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Faucets Sites are Type of Micro Task Site where a user can earn a (very) small amount of Money (in Crypto mostly) for solving a Captcha, the primary source of income of these kind os sites come from Advertisement. when a user visit their website and solve a captcha. they website's Ads will get viewed by that user too. that way the Ads Get More Impressions and Make more money. and website owners pay a small percentage of Advertisement Payment to their regular Faucet Claimer.


The faucet doesn't pay any Good amount of money. most people in Crypto consider it a waste of time. but still, a large number of Crypto Users Visit faucets sites every day and try to make some coins out of them. Faucets also have referral programs. some Referral marketers use to promote their referral links those are the only ones who earn a little bit higher compared to the faucet claimers. 

Our Today's Blog Post is About Ethereum Faucets. There are tons of Faucets available on the web, but I have Searched Ethereum Faucets which are Known to be the most famous and highest paying faucets to earn Ethereum. If you can actively Claim and Can make some referrals in these sites you can earn some Bucks in Ethereum from these.

Here is The List:

1: Fly-Eth

Fly-Eth is direct to wallet faucet, You can withdraw your payment directly o your ethereum wallet once you reach to minimum withdraw of 0.00200000 ETH. You Can Claim this faucet in every 60 Minutes. It Also Offers 20% Referral Commission for each User you Invite to Join the site with your Referral Link.

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2: Allcoin

Alltcoin is not just a faucet. it has so many other features and ways of earning, like playing games, mining, PTC and Offerwalls, and Ofcourse Referral Program. and it also supports several other cryptocurrencies Including Bitcoin means it's a Multicoins faucet, it's referral commission is 25% of earning of each user you refer and minimum withdraw 

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3: Speedup Faucet

This faucet also allows it's users to claim multiple coins. it has a low minimum withdraw like others but it has some requirements like users cannot claim from the faucet if they are using an adblocking extension in their browsers.
Speedup Faucet Offers 20% Commission to its referrers.

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ICO Details

Project Name: VANM

Project Slogan/Tagline: Viral Advertising Network Mining

Token/Coin Ticker: VANM

ICO Starting Date: January 1st 2019

ICO Ending Date: May 1st 2019

ICO Duration: Ends In 36 Days

Blockchain/Platform: Ethereum

Team Members

Founder: Ilia Sakowski

Co founder: Daniel Reuter

Co founder: Florian Heler

Senior Graphic Designer: Christian Grafentein

Digital Media Designer: Jenny Harth


Business Development & Marketing: Pavel Gurov

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Bitcoin Crypto Basket ETP Has $400,000 in First Week’s Trading at SIX Swiss Exchange
Amun had recently launched Bitcoin ETP or the Bitcoin Exchange Traded Product on SIX Swiss Exchange, which is based in Zurich, Switzerland. For your information, SIX Swiss Exchange is one of the leading Swiss Stock Exchange for Trading of not only shares but also bonds, investment funds and exchange traded funds apart from similar other stuff.

$400,000 Collected from Trading Bitcoin ETP
Of course, in a week’s time from the minute Bitcoin ETP began its trade on SIX Swiss Exchange, it has amassed about $400,000 in trading. All this could happen post launch of it by Amun. It comes as a surprise because the collection as per reports has crossed even the turnover that usually comes from gold, oil or silver!
But one cannot be assured of the fact that this turnover would remain the same or no in the longer run. This Exchange Traded Product available at Swiss Exchange has Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and Litecoin. Bitcoin Cash could not make it there due to Bitcoin’s hard fork that affected almost whole of cryptocurrency world out there making investors go berserk to a certain extent regarding what would be the next step.

Other Aspects to be Known about ETP or Exchange Traded Product
It was Amun AG’s idea to bring Exchange Traded Product aka ETP in to focus however, this is not the only aspect that has seen the daylight as there are other things as well which will be going to be a part of the whole set up soon.
One of them being ‘blockchain technology’; as Amun plans to have blockchain technique fit in with the backend processes. In addition to this, Swiss Exchange Traded Product is different from that of ETF seen in cryptocurrency. (Remember ETF in cryptocurrency is nothing but Exchange Traded Funds).

What is Swiss ETP?
ETP, like earlier stated is short form for Exchange Traded Product, it does not depend on futures.
In Hany Rashwan, CEO and Co-Founder of Amun AG words: “Whenever any investor is going to purchase it then corresponding amount of actual crypto assets is purchased besides being stored with qualified custodian.”

World’s First Multi Crypto Based ETP at Swiss Exchange!
Yes, it is going to be first of its kind in the world to have ETP/ Exchange Traded Product on SIX Swiss Exchange, again principal Stock Exchange in Switzerland! Interestingly this ETP is nothing short of a multi-crypto ETP at the global level and shall be listed under the Index HODL.

As reported earlier, there were five of the major cryptocurrencies listed here, namely: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH) [already removed post hard fork], Litecoin (LTC) and Ripple (XRP).
And within a short span of time, ‘Bitcoin Crypto Basket ETP’ has already seen a surge of $400,000 in trading! When such a figure is indicated in the first week itself then it is to see what would happen in near future especially when Bitcoin ETP is in question.
A wait and watch policy, may be?!?

Crypto exchanges in Taiwan are going to have some more new strict rules targeted to prevent illegal transactions under the garb of digital currency. This news comes forth post new policies being added to ‘AML or the anti-money laundering policies’ that Taiwan has

It was not until this year that the Government of Taiwan okayed for digital currencies because it was still perplexed with the way regulation of Cryptocurrency market happened in Taiwan along with the Blockchain sector. However, things have changed quite a bit with the latest Money Laundering Control Act and Terrorism Financing Prevention Act coming in to action.

Legislative Yuan approved this recently drafted act and it also has been given the authority to ban transactions in case they are fraud. All of this is possible due to the fact that Legislative Yuan comes under one of the financial branches of the Government of Taiwan known as FSC aka Financial Supervisory Committee.

Regulations of Cryptocurrencies in place

With passing time, it looks like the Taiwanese Government is moving towards an arena wherein they can regulate and have proper control with the way local Cryptocurrency market works. The new system is also inclusive of the Blockchain space because their sole motto is only to prevent frauds related to or having involvement of cryptocurrencies.

Ministry of Justice, Taiwan releases statement

Even the Ministry of Justice, Taiwan has released a statement specifying these recent amendments to the anti-money laundering bill so it does not come as a surprise that the Taiwanese Government is working its way to make a good foothold with the way cryptocurrencies worked.

Related departments from the Government of Taiwan are putting their efforts to work for the better while meeting the standards laid down by International Anti-Money Laundering.

Centre for Blockchain based Businesses

Taiwan has slowly been building itself in to a center for Blockchain based businesses, so, when these things are in line then it is necessary that Taiwan and its government makes itself up to date with all aspects of cryptocurrencies. On the other hand, there were also reports for Taiwan to become one of the centers for Initial Coin Offerings also known as the ICOs!

New Crypto Laws in Taiwan

To ensure that everything is in place, Taiwan, like you read above, has modified the existing AML or the anti-money laundering law apart from CFT or the counter-terrorism financing law. Due to the recent alterations made, it would now become all the more necessary for crypto exchanges to give more information to the Government of Taiwan.

Another aspect to be carefully looked at is the way: compliance rules are to be changed by the crypto exchanges. With the Financial Supervisory Commission coming in to action (as they are responsible for creating laws in Taiwan), it is to see how would these laws impact overall Cryptocurrency Exchanges in Taiwan.

While at present, the only aim for Taiwan is to make itself more aligned with the way cryptocurrencies work besides changing crypto exchange markets for the better.
Electricity is crucial for ‘Crypto Mining’ and this is one of the major reasons that Chelan County Public Utility District or PUD from Washington has proposed a new plan. As per this plan, there shall be a completely new structure of electricity pricing for all Cryptocurrency Miners.

Rise in Electricity Bill for Cryptocurrency Miners

Cost of increase in electricity demand has to be borne by none other than the miners; so that others are not affected by it.

While Cryptocurrency Miners would not have to deviate a lot because the base structure for electricity pricing remains similar to which these Miners are used to paying. Reasons for such a drastic but a well thought out process is that ‘New Electricity Rate Structure (according to Schedule 36)’ has been done keeping in view ‘variable load that associates with Cryptocurrency Mining’.

Accelerated Costs

Costs have shot up, however, Kimberlee Craig, Public Information Officer noted the reasons for this difference stating: it is important that rate structure captures cost apart from protecting investments for customers. These customers are none other than the ones who have gone on to invest huge amounts in the system.

Upsetting Situation Hangs Over Cryptocurrency Miners

Hearing this latest trend of modifications from the officials at Chelan County Public Utility District, Washington, it was as a matter of fact: disheartening to agree with price change for miners. Though it becomes a necessity to recover money for the investments still it came as a surprise to the Miners of Cryptocurrencies!

What are these Investments? As for the investments that we are speaking here, Kimberlee Craig, Public Information Officer of Chelan (PUD - Public Utility District) clearly said that these investments are some of the fixed expenses of PUD. These also inclusive of ‘accelerated cost of infrastructure investment in the system’. This reference has cleared the air to a great extent. There is however, an air of disagreement from a few sections of the society.

Curbing illegal or unauthorized Cryptocurrency Miners had to be done and thus Chelan PUD enforced ‘Moratorium on Cryptocurrency Mining’. This suspension or ban on Cryptocurrency Mining has been witnessed in many states. Some of these said states have put up a ban on even Cryptocurrency Operations leading to complete ban.

If we look at the city of Ephrata, Pennsylvania, ban on Cryptocurrency Operations had been in place for close to a year now in this place. And same is the case with the Government of Quebec wherein it imposed a ban on sale of electricity to the Cryptocurrency Miners. This ban turned out to be a temporary one imposed somewhere in the month of May, or to be exact in the end of May.

Catch and Found

It was in April where PUD officials found unauthorized Cryptocurrency Miners and post the usual official proceedings, on 7th of November, Chelan PUD announced an absolutely new system of pricing as far as the Cryptocurrency Community is in question.

It is now to see what would this price change lead to with the residents of Chelan and Cryptocurrency Miners (community) in particular!
Currencies have over the centuries changed handed and denominations while retaining its true colors that is: used purely for transactions or money given in exchange of goods. Keeping same thoughts in mind, cryptocurrencies had come into the picture but still, somewhere they lacked to create interest among people.

With time and continuous efforts from the brains behind this currency type, things have changed as many folks have tried shifting their focus from using traditional ‘set’ currencies to the cryptos.

A Shift Slowly Picking Up Speed

Cryptocurrencies have finally begun to make themselves useful in the way they were intended to. Here we are talking about one of the many incidents wherein the residents of Moscow employ cryptocurrencies to conduct transactions. It might come as a bit of surprise for some folks as till now there has been a wave of uncertainty as to how would Bitcoin rise with passing time.

Remember readers, Bitcoins are one of the cryptocurrencies and yet there are many more cryptos out there. Bitcoin is one of the cryptos that many people use for transactions apart from ethereum, ripple, litecoin etc.

Report on What Cryptocurrency Usage Survey Has to Say

A survey had been recently conducted according to which close to 5% residents of Moscow preferred non-cash methods of payments inclusive of the cryptocurrencies! To be precise, about 1,000 people carried out transactions in such non-cash modes of payment. And to ascertain this survey further, regarding age group of people using these new modes of transactions, the surveyors got to know on questioning that there was no age bracket in particular and instead, all of them belonged to different age groups.

It does make sense here: cryptocurrencies were never meant to be put into service by only one age group but rather it has to be utilized by one and all!

Forms of Payment Used

On the other hand, there are still about 96% of residents who opt for bank cards while 16% of them used e-money. This survey also threw light on other payment services that people used namely: internet banking is utilized by about 32% of residents whereas some of them constituting about 40% of the population had switched to numerous mobile bank applications.
Hence, as you notice, people switch from one to another application (currency) in some time only. Therefore, it was about time for Cryptocurrency to make a mark for itself clearing the air that yes, it was time ripe for it to make a real entry in the real world out there.

Are People Ready to use Cryptocurrencies?

Curiosity arises whenever this question is asked - are people actually ready to use cryptocurrencies? Well, if looked at the above results from a survey conducted on residents of Moscow then we can very well say, about 5% of residents shall definitely give a try to Cryptocurrency as yet another ground-breaking payment method!

Revolution and change have been the most power packed words we adore and fear at the same time. With time, change becomes inevitable; thus, industrialization was a turning point of a whole new era for many of us. But have we ever wondered as to where would this stop? Or is there any way to throw together traditional and new techniques?

Of course, there are many ways to do this but everything boils down to one thing which is: is it worth the trouble?

The Emergence of Bitcoins and Blockchain

Post industrialization, one aspect that caught imagination of folks was this: Blockchain built to establish Bitcoins. Interesting though it may sound but somewhere down the line things got a bit tricky leaving a trail of thoughts.

Here, we speak about the initial idea of building a Blockchain, meant solely for Bitcoins. Time, however, took it to different places and now we find Blockchain being used in departments one could never think of. This leaves us with a question… has Blockchain worked for the best or not?

Money vs Cryptocurrency

Money, in simple definition, is a tool through which goods are exchanged, it is also recognized by the Governments across the globe. On the other hand, Cryptocurrency is based on Blockchain and still has not been recognized by any Country’s Government. Here comes the major difference!

Any reasons?

Reasons are abundant for not providing Cryptocurrency the platform it expected, one of them being Cryptocurrency (it may be Bitcoin or Ethereum or any other crypto) is decentralized to a great extent. This causes a clash thereby giving rise to good vs evil (in some cases). If you look around then you understand that most of the time, wrong doers try to find an escape route to finance their deeds.

Here it is, that most of them opt for Cryptocurrency as they do not leave a trail. Transactions turn easier than expected.

It was never this straightforward before though.

With Governments not identifying cryptos as a legal currency, it was bound to take a step back and hence one might very well observe that there has been quite a downfall of working of cryptocurrencies; some of them clicking whilst others struggling to stay at top of the game. From the very beginning, somewhere in 2017, there was a surge of investment from different corners of society, leading to a boom in cryptos; one, which had not been seen before.

Like a bubble bursts, Blockchain also burst only to reveal its true self wherein people could use it in numerous fashions * (in fields, making their work trouble free).

Never Ending Art Form

Aha! You may say this, Blockchain has led a revolution of its kind turning tables for what ‘money’ stood for. It did make banks in Japan to utilize it for making ‘Money Tap’, a domestic payment app. This got approved only after financial regulations were followed.

And so there might never be a dearth of Blockchain’s use, it is best if we use a wait and watch policy, for now, to decide future of Blockchain with its link to the biggest turnaround of the century ‘the Cryptocurrencies’.
Ethereum's creation in 2015 gave the businesses around the world an opportunity to start their businesses using blockchain technology without having to create their own blockchain. Ethereum was the very first platform that allowed developers to develop and deploy their own smart contract based tokens in their blockchain which means that a business would have a token/coin of their own while the transactions will take place in Ethereum's blockchain.

The idea was a huge success, and lead some other companies/individuals to pursue the same thing with slightly different and better ways of their own, and thus we have many platforms like that in the present. Today, we will be talking about 5 of these platforms that allow others to create tokens on their blockchain.

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Ethereum ICO Review, Blockchain Cryptocurrency

1. Ethereum

Ethereum is an open-source distributed computing platform based on blockchain that features smart contract functionality. It was proposed in late 2013 by Vitalik Buterin. An online crowdsale was conducted to fund the development of the project. It went live on 30 July 2015.

Ethereum was the first blockchain that offered others to deploy and launch their own tokens in it. Smart contracts are written in different programming languages. In Ethereum's case, the languages used to write them are Solidity, Serpent, LLL, and Mutan. The smart contracts written in any of these languages are then compiled to EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) bytecode and are deployed on the Ethereum blockchain.

Neo ICO Review, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency

2. NEO

NEO is a blockchain-based platform and also a cryptocurrency that is built to create a changeable network of decentralized applications. It was first launched by Da Hongfei and Erik Zhang in 2014 with the name AntShares. Later in June 2017, they rebranded it from AntShares to NEO.

Following the trend, NEO has become another platform for people to create their own tokens. Unlike Ethereum, new supports much more common programming languages, which are: JavaScript, C#, Java, Python and Go. NeoVM is used to compile the written code into an executable token environment.

Waves ICO Review, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency

3. Waves

Waves is a digital platform based on blockchain that allows storing, trading and issuing of digital assets for businesses and individuals. It was created by Alexander Ivanov in 2016. The crowdfunding campaign of Waves raised over $16m which was considered to be one of the largest crowdfunding campaigns in terms of the money raised.

Waves Client is what is used to achieve the services it offers. It has a wallet, a decentralized exchange and also the tools of creating and releasing a token on its blockchain. There is no information as to what language is used or how the process works though.

Stratis ICO Review, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency

4. Stratis

Stratis is a powerful blockchain development system that provides the financial services businesses a platform to develop, test and deploy their own blockchain-based applications without having to own their own networks. Chris Trew is the founder of Stratis. It started with an ICO in 2016 that raised $675k which were used for the development of the platform.
Stratis supports languages like C#, Java and JavaScript etc that can be used to code the smart contracts or applications on its platform.

Hyperledger ICO Review, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency

5. Hyperledger

Hyperledger is a project of open-source blockchains that supports the development of blockchain-based distributed ledgers. It was created by Linux Foundation in December 2015. On July 2017, it announced the Fabric Ledger 1.0 in association with IBM and Digital Asset.

Fabric Ledger is the blockchain infrastructure that is used for the execution of smart contracts on the platform. It supports Go, JavaScript and Java as programming languages that can be used to write the codes of the smart contracts.