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If we go by the latest reports, then it says that there is a new crypto exchange, which is going to be 100% owned by the users. Transaction costs are mostly on the rise affecting both traders and investments in a certain way. Therefore, it was about time for a hybrid community to have sprung up and showcase a ‘digital asset exchange’ benefiting every person involved in it.

What is this Digital Asset Crypto Exchange?

The all new user owned crypto exchange is being built on a democratic exchange platform, this is what gives itself an edge over others. Users can by putting in to use ‘DAREX Hybrid Crypto Exchange Platform’ would be able to trade Securities as well as Utilities.

Trading like these lead to transactions thereby leading to revenue that is going to be shared by Token Holders. In other words, it shall be one of its kind especially because profit sharing from transactions was never a part of this game.

Darico Community plans to share revenue through DECS or the Darico Exchange Community Shares. Most importantly, a decentralized structure has been set up on the basis of a centralized exchange thereby establishing a great amalgamation of the two while still being a decentralized one!
Due to such a system that DARICO comes with, it ends up being all the more useful option for many investors as well as traders, reasons being till date there has not been a single platform wherein an individual could deposit, withdraw or even trade top cryptocurrencies from the world.

Another aspect that is to be made a note of is a simple fact: Token Holders to get Voting Rights, rights that give them a benefit through which they can check progress of user controlled crypto exchange platform.

Though it seems to be a far-fetched idea, however, when implemented in a proper manner then it is going to set new records that have not been seen ever before.

Launch of DARICO Ecosystem

As per the reports, DARICO tokens are going to begin its distribution from the 10th of January 2019, these tokens shall be distributed only to the community members though. There are also plans to permit users to transfer Fiat, this shall be another added advantage for users. Reasons being they can utilize this opportunity of cross trading with the assistance of bank accounts and cards.
Cross trading allowed in this system could be from any Fiat currency such as Euros, Dollars or Pounds to that of Cryptos. To ensure that things fall in to place and there should not be any hitch in its working, there is a coming together sorts of thing between Darico and Polymath.

When both of them come together then companies may also launch ‘securities tokens’ on a Blockchain based platform. Finally, what can work for the company is a simple fact: make a transparent business model’ through a monitoring system besides utilizing ‘failproof cold storage’ made solely for protection of funds present on the exchange.

Quick, transparent, reliable, fiat to crypto user owned crypto exchange is DARICO’s Hybrid Exchange!


 Darico Chain Summary

Darico-ICO-Review, Ethereum, Blockchain, The platform is designed to alter the needs of the people to monitor invest and trade in various types of the cryptocurrencies that are available in the market. The platform helps in the efficient and robust and hassle-free use of the system with professional and friendly tools that are invited for the clients to make the investment decisions. The holders of the Darico ecosystem coins can also gain access to unique range products that are made up in the ecosystem, Darico wallet index and the other funding techniques along with the debit card will make this ICO the best option for the people to invest in. In addition to that, the Liquidity Pool which is one of the crucial factors for the ICO will provide the sustainability to the Darico ICO and allow the ICO to grow continuously.

Darico’s Objectives  

The main objectives of Darico are to promote the market confidence. It helps in reducing the system risk in the public and make them aware of the importance of the investments for their future. One of the other objectives of this ICO is to protect the good reputation of Gibraltar and the consumers. There is a fair chance of reduction of the financial crime with the help of this platform. The Darico ecosystem generates revenues through the fees and the commissions that it has received from the different networks and other platforms who use their platform. The stakeholders and clients of the Dario system will have special discounts if they are into the DEC network. The exchange platform is integrated into the Darico terminal which has the easy to access systems in place and the interface is suitable for a variety of consumers at various levels and experience and it includes the consumers who are the first time traders.

The Darico Solution

Darico-ICO-Review, Ethereum, Blockchainthis platform offers solutions to the business that involves integrity and it pays attention to all the interests as well as the needs of the consumers with the help of the communication in a fair and transparent manner. This will not lead to any misleading and helps in maintaining the adequate financial and nonfinancial resources in the system. This platform also helps in the management and controlling of the businesses effectively so that the skill and diligence, as well as the arrangements that are required for the customers, are in place. This also will ensure that the systems are able with the protocols security systems.

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