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Tuesday, 10 July 2018

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Ingot Coin Ico Review-User Interface Of Ingot Coin....

Ingot Coin

Ingot Coin is one of the pioneers that discovered and explained the issues in the current financial model the entire world is following. With deep research, excessive knowledge of the block chain, and proper experimentation, ingot coin is one the first fully integrated block chain based digital wallet. Ingot Coin is also providing initial coin offerings (ICO) accelerator along with the digital wallet and brokerage system. Providing a platform for people where people can trade crypto currency and become a part of the decentralized financial system, Ingot Coin is offering a long lasting financial solution for its customers.

Started in 2017, Ingot Coin has become one of the most advanced and most used decentralized digital wallet. The website provides an easy to use interface for its user. Integrating a digital wallet that is fully capable of providing an advanced automated cryptocurrency trading system, ingot coin is also offering a bounty for the selective users and crypto traders.

User Interface:

The user interface of the website is very simple. Ingot Coin is one pager website designed specifically to provide ease of use for the customers. Designed and developed according to the industry trends, ingot coin is designed using advanced designing procedures and technologies. The color scheme the website is using is also simple, yet attractive. Ingot Coin is providing the entire interface in five languages including Arabic. Providing an easy mechanism, simple and attractive user interface and one click solution, ingot coin is one of the most common coins based digital wallet.


Ingot coin is providing many different services for its users. The website is a digital coin based wallet and trading platform. It also provides Initial Coin Offerings for the users. The other services that the website is providing include brokerage and exchange for cryptocurrency and fiat currencies.
Ingot Coin is providing exclusive banking and brokerage solution. The website is not only providing a digital ICO but is a connection between the digital and analog financial solutions. Featuring the most advanced banking options and providing a long lasting solution of the current financial system, ingot coin is one place for the users.

White Paper:

Ingot Coin has published its own white paper, including the entire plan and business model of the website. It is based on ERC20 technology.

Financial Assistance:

Ingot Coin is providing financial assistance to the users. It deals with financial investment plans, stocks, asset financing and brokerage. The website is one stop solution for all the financial customers. Whether you are looking for a digital wallet, cryptocurreny trade point, financial solution and assistance or stock solutions.


Ingot Coin is distributing six hundred thousand initial coin offering for specific customers. The bounty feature is one of the most unique features of the website. Because of these distributed ICOs, ingot coin is one of the most unique digital wallets. The bounty will be provided till the end of the ICOs and will be provided under set rules and regulations.

Currency Trading:

Cryptocurrency and fiatcurrency can be exchanged and traded on the platform. Ingot coin is offering a detailed cryptocurrency exchange solution for the users. As a member, once you sign up, you can trade the cryptocurrencies and get in touch with different brokers and currency traders.

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