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Exclusive Features that prove Wings W3 is a Game Changer in the Mobile Technology Industry. 


Wings have been one of the successful and revolutionary introductions in the mobile phone technology industry. With a futuristic development approach, state of the art technology and elegant designs, Wings W3 has already proved to a huge success in the markets of Latin America and is ready to hit the global market now. Here are the top 10 distinctive features of Wings W3.

1. Wings Play Store:

Wings mobile has always kept the privacy of its customers a topmost priority. Unlike the traditional Google Play Store’s work policies that make it necessary for the user to link their personal email account for usage, Wings Play store offers complete anonymity. No registrations and No personal email association. Ultimately giving the user complete control over its information. Can it get any better? Yes! As Wings Pay system further makes the installation transactions and in-app purchases of the users completely encrypted and impossible to breach!

2. Wings Suite:

Have you ever imagined a system that can provide you with all of your online data in a variety of places? Whenever you need and wherever you want? Say no more, as Wings Suite makes the transfer of data between its mobile phones and Wings Books pretty simple. Whether you often use a mobile phone and a laptop simultaneously or run out of battery on any of these, with Wings technologies you can transfer all of the data, even GSM calls from any mobile carrier to your laptop quite easily.

3. Wings BackOffice:

Wings BackOffice is one of the major reasons for the distinction of its mobile phones in the technology industry. This is by far the only software present in the world that provides its users with complete management of commercial and distribution systems. Specially developed, designed and implemented as a multi-language and multinational software platform, it is capable of setting up a new business unit in the market in less than 60 Days!

 • Billing.
 • Calculation.
 • Logistics.
 • Distributions.
 • Commission settlements.
 • Warehouse management.
 • Transactions and payments.
 In short, Wings BackOffice can manage an entire e-commerce system for you.

4. Wings Second Number: 

The availability of separate phone numbers for work and personal use in a single mobile phone is a blessing in itself. As it can enhance your work management and productivity to a much greater extent. Wings provide all of its mobile phone customers a feature to add as many telephone numbers as they wish. With the help of which they can make phone calls, receive incoming calls and use the internet while also having the second number as caller identification.

5. Wings Guardian:

Privacy breaches are the major drawbacks of modern-day technologies. It can be your mobile phones, your carriers and even the installed apps that are capable of using your private information without your consent. However, that’s not the case with Wings technologies and mobile phones. Wings Guardian features ensure the confidentially of its mobile phone users. This additional security layer first identifies, verifies and then eliminates any possible application or trojan installed on the phone that is using microphones or cameras without the user’s consent.

6. Wings Secure Call:

Wings secure call feature guarantees no phone call interception. With its highly advanced triple-layer protection that makes any VOIP data flow non-existent through its server. Therefore, making call recording, tracking and interception a thing of the past.

 I. Transport Layer Security (TLS) for Internet communications
II. Zimmermann Real-time Transport Protocol (ZRTP) for end-to-end exchange security through encryption keys.
III. ICE technology for Peer to Peer utilities.

7. Wings World Roaming Free:

Working independently of any operator, Wings’ World free-roaming converts Global System for Mobile (GSM) incoming calls to Voice Over Internet Protocols (VOIP) calls completely free of cost. That means Wings’ mobile phone users get an opportunity to make calls globally from 60 countries using an internet connection without even spending a single penny!

8. Wings Defender:

Using an integration of Windows 10 and Wings’ Defender Software on all of its Wing Books (laptops), Wings’ users enjoy a secure working environment. The software remains regularly updated with all the Viruses, Malware and Trojans. So that the users can surf safely over the internet while also making their hardware long-lasting and free from any internal damages.

9. Wings Dialer:

The first-ever Hybrid dialer in the world, Wings’ one of a kind Dialer enables its mobile phone users to utilize a fused technology version of GSM with VOIP. This unusual combination allows users to perform a variety of communication tasks through a single operational feature.
 • Free-Roaming.
 • Second number.
 • Free national and international calls through VOIP transfer.
 • Secured calling network.

10. Wings VOIP Call:

With 90% savings as compared to the market rates, Wings’ mobile phone users get the facilitation of making exclusive VOIP calls. Once the recipient has been chosen, the user can either go for a GSM call or opt for the VOIP one. So that they can communicate and interact with whoever they want and for as long as they want while being in any part of the world!

The uniqueness of Wings’ Mobile Security Systems

100% secured Communications Network:

Secretly Listening to the conversations of users, Non-consensual use of personal data and Recording phone calls; these are some of the major issues faced by the modern world technology systems today. Recently, many famous companies also admitted to committing the very crime. Ultimately, making the use of online technologies a nightmare for the people. That’s where Wings Mobile Phones come in. Wings technologies have a straightforward “No middle Man” policy. That means neither any of its mobile phone user’s data is recorded nor it can be intercepted by any intermediate operator or the company itself. Due to the use of triple-level security protections, Wings Mobile phones provide a completely secure communication system. The presence of TLS, ZRTP layers, and ICE technology guarantee no VOIP data flow through the server. With the implementation of Neural libraries, Wings is now more focused on improving the preexisting encryption algorithms. Like, Diffie-Hellman elliptic curve (up to 384 bits) for the exchange of end-to-end AES encryption keys (up to 256 bits) for confidentiality and HMAC-SHA1 for authentication.

Safer OS Builds:

Wings Safe Core OS is an Android-based operating system. Wings uses a combinational hybrid of two operating systems i.e. a secured android platform within the commercial android. That means no Android API or application has access to Wings' OS as it remains based on an entirely encrypted partition of the storage memory. In order to provide users with complete control over their privacy, Wings OS are specially designed keeping in view the user confidentially for their sensitive data. It includes Financial and Banking Details, Personal Photos, and Videos, E-banking and Cryptocurrencies. In addition, Wings OS is only accessible through a three-step verification method for the users. That includes

 I. A personal identification number (PIN).
 II. Facial recognition based on high-level Neural technologies.
 III. Fingerprint verification.

First-ever Minephone Technology

Wings hold the honor of introducing minephones for the first time in the history of the mobile phone industry. These minephones are capable of performing all of the cryptocurrency-related procedures. Its Minephone WX can even generate up to 2 Ethereum per month for the miners! Pretty amazing, Isn’t it?

Understanding BitWings (BWN):

BitWings (BWN) is a token of Wings Mobile which remains implemented in an intelligent ERC-20 contract on the ethereum blockchain. Wings WX mobile phone utilizes a generation software capable of producing one of the world’s leading cryptocurrencies quite effectively. So that even a beginner can start his blockchain journey right away. With the use of Neural Technologies and encrypted work environments, WX offers the maximum security of data for its users. Moreover, the mobile phone remains completely secured with Biometric Facial Recognition through Neural FaceID.

How does it perform crypto mining?

The coins remain generated with the help of Proof of Data (POD) System. In addition, MediaTek Helio P60 Neuro Pilot 8-core allows optimal performance for the miners to use the phone for mining as well as mobile phone purposes. Its 365-daily payment, max power of 1000 MH/S also adds to its mining capabilities. Ultimately, making the mobile phone capable of generating 2 Ethereum per month which is a great bonus itself.

Utility Token Vs Security Token:

The major difference: 
Utility Tokens are sold to the public through (ICO) Initial Coin Offering. These are the no-profit tokens that only enable the investors to use tokens for services offered by the company. Security Tokens are sold to the public through (STO) Security Token Offerings. These tokens are bought by the investors in exchange for money while also making them part of company profit depending on the token purchases.
Why BWN is a Utility Token?
BitWings believes in offering top-class services to its users which can also only be brought by those who own BWN tokens. Such services remain exclusively offered by the BitWings for its BWN token owners who are also responsible for introducing one of a kind, unique innovations in the fields of smartphones, technology and also cryptocurrencies.
 • Wings introduction of the first-ever minephone in the world market, capable of mining up to 2 Ethereum per month is only available for purchase through 6000 BitWings.
 • Secured, triple-level encrypted call technology through which no VOIP data flows the server and is unimaginable to intercept is also available for BWN token owners only.

100% issuance value:

BitWings strength in the cryptocurrency lies in its true issuance value of $0.20 which also acts as protection against market fluctuations. Furthermore, The BWN tokens are an exchange medium for purchasing products in the Wings Mobile ecosystem while also the token holders get a 10% discount on the entire range of Wings Mobile products/services. Even if the BWN value falls, the token holder can have a reserved value of $0.20 which can be used in all of Wings Mobiles’ online and physical stores through Wings Pay.

Foundation of BitWings:

BitWings remain built on two prime guarantees
I. Innovation:
BitWings establishing vision lies in innovation. The company is constantly devising new channels for maximizing its software, hardware efficiency while also enhancing business productivity through decentralized global distribution. Through our of the box strategic solutions and consumer-oriented plans to value the customers, BitWings’ business is now aiming for taking a lead positing in the cryptocurrency market that remains dominated by big players. Ultimately providing a new pathway to the world of mobile phone mining.
II. Privacy:
BitWings only mission is to provide its clients with full control over their privacy. In order to eliminate the risks of data breaching. With Wings Mobile Phones’ artificially intelligent algorithms, modernized Technolgy development procedures and sophisticated security systems our customers enjoy the highest level of security they can ever imagine. Whether you are making phone calls or processing your online transactions, no third party can neither access your information nor intercept your phone calls. Even no two Wings’ devices can read each other’s data!

Technical Specifications of Wings W3


High-Resolution Cameras: 

For the photography lovers, Wings W3 provides a high resolution 16MP rear camera and 2MP front-facing the camera. That also remains guarded with Wings Guardian's highly sophisticated algorithms. Therefore, no third party can use your cameras without your authorization.

Colored Finger Prints Sensors: 

The slide fingerprint sensor on Wings W3 also comes in a variety of colors. Making it irresistible in its look while also being a gateway to a new era of technology. Furthermore, the sensor holds the protection of Wings’ triple-layer security methods that remain impenetrable by all means.

Sleek metal Design: 

Elegant and sleek design, unique body dimensions, and lightweight structures. That’s what Wings W3 feels like. The W3 comes in two colors; deep black and red passion. Moreover, the metallic design further adds to its look. Fast processing Speeds: With MediaTek MT6761 and Quad-Core – 4x A53 2.0GHz processors, the W3 offers unimaginable processing speeds with high precision.
DataXChain ICO Review, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency


DataXchain is a Blockchain-based decentralized data trading platform powered by Deep Learning technology. It brings together data owners and data users and provides data owners the chance to monetize their personal or created data, and gives data users a chance to buy and use any kind of data they might require for their business or personal purposes. The platform will allow individuals to have complete access to their personal data and own the right to share them to individuals and companies and get rewarded for that.

The process is pretty simple. Data owners will upload their data, which can be in the form of a text, a video, an audio or an image, in the platform which will go through some labeling process and then the Data Matching technology will match the data to a Data user as per their requirements and they then will buy the data from the platform. The transaction will be completed using DataXchain's utility token DXCT which are then transferred to the Data owner for sharing his data with the Data user.


We live in a complete technological and data-driven community where every single action collects and uses some kind of data from us. Whether we use a social network, shop online or utilize a navigational app, each one of them would collect some sort of data from our actions which are stored by third-party and centralized entities where we have no control on them nor any access. Our data can be sold or used for any purpose those entities might please which might not be good for us, nor we would get anything in return for that.
DataXChain ICO Review, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency
DataXchain aims to remove that gap and let the individuals utilize their own data the way they want. If an individual wants to share their data with an entity, they may do it willingly using the DataXchain platform while getting paid for doing that since their data can surely be useful for someone out there who is always ready to pay for it to use it for their own purposes.

Some Features of the Platform

Data Matching

Data Matching is a process that matches a Data owner's uploaded data with a Data user by the preferences set by the Data user. The process makes sure that the relative data reaches the correct destination. Users can also search for data and preview the data before making a final decision.

Data Wallet

It is sort of a wallet that would allow a user to store their data along with their assets on the platform. The data then can be uploaded and traded on the platform from the wallet. The users will be able to see the potential value of the assets they own as well as see the history of their transaction through the wallet.

Data Enrichment

Data Enrichment is a feature that transforms raw data into defined digital assets making them more precise. The process takes the data through a tool called X-Labeler that can capture the smallest details of an image or a video and making it easier for the Data users to find what they are looking for since the data would have more labels attributed. It would also make it faster for the Data owner to get their data traded faster since the matching would be quicker after this.

Data Deep Learning

It is an artificial intelligence technology that deeply learns the data and automatically analyzes and verifies them without involving any human activity. The process checks the quality and appropriateness of the data before letting them be listed in the platform. The data model outputs are stored in the DataXchain's blockchain after the process.

Token Information


Symbol: DXCT
Price: 1 DXCT = 0.0003 ETH
Hard cap: 135,000 ETH


Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 DXCT

Crowdsale: 73% (730,000,000 DXCT)

TOBL Foundation: 15% (150,000,000 DXCT)

Team & Advisors: 10% (100,000,000 DXCT)

Bounty: 2% (20,000,000 DXCT)

Project Links

Author's Details

Bitcointalk Username:
Raihan Shakeel

Profile Link:

Eth Address:
Nodvix ICO Review, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency


NODVIX is a decentralized, self-regulating, 24-hour broadcasting platform that is built to provide interesting and relevant video content to its users according to their interests. No need for KYC and no governmental censorship makes it the best environment for video content makers, advertisers and viewers altogether.

The platform uses Torrent-Nodes on its blockchain to complete all the processes which make it totally decentralized. Content makers will create and upload their content on the platform which the Torrent-Nodes review, rate and categorize according to the nature of the content. The advertisers will submit their advertisements which would also pass through that process. Torrent-Nodes will then generate a hash that will contain a wallet address where the funds paid for advertisement are sent. The Torrent-Nodes will adjust a relevant advertisement into the content and publish it to the category it belongs in the network. The users then can watch the content on the platform, any hour of the day, anywhere in the world.

NDVX is the utility token of the platform which will be used for the payments on the platform.


An extremely vast majority of users on internet use video content platforms to watch any type of content, which even contain advertisements. Those advertisements are barely relevant to the content being watched, nor they are of interest of the users all the time.
The platform also charges too much to advertisers to include their promotions into the content.

NODVIX aims to finish all these hurdles of the video content ecosystem by providing content makers a way to earn the most of the profits generated by the advertisements inserted in their content, and gives advertisers a cost-friendly platform for promoting their products and services. The viewers will also not have to watch advertisements that are not of their interest and will only see advertisements that are relevant to the content they are watching.

Some of the advantages of NODVIX over other video broadcasting ecosystems

  • The platform doesn't require expenses of offices, banking services or any equipment since it is decentralized and operates with only smart-contracts and the NDVX utility token.
  • Its self-regulatory system removes the requirements of a team of professionals to review and improve the content or the technology used. The decentralization does all the work while being totally fair with all the parties in question.
  • The P2P technology leaves no restriction on the choice of content or channels you wish to watch. It doesn't require any licenses for the platform is completely decentralized.
  • There are no chances of technological risks or any technical accidents which usually cause economic losses to the ecosystems.
  • The platform is totally secure from DDoS attacks or other similar online threats.

Token Information


Symbol: NDVX
Price: 1 ETH = 15,040 NDVX
Soft Cap: 1,500 ETH
Hard Cap: 20,000 ETH


Total Supply: (will depend on the funds invested in Crowd Sale)

Pre-ICO and ICO: 75%

Reserved: 9%

Bounty: 4%

Team: 12%

Project Links

Auther's Details

Bitcointalk Username:
Raihan Shakeel

Profile Link:

Eth Address:
BitcoinBing ICO Review, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency


BitcoinBing is a uniquely-constructed decentralized cryptocurrency exchange that provides features to its users that no other cryptocurrency marketplace has ever provided. Its key features, like Customizable interface, Peer-to-Peer trading concept and Powerful trading engine which can handle up to 1,000,000 order per second, makes it totally different from its competitors around the trading ecosystem.

The platform allows its ICO investors to trade on the engine without paying any transaction fees which means that if you are an investor of BitcoinBing's ICO, you are free from transaction fees on the platform, and also, you would receive additional bonuses over time if you are one of the holders of Bing token.

The platform is for users coming from any race or any part of the world no matter where they are from or what their language is. BitcoinBing is a multilingual platform which means that unlike other exchange platforms, it is not limited to only one or a few countries, but it will be available for users from any corner of the world.


Cryptocurrency trading platforms mostly don't allow their users to customize their interface, nor they exempt them from paying transaction fees which are mostly the concern of traders if they are high. And most of all, none of the trading platforms until now have allowed peer-to-peer trading between the users.

BitcoinBing's goals are to provide a secure, reliable and strong trading platform with all these unique features to crypto traders to increase the usability of the crypto trading and gain mass adoption through the uniqueness the platform provides. 

Some Key Features of BitcoinBing

Multiple Currency Pairs

The platform allows multiple currency pairs to be traded by the users which removes the tension of a trader to move to another platform if they are willing to trade one of their coins against a currency that is not available on the same platform.

A Full Stack Trade Desk

The Desk will let the users calculate the risks before trading anything seeing the parameters of the transactions. It will also show the total assets they have and allow them to calculate their profits. The Desk will also have a trade calculator that will give the results of trades receiving the parameters from the users.

Desktop & Mobile Friendly

The UI is designed to be used on both Desktop and Mobile devices. Since the usability of trading platforms on mobile in increasing, it is very important to give them the same features and looks the users on the desktop get. The optimization of the platform is done in a way that it can be used on different operating systems on both Desktops and Mobiles.


BitcoinBing has made its interface customizable for its users to give a different user experience for the traders on the platform. The traders can personalize the look by their own preferences while having all the features as they are. The customization can be done on any operating system the platform is available on.

Token Information

Symbol: Bing
Price: 1 Bing = $0.50
Soft cap: $4,000,000
Hard cap: $40,000,000
Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 Bing
For Sale: 150,000,000 Bing

Funds Allocation

Marketing: 50%

Administration: 20%

Development: 10%

Legal & Compliance: 10%

Partnership & Bonus: 10%

Project Links

Auther's Details

Bitcointalk Username:
Raihan Shakeel

Profile Link:

Eth Address:
Ethershift ICO Review, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency


Ethershift is an exchange platform that provides a very easy and quick exchange of ERC-20 tokens to its users at the exact market rate with only the trading fees. The platform lets the token holders to exchange their tokens at the very early stage after the end of a project's ICO, and it lets the ones willing to invest in a project whose ICO they missed and they don't want to wait for it to get listed in an exchange.

Ethershift token holders will have the chance to get a share of the 50% revenue Ethershift earns through the transaction fees which is airdropped to the users after each quarter.

The exchange process is very simple. A user gets a special address for any token they want to receive in exchange of the tokens/coins they are willing to send. The users then send any amount of tokens/coins to that address, and in return, they receive the equivalent of the token asked in the wallet they have sent the tokens/coins from.


The decentralized exchanges like IDEX or EtherDelta, that are present in the token ecosystem right now are also used for the sole purpose of exchanging tokens to ETH or vice versa, but their usage is not so easy that any individual, who is not so knowledgeable about all these things, can easily use them to fulfill their need. That is why, Ethershift wants to provide a totally different concept to token holders or token buyers to interact with the market without any hassle, and be a part of any project they would like to be, or get their hands out of them as soon as possible.

Ethershift aims make it very convenient for investors or token holders to exchange their holdings between any other token they wish to have and get rid of what they don't want to keep anymore.

Ethershift ICO Review, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency

Ethershift Scan&Go

Ethershift Scan&Go is a widget that allows third-parties to implement it in their websites and allow their users to buy or exchange tokens they wish to on the go. The widget will show a QR code for a token which a user wants to buy. The user will scan the QR code and send the number of tokens/coins that the user wants to spend on that token and have it in their wallet. Minutes after sending the funds, the user will receive the asked token in the wallet from where they initiated the transaction. The website in return will get a 50% share of the profits Ethershift earns from the transactions done from that particular website.

Token Information


Symbol: ESH
Price: 1 ETH = 300 ESH
Hard cap: 33,750 ETH


Total supply: 15,000,000 ESH

Crowd Sale: 9,000,000 ESH (60%)

Marketing, promotions, giveaways & bounties, advisors: 3,000,000 ESH (20%)

Team members: 3,000,000 ESH (20%)

Project Links

Auther's Details

Bitcointalk Username:
Raihan Shakeel

Profile Link

Eth Address:
Datafund ICO Review, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency


Datafund is a distributed app and a protocol that guards, stores and provides safe and provable exchange of personal data. The data or information shared between the parties is anonymized or only shared on a need-to-know basis as per the agreement between the parties.
As based in Europe, Datafund aims to implement a new regulation protecting individuals in EU, called General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which is considered to be the strictest regulation to protect privacy of individuals and provide them a way to reclaim their data.

Implementation of blockchain technology will be the ultimate solution to provide individuals total control over their data, and providing them a decentralized exchange of data without any interference of third-parties or any censorship of their data.


Data has become the most valuable asset of the world since anything in any corner of the world runs by data these days. From basic phone logs to health devices, almost every single thing collects and stores personal data of individuals, which are not safe at all and can be used by entities to know anything about anyone they would please. The data we share in almost everywhere shows exactly what we are and what we do in our daily lives.
Datafund aims to provide a safe storage of personal data for an individual, and even if someone wants to exchange their data with a well-known organization, they will get paid for that since their data are monetized by the organizations for their own researches and stuff.

The three primary entities of the Personal Data Economy

  • Data Owners

Those who provide material, data or their personal information to companies and organizations.

  • Data Users

Those companies or organizations who collect that material and data and use it to create and offer better services and products to their consumers.

  • Service Providers

Those organizations or platforms that help both Data Owners and Data Users with the management and exchange of the data.

Datafund ICO Review, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency

How these entities will benefit from Datafund protocol

  • Data Owners
Data Owners will have complete control over their data and will get rewarded for giving usage access to companies and organizations to their personal data.

  • Data Users
Data Users will get a better understanding of their consumers by analyzing the collected data and provide better solutions for them and increase their overall growth in the market.

  • Service Providers
Service Providers will participate in the deals and provide protection and control of data to the parties, and in return, get multiple companies onboarded on Datafund network and monetize their network.

Token Information


Symbol: DEX
Price: 50,000 DEX = 1 ETH
Soft Cap: 3,000 ETH
Hard Cap: 20,000 ETH


Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 DEX

Tokensale: 400,000,000 DEX (40%)

Team: 200,000,000 DEX (20%)

Advisors: 40,000,000 DEX (4%)

Partnerships and Ecosystem: 220,000,000 DEX (22%)

Foundation: 130,000,000 DEX (13%)

Privacy awareness campaign: 10,000,000 (1%)

Project Links:

Auther's Details:

Bitcointalk Username:
Raihan Shakeel

Profile Link:

Eth Address:
Poseidon ICO Review, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency


Poseidon is a blockchain-based platform that allows individuals to take part in bringing positive changes in climate by allowing them to give donations to emission reduction projects when they buy a retail product of any kind. The donations will first be converted to OCEAN tokens which are then used to buy Carbon Credits which will be used in the emission reduction process of Carbon Footprints of the product they just bought.

The process is done through AI (Artificial Intelligence) methods backed by blockchain technology.

The platform uses Stellar blockchain. An API called Horizon is used to interact with Stellar's blockchain which allows building hundreds of different applications out of the blockchain which can perform any complex task that can fulfill the requirement of the industry.


Climate change is a very concerning issue all over the world. The Carbon emissions are causing significant increment in the global temperature which very soon will start to become unsafe for human life. Actions only from governments or other organizations won't be enough to make a change towards this extreme climate change.

Poseidon's aim is to bring the vast majority of individual around the globe to take part in this fight and make a chance for their own good. The integration of Poseidon platform into the retail industry will make sure that every person from any corner of the world makes their effort towards this cause by providing micro-donations along with their retail purchases to the projects that are working to reduce the global temperature and bring the human environment back to safety.

Poseidon ICO Review, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency

Poseidon will be responsible for the following

Ensuring quality

Since the industry is large, there can be flaws in the quality of impact on the environment by the projects carried out by the donations accumulated by the platform from its consumers. The blockchain technology along with Ecosphere will make sure that any emission reduction project that is added to the blockchain is under monitoring and is working relevantly to the given carbon credits.

Raising awareness

Poseidon will run global marketing campaigns to let the people know the effects of the climate changes into our lives and convince them to make their efforts towards the fight to bring the negative back to positive. Poseidon's communication partner, Hawthorn will create messages and stuff to reach a large audience and spread the good cause.

Customer engagement through the mobile app

A mobile app will be created for consumers that will let them see the purchase details of the products they bought through the platform, the details about the carbon footprints of the products they bought, and most importantly, the carbon credits acquired by their made donations while buying the products. The users will be able to see the impact of the carbon credits they have provided and what origin they are being used for. Users can also share this information on Social Media platforms to encourage others to take part in the cause as well.

Bringing customers and projects together

Each year, the platform will select the top carbon emission reducers meaning the donators from all the consumers who have been doing their retail purchases using the Poseidon platform, and invite them to pay a unique visit to one of the projects that we all supported together. This would give them a chance to see what positive impact they are having on the development of these projects.

Token Information


Symbol: OCEAN
Price: 0.24 Euro
Soft Cap: N/A
Hard Cap: N/A


Total Supply: 36,000,000,000 OCEAN

Token Sale: 18,000,000,000 OCEAN (50%)

Liquidity Pool: 10,800,000,000 OCEAN (30%)

Foundation: 4,500,000,000 OCEAN (12.5%)

Team: 2,700,000,000 OCEAN (7.5%)

Project Links

Auther's Details: 

Bitcointalk Username:
Raihan Shakeel

Profile Link:

Eth Address:


Plaza System is a platform that provides sellers or businesses a next-generation b-commerce (blockchain-based commerce) infrastructure with the fastest blockchain ever existed for a business very big or small. And it provides buyers or consumers a platform that enables them to reduce the high costs they pay in commerce platforms usually.

Plaza System ICO Review, Blockchain, CryptocurrencyTotal bCommerce is the platform that contains MerchantChain, which is the blockchain providing extremely fast transactions with a speed of over 15,000 tps (transactions per second) and allows the businesses to build their own decentralized applications on top of it, and The Freedom Lifestyle, which has all other functionalities of the ecosystem like the browsing, searching, payment tools etc.


Total sales record for the global e-commerce market in 2017 was recorded to be $2.29 trillion, which is expected to go above $4 trillion by 2020. Although the numbers are quite high, but the integration of blockchain technology into the e-commerce market can boost it up to a large extent. Mainstream adoption is the very first and the most crucial problem faced when integrating blockchain into a business model, specially in e-commerce. The reason for that is volatility of the currencies running in blockchains, which reduces utility and users fear loss of value in using them.

Plaza System aims to solve that problem by using different business strategies including PlazaCards that can be topped up with Plaza Dollars which are backed by real-world value and won't face volatility like others. Other than that, PlazaDesktop and PlazaMobile applications with their extremely user-friendly interfaces will make it too easy for any individual to make use of the benefits blockchain technology provides. Someone with zero to none technical knowledge can use the system with no hurdles at all.

Products and Services

Plaza Total bCommerce

It is the blockchain-based e-commerce platform which is simplified, extremely cost-efficient and secure for both businesses and individuals to utilize blockchain technology into their commerce activities. It enables businesses to embrace blockchain technology to expand their business with extremely fast transaction time, and consumers to reduce high costs on their e-commerce expenditures.

Plaza MerchantChain

It is the most secure and sustainable distributed ledger or blockchain that fuels the Total bCommerce platform with its extremely fast transactions with over 15,000 transactions per second and with just 3 seconds of confirmation time. It also allows businesses to create their own decentralized applications (dApps) on top of it. Businesses using MerchantChain can also mine their own token called MTC (MerchantChain Transaction Coin) which can be used for trades on the platform.

Plaza Freedom Lifestyle

It is the container of all other functionalities and services the platform provides which include browsing and searching the web for products for which PlazaDesktop and PlazaMobile applications are used, and payment tools like Plaza Merchant which further contain PlazaWallet and PlazaCard which are used for the convenient use of the payment systems for the user on the platform.


It is the multi-crypto wallet that is used for the payments on the platform and can be topped up and connected with PlazaCard to be used for shopping on the go as well.

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Plaza System ICO Review, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency


It is a virtual or physical debit card which is connected with the PlazaWallet and is usable in any place where the traditional debit cards are used. PlazaCard enables the users of the platform to spend their cryptocurrencies in their daily lives where they usually spend fiat-topped debit cards like VisaCard or MasterCard. It can be topped up with Plaza Dollars which are backed up with real-world value and won't lose value over time.


It is a smart speaker device with a modern design and ultra-modern functionalities which can be used for searches, shopping, account management, PlazaWallet and PlazaCard management as well as for asking questions and chatting on the platform. It also has a hardware wallet which can be used to keep private keys secure.

Plaza Freedom Lifestyle Rewards

It is a reward system which will reward businesses or individuals with Plaza Tokens for completing certain actions that are beneficial for the platform. Those actions include translation services, referral programs or bug identification.

Token Information


Symbol: PLAZA
Price: 5,000 PLAZA = 1 ETH
Soft Cap: 5,000 ETH
Hard Cap: 100,000 ETH


Total Supply: 500,000,000 PLAZA (remaining tokens after the end of the sale will be burnt)

Public Sale: 325,000,000 PLAZA (65%)

Advisors and Early Investors: 20,000,000 PLAZA (4%)

Reserves: 75,000,000 PLAZA (15%)

Team & Founders: 75,000,000 PLAZA (15%)

Bounties: 5,000,000 PLAZA (1%)

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