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Tuesday, 11 September 2018

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KuBitX Ico Review-Introduction Of KuBitX...


KuBitX is a company which aspires to revolutionize the world of cryptocurrency trading. Until now, the majority of the trading takes place on centralized exchange platforms. The users of these platforms are offered many perks, and advantages, but in reality, none of them can be fulfilled. The reason is that these platforms were made during the “boom” time, due to which everyone just hurried along, and focused on releasing their platform. Due to the lack of time, there were many loose ends in these. Some of these included poor customer service, slow withdrawals, and deposits. This is what KuBitX is working to remove. It plans on doing so by introducing many new techniques, and methods, such as the use of native currency. The entire process will be clean, and transparent. The professionals working with us are all from Fortune 500 companies, and the platform itself is super easy to use.

Design review:

The design of the website, and its layout is really sophisticated, and professional. The color scheme used here is blue and white. The website starts with the usual menu on top, and the brand logo. There is an introduction video at the very start which helps new visitors understand what the website is all about. The design is good enough to leave a good first impression on anyone visiting the website first time. The interactive style in which the information about the company, and the statistics to prove them, as well as the name of big companies which are operating with it, all are quite impressive.

Operations review

The website, and all its functions work very well. There is no lag, or delay in any action performed.  The transition from one page of the website to another is also quite smooth. The animations, and the graphs are interactive, and are timed perfectly to pop up once the area where they belong is being scrolled.


The content of this website is very much product based. The text, as well as the subtext, effectively delivers the message to the visitors about what the company is, how is it better than others, and why you should opt for it. Unlike other websites, in this website, the market based content is beautifully blended along product based content. The website also gives the professional details of the people working for them, to give the visitors an idea of the level of service they could potentially get.


The overall layout of the website is brilliant. All the aspects of the website, such as content, design, and marketing level are up to the mark. However, even though everything is up to the mark, what the website lacks is the introduction of something unique. This may be in the form of layout, or any other similar factor. This developers will find that it is a really useful feature. However, it requires creativity, which is why most websites do not have something like this. Other than this, there is nothing wrong with the website itself.

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