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ICO Details

Project Name: Swiss Alps Mining

Tagline/Slogan: The Smart Mining Company

Token Name: Swiss Alps Mining Token

Token Ticker: SAM

ICO Starts: 2018-10-01

ICO Ends: 2018-10-29

Total Duration: 29

Blockchain/Platform: Ethereum

Team Members

Gian-Carlo Collenberg
Founder and CEO

Ramon Simon
Founder and CFO

Michael Rava
Founder and CMO

Rajasekaran Yogarajah
Founder and CTO

Gnanasekaran Yogarajah
Founder and CDO

Christian Giger
Head of construction mining cubes

Zekeriya Ak
Head of electronics

Andreas Willhelm
Construction draftsman

Pascale Uccella
Head of human resources


Sergey Shneyerson

George Schmidt

Sabina R. Korfmann-Bodenmann

Daniel Rytz

Marco Calicchia

Ian Scarffe

Naviin Kapoor

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Arround ICO Review, Blockchain, CryptocurrencyARROUND is a decentralized platform that creates an ecosystem which provides multiple services to the world using the augmented reality (AR) technology to give a completely different experience to its users. The platform integrates blockchain technology to provide transparency and trust throughout the global AR ecosystem and to make sure to give friction-less interaction for each party involved with it. The platform will consist of 4 key elements: a universal advertising network, an AR marketplace, an AR social network, and a next-generation AR map. The integration of blockchain will provide countless benefits for all these key elements and will combine them as a whole to make the ecosystem work in the coordination of each element.

What is augmented reality (AR)?

Augmented Reality (AR) is an interactive real-world experience where the objects that are seen in the real-world are overlaid with computer-generated information. Such information can either be visual, auditory or even be of other senses like touching, smelling etc. The information will either add something extra to your experience of the environment or mask the existing information and give you a totally different experience of the environment in question. Basically, it alters the current perception of a user of a real-world environment.

The key elements of the platform:

1) AR Social
ARROUNDS's social network, that will be available for free for both Android and iOS platforms through their App Stores, aims to provide an augmented reality social network for its users where any user can create and share AR content with their friends while making new friends on the platform.

The users will be able to create AR objects, and place them on physical locations and then share them with their network of friends. Their network members can react to the shared objects by liking, commenting or sharing them. The integration of open APIs will enable the users to share their content on other social media platforms as well such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram etc or even by email.

2) AR AdNet
AR AdNet provides a platform for the brands, organization, and offline retailers to engage their customers using advertising and marketing campaigns using augmented reality.

Using augmented reality along with blockchain technology, ARROUND enables offline retailers to target new clients/customers based on their location, and the interests of their clients/customers ensuring to increase their sales, and they can also provide in-store shopping assistance for their consumers using augmented reality which gives their consumers a unique shopping experience.

Arround ICO Review, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency

3) AR Map
ARROUNDS's AR Map is a 3D crowd-sourced map that enables the users to have an augmented reality experience of their locations using the AR Camera on their ARROUND app. AR Map is directly connected with AR Social and AR AdNet providing social users to create and share their own experience with others and advertisers to put offers for users to see when they are around and using AR Map. It also has an object recognition feature that can be used while in a shopping mall or in a store which shows the discounts or other information provided by the store managers when seen with the AR Camera. The user then will have the choice if what places to go and pick whatever they like.

4) AR Store
AR Store will allow the users to sell or lease their content or services on the platform. The users will set the prices for their content or services that can either be free or a one-time/regular payment. Options for donations, crowdfunding or auctions would also be available.

Third-party developers will be provided with a development suite that allows them to test their software or hardware products to check how they react in different devices.

All offers will be priced with fiat on the platform but will be paid with ARR tokens. The users will be provided with a wallet upon creating an account where they will receive and store their tokens. These tokens can be transferred free of cost to an exchange after the Token Sale.

Token Information

Token Details
Symbol: ARR
Price: 0.035 USD
Soft cap: 5,000,000 USD
Hard cap: 30,000,000 USD

Total amount of tokens: (3,000,000,000 ARR)

Sales (Pre-sale and Token Sale): 48.3% (1,450,000,000 ARR)

Bonus tokens for Pre-sale and Token Sale: 8.2% (245,000,000 ARR)

Community Development (Advisors, partners etc): 22% (660,000,000 ARR)

Network Development Fund: 10% (300,000,000 ARR)

Team: 10% (300,000,000 ARR)

Bounty: 1.5% (45,000,000 ARR)

Useful Links

Bitcointalk Username:
Raihan Shakeel

Profile Link:

Eth Address:


Bitcoin Air ICO Review, Blockchain, CryptocurrencyBitcoin Air is a dual-chain blockchain decentralized payment system that promises extremely fast, lightweight and secure transactions. The dual-chain, volatile and stable coin pair makes it the most versatile and scale-able payment solution for both merchants and consumers. Merchants will be able to accept cryptocurrencies without worrying about profit loss due to frauds or other issues, and consumers will have multiple ways of payments, like payments in person, by web or via Bitcoin Air's physical currency AirCash. Features like Segregated Witness and Lightning Network adopted from Bitcoin blockchain will make the transactions extremely fast and cost-efficient, while Air Protocol technology will make sure to develop a user-friendly financial system between the consumers and the merchants around the world.


Volatility is one of the biggest problems that hold back mainstream adoption for cryptocurrencies all over the world. Individuals or businesses are always afraid to adopt cryptocurrencies beause of their highly volatile natures which can cause a loss of value to anyone having them if they don't get to cash them out on time. Such fears are stopping cryptocurrencies to become a daily usable asset for everyone, and are having negative impacts on the cryptocurrencies overall. Bitcoin Air aims to clear off all such fears with its Air Protocol technology which enables its users to lock the value of their coins with the market rate of USD and guard the value of the assets they are holding.

What is Air Protocol?

Air Protocol is an off chain decentralized reserve system that maintains the value of a holder's assets while having no negative impact on the environment of the entire ecosystem. The technology can be used to burn any amount of coins and this process will immediately mine the value of those coins in USDAP (USD Air Protocol) which will have the value of the market rate of USD at that time and that value will be locked until the holder mines them back to coins or spend them. As soon as the coins are burnt and are taken off the chain, the number of coins in circulation along with their total market cap will drop. Similarly, the amount and the market cap gets increased once the USDAPs are mined back to coins again and are on the chain again. The protocol will also be used for the implementation of Air Cash. The user will be provided with a QR code that can be printed out and used like cash or simply swept into any Bitcoin Air wallet like a card. The amount added to the QR code will be off chained and deducted from the total supply of the coins and the market cap is also adjusted accordingly until they are on chained again by sweeping them into a wallet or burning them back to coins again. A printed QR code once used will be useless.

Bitcoin Air ICO Review, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency

Highlighted Features:

  • Revolutionary Blockchain Approach: Technologies like Air Protocol and Carbon Credit Asset Backing makes Bitcoin Air the most secure value reserving system of all times. Other than that, combining the features of Bitcoin and Peercoin along with its own developed dual-chain blockchain makes it the most useful and innovative currency of its time.
  • User-friendly Applications: Bitcoin Air aims to create very simple and easy to use user interfaces so that any individual can easily their wallets and deposit and withdraw, or spend and store their coins in a very convenient manner.
  • Innovative Security Methods: The implementation of Hybrid Dynamic Proof of Stake/Proof of Work prevents potential replay attacks, double spending and 51% attacks that are a possibility in any blockchain

Useful links:

Auther's Details: 

Bitcointalk Username: 
Raihan Shakeel

Profile Link:

Eth Address:


Platio is a smart banking solution for business to switch between crypto and traditional currencies securely, and for individuals to have a payment system at their fingertips that allow them to either use a crypto or traditional currency to pay for anything, anywhere in the world. Based on the EOS technology, the ecosystem supports three type of assets: crypto, fiat, and stocks. Which means a business or an individual will have the choice to choose between any of the three they recommend for their services.

Platio ICO Review, Blockchain, CryptocurrencyThe platform would be operable on both mobile and web interfaces. It would also have an integrated Exchange where the users can exchange their crypto to fiat or fiat to crypto or vice versa. The Exchange would have features like Auto Exchange which would allow the users to set a trade for any of the crypto assets they hold to be sold as soon as it starts to drop below the target defined by the user. This feature would make sure that a user doesn’t lose any profit in case the volatility of a currency turns against the user.

Platio will also provide plastic or virtual cards to its users which can be used like any normal card at any payment required place while it would have multiple currencies stored in it. Users can top up their accounts with any currency they want and later exchange them if required.


Platio aims to widen the means of cryptocurrency payments by increasing its usability among businesses and individuals around the world. The global community would never be ready to stop using traditional financial systems while they would also require the innovations of blockchain technology. Platio will provide them with the best features from both of the financial system and give them a chance to develop their economy.

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Problems of the current financial ecosystems:

  • Multiple Logins: Managing different assets requires logging in to different wallets and platforms which is time-consuming.
  • Volatility Risk: Price volatility of cryptocurrencies usually put holders in risk of losing their investment totally or partly.
  • Access Loss Risk: A user will lose complete access to his assets if they lose their private key of an address.
  • Irreversible Crypto Payments: Crypto payments are irreversible which makes it risky for one of the parties doing a deal since they can’t cancel the payment once it is done.
  • Selective Banking: Traditional banks don’t allow cryptocurrencies in the accounts and may even deny users who deal in them.

Platio ICO Review, Blockchain, CryptocurrencySolutions by Platio:

  • Multiple Assets – Single Login: Platio users will have access to all their assets within a single platform by just logging into their Platio account.
  • Auto Exchange: Auto Exchange feature will clear the risk of losing money by automatically exchanging assets as per the specified conditions.
  • Standby Transfer: This feature will automatically send the assets to a previously defined crypto or fiat wallet if the account gets inactive for a specified period of time which allows users to access their assets even if they lose access to their account.
  • Smart Escrow: The funds in a deal would only get released when both the parties are satisfied. Until then, Platio will keep the funds in escrow to keep both of the parties safe from any frauds.
  • Banking for Everyone: The Smart Banking Ecosystem will allow anyone to store any currency they wish to, and would make it possible for anyone to use any currency they love without any barriers.
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Token information:

  • Token Details:
  • Name: PGAS
  • Price: 0.20 EUR
  • Soft cap: 5,000,000 EUR
  • Hard cap: 34,500,000 EUR

Token allocations & distribution:
Total supply: 397,500,000 tokens

Token Sale:
65% (258,375,000 tokens)

Founders and Team:
25% (99,375,000 tokens)

8% (31,800,000 tokens)

2% (7,950,000 tokens)

Project links:

Auther's Details:

  • Bitcointalk Username:

Raihan Shakeel

  • Bitcointalk Profile Link:

  • Eth Address: 



Stem Cell ICO Review, Blockchain, CryptocurrencyStem Cell Innovations is a decentralized network that connects patients with stem cell experts for stem cell treatments, to help expand human life, through blockchain technology. The combination of medical experts, researchers, investors, and professional engineers will make this platform to be the best among its kind. 

Stem Cell is a unique kind of cell found in the human body. It is a collection of cells that can be used to develop more cells which can later be used for different kind of treatments of diseases or restoration of body parts.

Stem Cell Innovations has been playing its role in research and development of stem cells in stem cell science since early 2013 under the name Camden RAD, LLC. They now have decided to provide patients around the world a platform where they can get medical facilities at their fingertips, anytime, anywhere.


Unlike other services, the medical community lacks communication and access to a large extent in any part of the world. A patient in need doesn’t always get the service they require at that exact moment, and that cause anything to happen. Keeping that in mind, Stem Cell Innovations aims to create a platform that would connect an individual directly to a doctor or a medical expert at the time its needed, regardless of the location of that individual. Stem Cell Innovations Application (SCIApplication) will make this possible for every person living in any corner of the world. No one would need to worry to get medical care in an emergency anymore as they will have access to it just with their smartphone.

Stem Cell ICO Review, Blockchain, CryptocurrencyA user medical data would be stored safely in the SCI blockchain which they can easily access through the application. A user will also have the ability to decide what information he wants to share and what not. It will only be the user’s decision to share any information with any medical expert or organization at any time he wants. An individual medical profile would only show the information that the individual has decided to share and nothing else. The data would be safe and secure in the blockchain.

Some features of Stem Cell Innovations Application (SCIApplication):

  • Specialist Appointments: Users would be able to book appointments through the application, and then set appointment remainders through the in-app calendar to not miss the time of the appointment booked.
  • A specialist on Demand: The application will have a video consultation software that can be used for live communications between a patient with a medical specialist. Both parties will have this video consultation software within their app for the communication to be possible.
  • Non-Emergency Medical Transport: Users will have a link to a medical transport service for the ones who need transportation at any moment. The transportation can be an ambulatory care, a wheelchair or even a stretcher. Consumers of this service will have the possibility to pay either with their preferred payment method or with SCI tokens.

Token information:

Token Details:
Name: SCI token
Symbol: SCI
Price: 0.15 USD
Soft cap: 3,000,000 USD
Hard cap: 36,000,000 USD

Token allocations & distribution:
Total supply: 800,000,000 tokens

IT development and R&D:
25% (60,000,000 tokens)

Marketing and sales:
20% (48,000,000 tokens)

5% (12,000,000 tokens)

International expansion and partnership of stem cell labs:
15% (36,000,000 tokens)

Infrastructure and project management:
10% (24,000,000 tokens)

Lobbying stem cell US FDA:
6% (14,400,000 tokens)

Team and advisors:
19% (45,600,000 tokens)

Project links:

Auther's Details:

Bitcointalk Username:
Raihan Shakeel
Eth Address: 0x3c811A667C9A129911c7dad7238194C5F49b5cB5


Navibration Experiences ICO Review, Blockchain, CryptocurrencyNavibration Experiences will be the first decentralized social network of audio-recorded guides of routes from any city around the world. Based entirely on blockchain technology, the network will be available in multiple platforms such as Desktop, Tablets, and Smartphones. The routes provided on the platform can be bought by anyone using the platform with NAVI (Navicoin). Users can also deposit fiat and they will automatically be converted to Navicoins on the platform. The content provided for each route is created by the users themselves in the following four steps:
  1. Route: A user will create a route for a particular place anywhere in the world.
  2. Text: A user will write the instructional content of that route.
  3. Language: A user will translate the written content if necessary.
  4. Audio: A user will record the audios of that route.
And then finally, Navibration team will check and edit the final content and put the route for sale on the platform. Users on the platform can also rate the content created by others by either positive or negative reactions. Every single user responsible for any of the steps will get rewards in Navicoins on the platform. And, a user can also complete more than one steps if he wishes to.
A user must have some tokens on the platform in order to take part in the content creation. Though you don’t need any of them if you are just rating the content created by others.


Navibration Experiences ICO Review, Blockchain, CryptocurrencyThe technological innovations have completely changed the face of the world. It has changed the way of living for everyone in any corner of the world. People don’t carry maps anymore when they are going somewhere, but they rather keep navigation tools or apps on their mobiles to guide them in their journey. What people do with these tools is they keep looking at them to find out where they are headed and what route they should take. Navibration Experiences aims to provide its users a stress-free journey where the user doesn’t have to look at the tool at all, but they will be guided step by step with a simple hand movement of theirs with the mobile in their hand and the system will automatically find the route for them and keep guiding them. The user won’t need to look for the routes in the tool but rather would simply need to keep going to the direction the system is guiding them towards.

Whom is the Navibration Experiences platform?

  • Connected: Someone who is connected all the time to the internet and does almost everything with it.
  • Recommended: Someone who uses a thing only by seeing the recommendations of others like their comments or reviews and takes them to be the proof of the quality of that thing.
  • Influential: Someone who shares all his travel experiences with people on social media to help other travelers to that place in the future.
  • Aware: Someone who knows they don’t need to carry any documentation like tickets, reservations or maps if they have a smartphone.
  • Alternative: Someone who doesn’t follow the classic ways of traveling and seeks new and innovative travel experiences all the time.

Token information:

Token Details:

Name: Navicoin
Symbol: NAVI
Price: 0.05 USD
Soft cap: 5,00,000 USD
Hard cap: 6,000,000 USD

Token allocations & distribution:
Total supply: 300,000,000 tokens

Token Sale:
40% (120,000,000 tokens)

20% (60,000,000 tokens)

Future Airdrop for token holders:
20% (60,000,000 tokens)

10% (30,000,000 tokens)

Mentors and ICO costs:
10% (30,000,000 tokens)

Project links:

Author's Details:

Bitcointalk Username:
Raihan Shakeel
Eth Address: 0x3c811A667C9A129911c7dad7238194C5F49b5cB5


Emmares Project Review, Blockchain, CryptocurrencyEMMARES is a blockchain-based email marketing system that provides a platform for email marketers to create high-quality content and get the relevant audience for their content. On the other hand, the recipients are provided with rewards for receiving and evaluating the emails. Email marketers will fund the rewarding pool which later is used to reward the recipients of that email marketer. The platform would enable both, email marketers for getting their desired customers/audience and their recipients for getting rewarded to get the emails they are interested in, to take advantage of the new technology of email marketing.


The email marketing industry is very huge in terms of both, recipients and businesses, but none of them always get what they wish for. Businesses of every kind use email marketing to expand their businesses and attract more customers towards their business for which they spend a lot of money, but the results are not as promising as they should be. On the other hand, the recipients don’t always get the emails they want but they get tired of receiving useless and low-quality spam emails all the time. EMMARES aims to solve both of these problems. Businesses can use the platform to demonstrate their quality content to the users that are relevant to their business which increases the chances of getting more customers. The recipients would get to see only the advertisements through emails that they are interested in, and as a source of motivation, they get rewarded for that from the pool of rewards which is topped up by the businesses promoting their emails on the platform.

The problem of current Email Marketing industry:

An industry as huge as to be in Billions in numbers of users would probably have some flaws in it as everyone would rush in to take whatever they can without having to think about anyone else. Every business requires promotions on a very large scale in order to achieve their goals, and for that they use every different medium and email marketing is one of the biggest mediums that is used for that purpose. Although, every business tries to produce quality content to be delivered to people in order to attract them towards their business, some people find them annoying as they are of totally different interests, and they don’t really like the content they receive no matter of how good quality they are. Similarly, there is an extremely large number of users who are interested in something but they don’t get the content that would convince them to use a service, meaning the content delivered is of very much low-quality that users which are even interested in that industry gets annoyed by them.

Solution by EMMARES:

Emmares Project Review, Blockchain, CryptocurrencyThe platform provides countless opportunities for businesses to promote their services to the audience that are totally relevant to their business and have enough interest to interact with them, while the recipients would no more need to worry about the spam emails they have been receiving as they can set their standards on the platform and they would be served as per their standards and won’t receive anything beyond their interest. The businesses will only have to fund the Rewarding Pool which will be used to reward their recipients as a gesture of motivation, and the businesses would receive their ROI (Return of Investment) in no time assuming they are only targeting the users that are interested in their business and won’t be annoyed by their content. Other than that, the platform would encourage the business to generate high-quality content and would ban anything of very much low-quality. The recipients on the other hand would have the advantage to rate the quality of the content and choose if they want to see such content in future or not.

Token information:

Token Details:
Name: EMA
Price: 1 ETH = 5,100 EMA
Hard cap: 35,000 ETH

Token allocations & distribution:
Total supply: 500,000,000 tokens

Crowd Sale and Presale:
51% (255,000,000 tokens)

New account opening incentives pool:
23% (155,000,000 tokens)

Founders and team:
17% (85,000,000 tokens)

Long-term Strategic Partners:
5% (25,000,000 tokens)

Pre-token sale contributors:
3% (15,000,000 tokens)

1% (5,000,000 tokens)

Project's links:

Author's Details:

Bitcointalk Username:
Raihan Shakeel
Eth Address: 0x3c811A667C9A129911c7dad7238194C5F49b5cB5


Buying.com ICO Review, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency
Buying.com is the new generation decentralized e-Commerce network that uses the power of blockchain technology to provide both businesses and consumers a transparent and cost-efficient e-Commerce platform to expand their reach. The module uses technologies like MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity), Bulk Pricing, Microdistribution and Drop Shipment to change the face of the e-Commerce universe for both individuals and retail businesses. The innovative mobile app DPA (Direct Product App) will enable the businesses to sell their products upon their allocated scale, and provides individuals and small businesses the chance to get those products on a wholesale price using MOQ technology and Bulk Price method.


Buying.com aims to create a decentralized network by embracing blockchain technology for both B2B (Business to Business) and B2C (Business to Consumer) modules of the business with its new and innovative methods like Microdistribution, which allows any individual or small business to turn any free space into a distribution center, thus reducing delivery times for consumers around. And MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) allows consumers or small retailers that want to buy a product at a very reasonable price but the manufacturer have a scale of sale which they can’t meet. Now, with Buying.com’s DPA (Direct Product App) they can achieve this by getting involved in a group which wants to buy the same product and the app helps them buy the product adding everyone’s money into one place and buying the product in bulk and then distributing it among them.

Problems In current e-Commerce landscape:

  • Excessive Delivery Times: e-Commerce networks mostly take too much time delivering the products to the buyers, and the reason for that is having less distribution centers which requires more time for a product to reach the buyer from a distribution center far from them.
  • Less buying opportunities for small retailers or individuals: A small business holder or an individual finds it very difficult to get a product for the manufacturers mostly have a sale limit for their products, which they might not be able to reach.
  • Not enough details, or Security of information: e-Commerce businesses mostly lack details of their shipments for the buyers, which doesn’t allow the buyers to have a real-time check on their orders until they reach them. And, the buyers are most of the times worried about their personal information being compromised in such cases.
  • No blockchain integration: e-Commerce business modules have never used blockchain technology nor have ever had a cryptocurrency of their own to be used on their platforms, which makes the platform more cost-efficient and consumes much less time for transactions.
  • Lack of transparency: Since no blockchain is used, the networks lack transparency in transactions and such.

Buying.com ICO Review, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency

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Solutions by Buying.com:

  • Microdistribution: The platform uses decentralization to allow individuals or small businesses to turn their free spaces into distribution centers by becoming stake holders, and thus reduce delivery times for their consumers around them. Having multiple small distribution centers make the delivery times way much less than usual.
  • Bulk Pricing: Using MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) method, the platform allows individuals or small retailers to buy products by becoming a part of a bulk buying group that enables them to buy their desired product in a very reasonable price without any problems or not reaching the minimum sale scale of the manufacturer.
  • Real-Time logistics: Using blockchain and smart contract enforcements, the network provides the users with transparency by providing every detail about shipments and etcetera. And, it uses data encryption such as SHA-protocol to secure the information.
  • Personal Cryptocurrency: The platform has its own cryptocurrency that is utilized as a token which will be used for transactions on the platform providing its users with less transaction fees and times.
  • Totally transparent: Uses blockchain technology as a digital ledger that provides a fraud-proof solution which auto-verifies the transactions making them totally transparent.

Token information:
Token Details:
Name: BUY
Price: $0.12
Soft cap: $16,000,000
Hard cap: $34,500,000

Token allocations & distribution:
Total supply: 500,000,000 tokens

Presale and Crowd Sale:
50% (250,000,000 tokens)

Company inventory:
15% (75,000,000 tokens)

7.5% (37,500,000 tokens)

Founders & Management:
15% (75,000,000 tokens)

7.5% (37,500,000 tokens)

Bounty Programs:
5% (25,000,000 tokens)

Project links:

Author's Details:
Bitcointalk Username
Raihan Shakeel
Eth Address: 0x3c811A667C9A129911c7dad7238194C5F49b5cB5


Sgamepro ICO Review, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency
Sgame Pro is a unique mobile gaming platform that enables the player to play their most favorite mobile games and meanwhile gets rewarded with their own issued utility crypto-token Sgame Coin (SGM). The players will also be able to challenge other players even in Single player games turning them Multiplayer games. The platform would also enable game publishers to publish their games on the platform and get their desired audience to get and play their games. The publishers will earn more revenue as the players play their games on a large scale, while the players will earn tokens for playing those games. The platform also provides the facility for the player to live stream their experience and allows the users to give them donations with SGM tokens on the platform.


Sgame Pro’s basic focus is to provide gamers an unusual user experience where they exceptionally earn SGM tokens while they play their most favorite and most popular mobile games. Other than that, the platform focuses on providing the players with features like challenging other players and play Single player games as Multiplayer games on the platform, and meanwhile live to stream their experience with others and get SGM tokens as donations by the viewers.

Needs of current mobile gaming ecosystems:

Sgamepro ICO Review, Blockchain, CryptocurrencyMobile games are mostly in the Single player mode which is why they lack social interactions.
Publishers accept and include invasive in-app advertisements which only earns revenue to the publishers while it only frustrates the players when they are playing and they need to see the advertisements.
There aren’t a lot of places where players can find the latest games, nor there are many for publishers to publish their games and get their desired amount of audience.
Digital goods and in-game materials like gems, armors, guns and other things are often sold for fiat in Digital Stores which causes a lot of players to abandon their wishes to buy them.

Fulfillment by Sgame Pro platform:

Players on Sgame Pro platform can challenge other players and turn their Single player mode games into Multiplayer mode games in 1 vs 1 to 1 v 100 and interact with each other while in the game.
In Sgame Pro, the players also get a portion of the revenue generated by the advertisements in the game they are playing.
Sgame Pro provides a one-stop-shop for gamers to find their favorite games along with the latest and upcoming games, while the publishers can publish their games and get their desired audience with the help of the platform.
The SGM tokens that players earn on the platform can be used to buy digital goods on the platform instead of paying for them with fiat currencies in other Digital Stores.

Token information:

Token Details:
Name: SGM
Price: 0.12 CHF
Soft cap: 2,000,000 CHF
Hard cap: 6,600,000 CHF

Token allocations & distribution:
Total supply: 350,000,000 tokens

Crowd Sale:
16% (55,000,000 tokens) will be available for the public in Crowd Sale.

Bounty & Airdrop:
2% (6,500,000 tokens) will be rewarded to the contributors in promoting the project.

Liquidity Reserve:
24% (83,000,000 tokens) will be kept for Liquidity Reserve.

Founders & Advisors:
4% (15,000,000 tokens) will be retained to be later distributed among founders and advisors.

Long-term Strategic Partners:
39% (139,500,000 tokens) will be reserved for Long-term Strategic Partnerships.

15% (51,000,000 tokens) will be reserved for further project investments in the future.

Project links:

Author's Details:

Bitcointalk Username:
Raihan Shakeel 
Eth Address: 0x3c811A667C9A129911c7dad7238194C5F49b5cB5

KubitX ICO Review, Blockchain, CryptocurrencyIntroduction:

KuBitX is one of the most advanced and strong cryptocurrency trading platforms that has been designed with Simple and Accessible ideas to empower and educate people of every kind to teach them the technological revolution and give them an easy opportunity to invest in cryptocurrencies. After developing the strong trade engine, an Ambassador program will be initiated to spread awareness among people and to let them embrace the adoption of cryptocurrencies.


The vision of KuBitX is to simply educate people from emerging markets of developing countries and engage them with the current cryptocurrency ecosystem. KuBitX aims to make the countries, that have been just following the more developed countries in the technological development that has been going on for a very long time, a part of this development with their contributions.

Gaps in current trading ecosystems:

The ecosystems lack maturity, allowing “whales” to manipulate the markets against the interest of other traders, and some of them charge very high fees for trades which some people might find too expensive.
Exchange of crypto assets to fiat currencies is often a hassle for holders which causes losses to people if there is a delay either by the exchange or the bank.
Poor and non-responsive customer support is a very big reason why people get frustrated on exchanges. Reports not getting handled on time can cause an exchange to lose the users for bad.
Security issues are one of the biggest reasons why people feel scared of using a platform. We have seen a lot of exchanges being compromised by hackers, losing billions of dollars of their trader’s money.
Lack of education and awareness about Blockchain and cryptocurrencies is one of the reasons why the markets are always dominated by a group a people in trading platforms.

Solutions by KuBitX to fill these gaps:

KubitX ICO Review, Blockchain, CryptocurrencyA tool named Anti Market Manipulation (AMM) is used to avoid wash trading by anyone. Market surveillance is looked into very carefully. Any account associated with suspicious trading gets frozen immediately by the admin.
KuBitX extended partnerships with PSPs (Payment Service Providers) will help users with their fiat deposits and withdrawals.
The platform plans to allocate some funds to strengthening its customer support, providing 24/7 online customer support consistently to the users.
Steps like storing password hashes instead of original passwords in the database would be taken to maximize the security for the users on the platform.
KuBitX’s initiative called Global Channel Ambassadors aims to educate and engage the local markets with cryptocurrencies to drive mass local adoption to Blockchain ecosystem.

Token information:
Token Details:
Name: KBX
Price: 1 ETH = 8,909.09 KBX
Soft cap: 10,000 ETH
Hard cap: 25,000 ETH

Token allocations & distribution:
Total supply: 500,000,000 tokens

Public sale:
16% (80,000,000 tokens) will be available for public.

Bounty & Airdrop:
2% (10,000,000 tokens) will be rewarded to the contributors in promoting the project.

Private Sale:
36% (180,000,000 tokens) will be available for Private Sale.

Partners & Advisors:
3% (15,000,000 tokens) will be retained to be later distributed among partners and advisors.

20% (100,000,000 tokens) will be reserved for further investments.

Founders and Developers Team:
23% (115,000,000 tokens) will be reserved for the founders and development teams.

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Raihan Shakeel 

Eth Address: 0x3c811A667C9A129911c7dad7238194C5F49b5cB5