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Ethershift ICO Review, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency


Ethershift is an exchange platform that provides a very easy and quick exchange of ERC-20 tokens to its users at the exact market rate with only the trading fees. The platform lets the token holders to exchange their tokens at the very early stage after the end of a project's ICO, and it lets the ones willing to invest in a project whose ICO they missed and they don't want to wait for it to get listed in an exchange.

Ethershift token holders will have the chance to get a share of the 50% revenue Ethershift earns through the transaction fees which is airdropped to the users after each quarter.

The exchange process is very simple. A user gets a special address for any token they want to receive in exchange of the tokens/coins they are willing to send. The users then send any amount of tokens/coins to that address, and in return, they receive the equivalent of the token asked in the wallet they have sent the tokens/coins from.


The decentralized exchanges like IDEX or EtherDelta, that are present in the token ecosystem right now are also used for the sole purpose of exchanging tokens to ETH or vice versa, but their usage is not so easy that any individual, who is not so knowledgeable about all these things, can easily use them to fulfill their need. That is why, Ethershift wants to provide a totally different concept to token holders or token buyers to interact with the market without any hassle, and be a part of any project they would like to be, or get their hands out of them as soon as possible.

Ethershift aims make it very convenient for investors or token holders to exchange their holdings between any other token they wish to have and get rid of what they don't want to keep anymore.

Ethershift ICO Review, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency

Ethershift Scan&Go

Ethershift Scan&Go is a widget that allows third-parties to implement it in their websites and allow their users to buy or exchange tokens they wish to on the go. The widget will show a QR code for a token which a user wants to buy. The user will scan the QR code and send the number of tokens/coins that the user wants to spend on that token and have it in their wallet. Minutes after sending the funds, the user will receive the asked token in the wallet from where they initiated the transaction. The website in return will get a 50% share of the profits Ethershift earns from the transactions done from that particular website.

Token Information


Symbol: ESH
Price: 1 ETH = 300 ESH
Hard cap: 33,750 ETH


Total supply: 15,000,000 ESH

Crowd Sale: 9,000,000 ESH (60%)

Marketing, promotions, giveaways & bounties, advisors: 3,000,000 ESH (20%)

Team members: 3,000,000 ESH (20%)

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Raihan Shakeel

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