of the advantages of NODVIX over other video broadcasting ecosystems

  • The platform doesn't require expenses of offices, banking services or any equipment since it is decentralized and operates with only smart-contracts and the NDVX utility token.
  • Its self-regulatory system removes the requirements of a team of professionals to review and improve the content or the technology used. The decentralization does all the work while being totally fair with all the parties in question.
  • The P2P technology leaves no restriction on the choice of content or channels you wish to watch. It doesn't require any licenses for the platform is completely decentralized.
  • There are no chances of technological risks or any technical accidents which usually cause economic losses to the ecosystems.
  • The platform is totally secure from DDoS attacks or other similar online threats.

Token Information


Symbol: NDVX
Price: 1 ETH = 15,040 NDVX
Soft Cap: 1,500 ETH
Hard Cap: 20,000 ETH


Total Supply: (will depend on the funds invested in Crowd Sale)

Pre-ICO and ICO: 75%

Reserved: 9%

Bounty: 4%

Team: 12%

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Auther's Details

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Raihan Shakeel

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