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Uncertainty over the prices of cryptocurrencies in general and Bitcoins in particular seem to loom large thereby giving away the reasons for people to be confused as in whether cryptocurrencies are rising or tumbling further down!

Why only Bitcoins even other Alt Coins seem to have taken the hit of this uncertain decline of cryptocurrencies. There, however, does not seem to be any one reason that can be pointed out as to: yes, this is why cryptocurrencies bowed their heads.

Bitcoin Hard Fork Split

As observed by many, the moment Bitcoin Hard Fork split was announced, everything seemed to tumble down and it was something that shook the whole of crypto world. Reasons being Bitcoin was riding high and had never fallen below $6,000!

Tom Lee, Wall Street Investor analysed that ‘hash rate war’ turned the scenario to a lot of uncertainty and panic across different rungs of the society. In addition to this, to stay away from risks or unknown waters, many investors backed off stated CoinShares CEO Meltem Demirors.

Right from November of 15th, Bitcoin ABC as well as Bitcoin SV having emerged, they have two think tanks fighting a war, should I say a cold war?! With clashes between these two groups, it was evident for BCH to be diving down the market as it was seen later by us.

Rules Came into Action

Along with division of Bitcoin Cash, SEC decided to take charge of the situation and like earlier informed in one of the articles, stopped operations of many firms who did not obey rules. Brexit along with Central Banks Policies turned out to be other reasons for downfall of the highly anticipated cryptos.

Now many would be shell shocked and worried to know as to what shall be the condition of Bitcoins post the split of the decade?! Are they stable or have they begun to rise in the world of cryptocurrency?

As a matter of fact, sell off due to low trade volumes led to a panic which is a bit difficult to be summoned in words. In Greenspan’s words, nothing can be said for sure as to what would happen next. He believes things could turn around at any moment and nothing can be sure. Either Bitcoin stays there put while some people sell it away and a few others gather them.

Anthony Pompliano, host of Crypto Podcast as well as Newsletter has perfectly put across a point: ‘Bitcoin lives and dies on its own’ while only ‘a few synthetic protections are in store for the investors’.

While on the other hand, Tom Lee is certain of one fact though, it is: regulatory clarity is going to be the key to giving us a clear picture of where Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies stand. And to quote Lingham, blockchain projects must specify as to what will be the other usable solutions apart from the one, we are aware of.

Cryptocurrencies have not held a stable position since some time, however, as of now experts have pointed out that only a few losses can be seen, so yes, drastically falling prices of cryptos have kind of stopped.

Lesson: Never to conclude before the final outcome is right before you.
ICO seems to have started moving towards various departments as well and the recent one to join this list is none other than the Portuguese Football: ‘Sporting Ponders’. Though still it is in the initial stages, there are talks about putting ICO or the Initial Coin Offering concept for good use for the Portuguese Football Club to raise funds.

So far, there has been only traditional methods of raising funds but with passing time, it turned out to be somewhat difficult to raise funds specifically through bond issue. The same bond issue is going to mature on the 26th of November and thus it was time to look carefully at different prospects before coming to a final decision.

Gross Annual Interest Rate

Generally, the bond issue that Sporting Clube de Portugal has, gives a 5.25% gross annual interest rate to the investors. Due to this interest rate, it raises about €30 million or $34.2 million.
Sporting Clube de Portugal requires funds because it is on the verge of repaying investors for the bond issue that is due to mature on 26 November. To meet the set target, the Football Club has already raised about €26 million or $29.6 million.

This amount was brought together after an increase in subscription orders that the team at Sporting Clube de Portugal had put up with. However, amount collected so far falls short of the actual amount hence it was decided to look in to other options that could help in raising funds.

Vice President of the Football Club, Francisco Salgado Zenha stated that the board is meeting often to discuss the possibility of bringing in Initial Coin Offering as an alternative option. There is nothing concrete in these discussions yet because all corners are to be checked properly before coming to a conclusion.

One conclusion that seems to have been made so far is that ICOs definitely have great potential in the sporting arena.

Other Clubs who are part of ICO

Portuguese Football is not the first of its kind to join the league of ICO in sports as there have been other clubs who entered this field a while ago as well. Some of the names inclusive of this list are ‘Brazilian Football Club Avai’ who launched not only its own ICO but had also raised about $20 million!

Similarly, Paris Saint Germain, French Soccer made it clear that it is also having its own cryptocurrency; apart from Newcastle United and the Cardiff City are in talks with SportyCo for assisting sporting brands to launch their decentralized sports investment plus funding platform. SportyCo was also responsible for Avai when Avai set to launch its tokens!

An Easy Walk for Sporting Clube de Portugal?!

It does not seem to be a cakewalk for the club to get initial coin offering start however, Securities Market Commission or the CMVM of the country has informed all organizations to clarify ‘judicial nature of tokens which are going to be issued’.

With ICO coming in to picture, it is to see if cash crunched sporting clubs get some relief.
If we go by the latest reports, then it says that there is a new crypto exchange, which is going to be 100% owned by the users. Transaction costs are mostly on the rise affecting both traders and investments in a certain way. Therefore, it was about time for a hybrid community to have sprung up and showcase a ‘digital asset exchange’ benefiting every person involved in it.

What is this Digital Asset Crypto Exchange?

The all new user owned crypto exchange is being built on a democratic exchange platform, this is what gives itself an edge over others. Users can by putting in to use ‘DAREX Hybrid Crypto Exchange Platform’ would be able to trade Securities as well as Utilities.

Trading like these lead to transactions thereby leading to revenue that is going to be shared by Token Holders. In other words, it shall be one of its kind especially because profit sharing from transactions was never a part of this game.

Darico Community plans to share revenue through DECS or the Darico Exchange Community Shares. Most importantly, a decentralized structure has been set up on the basis of a centralized exchange thereby establishing a great amalgamation of the two while still being a decentralized one!
Due to such a system that DARICO comes with, it ends up being all the more useful option for many investors as well as traders, reasons being till date there has not been a single platform wherein an individual could deposit, withdraw or even trade top cryptocurrencies from the world.

Another aspect that is to be made a note of is a simple fact: Token Holders to get Voting Rights, rights that give them a benefit through which they can check progress of user controlled crypto exchange platform.

Though it seems to be a far-fetched idea, however, when implemented in a proper manner then it is going to set new records that have not been seen ever before.

Launch of DARICO Ecosystem

As per the reports, DARICO tokens are going to begin its distribution from the 10th of January 2019, these tokens shall be distributed only to the community members though. There are also plans to permit users to transfer Fiat, this shall be another added advantage for users. Reasons being they can utilize this opportunity of cross trading with the assistance of bank accounts and cards.
Cross trading allowed in this system could be from any Fiat currency such as Euros, Dollars or Pounds to that of Cryptos. To ensure that things fall in to place and there should not be any hitch in its working, there is a coming together sorts of thing between Darico and Polymath.

When both of them come together then companies may also launch ‘securities tokens’ on a Blockchain based platform. Finally, what can work for the company is a simple fact: make a transparent business model’ through a monitoring system besides utilizing ‘failproof cold storage’ made solely for protection of funds present on the exchange.

Quick, transparent, reliable, fiat to crypto user owned crypto exchange is DARICO’s Hybrid Exchange!
Digital Currency slowly turns out to be a more viable option than other currencies in place. It was hence a natural step for companies to take forward this kind of currency.

A Japanese Shipping Line to Launch its (Own) Digital Currency

Yes, you have read it correctly, Nippon Yusen K. K. or NYK is one of the largest ‘shipping line’ when it comes to ‘Sales Department’. Some sources have also reported by saying that the digital currency to be introduced by this firm is going to be used only by the crew members.

There is a simple reason for providing a digital currency of its own, reasons being individuals or the crew members can manage money without any troubles in Nippon Yusen K. K. When calculated the revenue from 1 April to 30 September 2018, it stood at 915.6 billion yen. With a staggering $8.1 billion consolidated revenue, NYK Group went a step ahead to introduce its own currency.

This idea is however in its initial stages and therefore nothing much can be revealed about it presently. There is little information that these sources are aware of, some of this information include:

·         1)  New Digital Currency by Japanese Shipping Firm shall be pegged against dollar.
·         2) This would mean that irregularity in value is not going to be a problem.
·         3) Payment in one’s digital currency is a great method to cut down costs and trouble taken during            transferring amount to the maritime workers.

Work in Progress with Banks to Offer Such Services

Nippon Yusen K. K. is working with not only software developers but also is in talks with banks so that launch and use of their new currency would not have adverse effects. Conversion of the new currency while putting in to use ‘shipboard communication system’ are successful at the moment and so when a few more technological inputs are given, it is certain to have positive effects on the overall system.

There is one question though that has taken individuals by surprise as well as put their thoughts on a racing track: it is none other than the only question: ‘will this digital currency be of any help to a company as large as Nippon Yusen K. K.?’

Agreed that many other companies are slowly moving towards the new age trend of digital currencies still it has not been completely accepted by many, some experts feel that if every single thing is worked as per rules then there are chances for such currencies to rise steadily with time.

Blockchain or No Blockchain?

Some of you may be knowing that digital currencies these days have been associated with Blockchain because it is due to these blockchains that cryptocurrencies work. But it is not clear yet as to what technology shall this shipping line put in to use; will it be blockchain based or another technique on similar lines?

One aspect is clear though and it is that customization is key to establish Nippon Yusen K. K.’s Digital Currency in order to serve its purpose.

Time may have come now that people are switching to digital currencies but still, it is a long way to go.
Koi Trading is going to witness some of the best investments in recent times that too from ‘Binance’! Well, it has been officially announced today that Binance Labs would be investing a significant amount in a Crypto Trading Desk and it is none other than Koi Trading.

What is Koi Trading and Why is Binance interested in Investing in It?

‘Koi Trading’ targets itself to become the best ‘compliant global option’; basically, it will be made only for ‘Private Cryptocurrency Liquidity’. In addition to this, Koi Trading has made itself helpful in domains such as Data Science, Compliance Consulting Work and Quantitative Research among other similar stuff!

‘Compliant’ is a word that is close to Koi Trading because it aims to have not only Cryptocurrencies but also Fiat come together in a ‘compliant way’. With its network originating in San Francisco, CA, Koi has its OTC Trading Operation located (read headquartered) there itself.

Team at Koi Trading

CEO and Founder of Koi Trading, Hao Chen went on to state that there is an experienced team from Sales, Trading and similar backgrounds who would be putting their brains together to ensure that the Mission that Koi has set itself to would become a reality. And to assist one in this path is Binance’s Funding!

Another interesting factor here, if you have noticed is that, Binance also comes along to be possessing a ‘broader vision’ thereby turning in to an ally one could not forget. When these two bigwigs cross paths, there are many possibilities that an individual shall be witnessing networks in EU, Asia as well as North America to acknowledge what OTC has to offer.

What is OTC? Why is it Important?

In China, you are going to witness that OTC Trading is known by one and all (mostly). There are also numerous reasons for OTC Trading to go strong in China specifically after Crypto World witnessed crypto exchange bans or other kinds of regulations including complications.

However, like nothing can be perfect but close to perfect only, OTC is also facing some obstacles that if resolved might turn this form in one of the best things ever made. To help you understand this concept in a better manner, you can keep reading this article:
·         OTC Cryptocurrency Trading in China is coordinated in a manner wherein ‘WeChat’, another Chinese application is used for communication.

·         This technique may have an impact that would not let growth of a system as large as OTC Cryptocurrency Trading. Especially when there is growth from all corridors of the Cryptocurrency Markets.

·         It was therefore time for something more robust to take challenges head on because OTC Market has seen itself rising in crypto world outside China so the solution had to be brought in to existence.


AML Program from the house of Koi, Binance Labs Investments, Banking Relations from the United States moved things in a fast track mode so that whatever improvisations are being made, they can be implemented without any glitch or delay and trying to be not affected by any third-party instability. It is now to see how would Binance take this venture forward with passing time.
Watch this space for more news on Cryptocurrencies.
Authorities seemed to have taken a liking of sorts towards unauthorized crypto companies in a way that they started to terminate operations of these unlicensed crypto firms.

To begin with, CONSOB or the Commissione Nazionale per le Societa e la Borsa is a Government Authority in Italy, which keeps track of Italian Securities Market. It was this: Italian Companies and Exchange Commission that was responsible for discontinuation of some crypto businesses in the state of Italy.

Crypto Business of 3 Companies come to a Stand Still

Companies whose operations have been detested are all related to cryptos in one way or the other hence it was time for someone to take a note of deeds carried out by them before taking a final decision.

Companies such as Richmond Investing, Finatex Ltd. and CryptoForce have violated rules laid down by authorities and hence CONSOB decided to correct their wrongs.

11)  Richmond Investing is a trading platform which did not go on to register under ‘financial intermediary’ thereby breaking the law governing the Italian Financial Markets known as ‘Consolidated Law on Finance’.

22)  In a similar incident, German based Financial Regulatory Organization, BaFin took action against the authorities of Finatex Ltd. This company is based in the U. K. apart from having ties in crypto world. As per the statements released by the authority in charge, Finatex Ltd. worked without following any of the rules laid down by the German Financial Legislation.

      Moreover, this is inclusive of the German Banking Act, so, it became a necessity for the officials to set right companies who opposed to the system to be followed.
  3) Third in the list is CryptoForce and its crypto coin (read currency) named ‘Crypton’ had to be sacked according to the new laws put forth by the authorities from the E. U. Ministry.
      For the uninitiated, CryptoForce is a company dealing for the most part in ‘PoS or Proof of Stake Mining’; it is also responsible for promoting its (own) Cryptocurrency that goes by the name: Crypton.
       Advertisement of CryptoForce was carried out by Brizzi on social networking site Facebook whereas on the other hand, it was Eagle Bit Trade responsible for offering ‘trading packages to the Italian Investors’!

How Did CONSOB Deal with These Crypto World Discrepancies?

Back in E. U., things have begun to fall in place with strict rules and regulations being passed around. It was also a requirement of the hour that stood out because authorities from the think tank (called Bruegel) felt careful and an in-depth examination in to the working of crypto related firms is necessary that can never be given second thoughts.

Due to this, all digital currencies came under the radar especially of their aspect on how were these digital currencies got distributed among the investors!

A Plus Point: Good News for Cryptocurrencies in Italy

It comes as a shock for some but the Government of Italy seems to have not prohibited any of the financial institutions from using cryptocurrencies, however, they have asked them to wait a little more before Formal Rules and Regulations are put up!
Bitcoin has dropped to an all-time low for the first time in 13 months and this is what has got every one sit up and take a note of. It indeed came as a surprise because some sections of the society still believed that there would be a rise as there had been a continuous fall of Bitcoins along with a few other cryptocurrencies.

12% drop of Bitcoins

Bitcoin has held the title of being ‘the Largest Cryptocurrency in the World’ since its inception, however, it has over time been stumbling down with the passing days. Though a little while ago, there had been a time when the price of Bitcoin remained steady but it was not long before Bitcoin prices started to decrease.

Why did Bitcoin Prices Go Down?

This has been one of the questions that some of us ask and the reason what we get is that: ‘a civil war lead to the downfall of Bitcoins, the biggest Cryptocurrency ever in the market’!

Rise in Bitcoin Prices: Bitcoin has generally maintained its position at $5,000 and usually it even touched and crossed $6,000 for the most part of 2018. While many of the crypto enthusiasts felt that Bitcoins would never fall below $5,000 ever again. But things did not work in this way as there has been a strong reason for this set back which many believe in.

Split in Bitcoin: Reasons for Bitcoin Price Drop: Many believe that this split in Bitcoins termed to be ‘hard fork’ which we had reported earlier as well, is one the major reasons for Bitcoins to take a dip in its pricing. There has been a case of enthusiasts stating that this division of Bitcoins could certainly affect pricing of Bitcoin in a negative way; this prophesy seems to hold ground here.

Roger Ver versus Craig Wright: Thoughts would Clash

A clash between Roger Ver, (strong supporter and an early investor to the Bitcoin family) apart from taking lead to Bitcoin Cash ABC and Craig Wright (an Australian Computer Scientist) who also claims to be Satoshi Nakamoto, mysterious inventor of Bitcoins led to the downfall of Bitcoins.
Hard fork, as this split was referred is stated to be the reason because many believed that such a division might in all probability ‘destabilize the market’. And this has what has happened today!

Other Reasons for Downfall of Bitcoin Pricing

Some experts think that there would be other reasons as well because only one reason could not lead to such drastic change in Bitcoin pricing.

If you remember, SEC made an announcement that a few operators from Initial Coin Offerings have broken the law and must pay for it.

Regulatory Space does not spare anyone so how could some one run away by breaking rules and not be booked for them? Upon reading this news, crypto investors had to take a decision.
While it is time that would say what would happen next, there is nothing permanent and there have been many incidents to say so due to the fact that a few experts think it is time for a change to come about pretty soon.
Electricity is crucial for ‘Crypto Mining’ and this is one of the major reasons that Chelan County Public Utility District or PUD from Washington has proposed a new plan. As per this plan, there shall be a completely new structure of electricity pricing for all Cryptocurrency Miners.

Rise in Electricity Bill for Cryptocurrency Miners

Cost of increase in electricity demand has to be borne by none other than the miners; so that others are not affected by it.

While Cryptocurrency Miners would not have to deviate a lot because the base structure for electricity pricing remains similar to which these Miners are used to paying. Reasons for such a drastic but a well thought out process is that ‘New Electricity Rate Structure (according to Schedule 36)’ has been done keeping in view ‘variable load that associates with Cryptocurrency Mining’.

Accelerated Costs

Costs have shot up, however, Kimberlee Craig, Public Information Officer noted the reasons for this difference stating: it is important that rate structure captures cost apart from protecting investments for customers. These customers are none other than the ones who have gone on to invest huge amounts in the system.

Upsetting Situation Hangs Over Cryptocurrency Miners

Hearing this latest trend of modifications from the officials at Chelan County Public Utility District, Washington, it was as a matter of fact: disheartening to agree with price change for miners. Though it becomes a necessity to recover money for the investments still it came as a surprise to the Miners of Cryptocurrencies!

What are these Investments? As for the investments that we are speaking here, Kimberlee Craig, Public Information Officer of Chelan (PUD - Public Utility District) clearly said that these investments are some of the fixed expenses of PUD. These also inclusive of ‘accelerated cost of infrastructure investment in the system’. This reference has cleared the air to a great extent. There is however, an air of disagreement from a few sections of the society.

Curbing illegal or unauthorized Cryptocurrency Miners had to be done and thus Chelan PUD enforced ‘Moratorium on Cryptocurrency Mining’. This suspension or ban on Cryptocurrency Mining has been witnessed in many states. Some of these said states have put up a ban on even Cryptocurrency Operations leading to complete ban.

If we look at the city of Ephrata, Pennsylvania, ban on Cryptocurrency Operations had been in place for close to a year now in this place. And same is the case with the Government of Quebec wherein it imposed a ban on sale of electricity to the Cryptocurrency Miners. This ban turned out to be a temporary one imposed somewhere in the month of May, or to be exact in the end of May.

Catch and Found

It was in April where PUD officials found unauthorized Cryptocurrency Miners and post the usual official proceedings, on 7th of November, Chelan PUD announced an absolutely new system of pricing as far as the Cryptocurrency Community is in question.

It is now to see what would this price change lead to with the residents of Chelan and Cryptocurrency Miners (community) in particular!
It seems to be snowing Cryptos and Fortnight V Bucks this Christmas! Yes, you read it correctly, as per statistics and surveys having been conducted recently, people, especially today’s generation slowly has begun to shift towards the new age of Christmas gifting ideas. Agreed that is not a bad part as such but hey have you ever wondered as to why people of an era earlier or at the least, a few generations before never happened to look up to cryptocurrencies as a gifting possibility?


Though people from the 1960’s had enough sources to invest still they preferred other gifts over cryptocurrencies. However, things have changed with the passage of time as now most of the Americans feel that it is in greater interest to gift Fortnite or Cryptocurrency! Both of them are virtual currencies while one of them is from Fortnite, a popular video game.

Fiat versus Cryptocurrencies

Fiat was and still is a great medium of exchange; reasons being it is approved by the Governments directly yet there has been a slight shift with the way there has been an advancement in currencies.
The generation today, does not have an issue when they use cryptos rather than traditional fiat even during ‘the gifting for Christmas’!

Digital Assets

These days, digital assets are given more importance and hence people tend to invest a lot in them. While on the other hand, if one notices a bit more carefully then one can find that Cryptocurrencies have to a large extent become another of the best sources of ‘medium of exchange’.
This gives rise to the idea that cryptos are the next form of digital asset that has crept into the lives of people.

Fortnite’s Story of How to Keep People Glued to Fortnite V Bucks!

It is quite unlikely that a firm shall make use of forcible techniques to keep people locked down to using only its currency. Fortnite has, however, made this switch without creating any sort of errors so far.

As we speak, Fortnite has ensured that its participants utilize only V buck to pay not only for outfits but also for in-game upgrades. Outfits that they will be buying shall be worn by characters in Fortnite. And when refunds are in question then they shall be made only in Fortnite V bucks thereby giving leverage to V bucks over Fiat.

Some of you may have very well heard that slow and steady wins the race; same is the case here!

Final Word

As per the survey recently conducted or even a study that Piper Jaffray conducted, many teenagers have felt that it is high time this switch has been made, strongly supporting a trend wherein teenagers from America have Cryptocurrencies and/or Fortnite V Bucks in their ‘Christmas Wish Lists’ rather than the same old Fiat.

Question that has risen due to this shift indicates: how would organizations react to this situation or would they allow for ‘Christmas gifting ideas change its base’?

Watch out for this space for the latest updates on ‘changing trends in crypto world’.
Hackers are all around us, some may be ethical while others unethical. However, judging every book by its cover may not be possible in today’s digital world still one has a chance to focus a little before moving ahead with any kind of online wallet.

Cryptocurrency Users, Beware

Cryptocurrency users are a worried lot when it comes to security. There are many reasons to say this and one of them is that hackers, for the most part, try to steal personal information of the users thereby rendering them with no funds at all!

A few folks reading this would also be aware of the fact that transactions related to cryptos are ‘anonymous’ hence it is next to impossible to track down culprits.

Anonymity turns out to be the easiest tool for hackers to withdraw information and password of a crypto user in no time. Secondly, many EOS based wallets have suddenly sprung up across Google Play Store, which as you might have known by now are fake.

Fake EOS Wallets to Watch Out For

These fake EOS wallets never leave an opportunity to figure out account information besides passwords that users put in to use. All of this is possible with the help of a ‘malware tool’ utilized by fake software.

Another factor to be taken a note of is that crypto transactions being anonymous have the ability to hide stolen funds forever thereby hackers leave no stone unturned to fund their accounts!
Decentralization apart from anonymity are major setbacks for organizations and authorities in particular to bring about digital currency in to a profitable business.

EOS RIO: Facts to Know

In fact, there is only one EOS based company set in Rio De Janeiro in Brazil, responsible for Block Producers. And there happens to be none other site per se. This Brazilian establishment works towards development of Blockchain based Digital Products. Moreover, it does not have any inkling with EOS wallets found on Google Play Store.

EOS RIO, does not even have any of its Block Producers application(s) on the giant Google Play Store. So, readers, ensure that you never download any random EOS app’ available on Google Play Store. In case you wish to utilize the services of EOS then you would have to go to the official website and not switch to the Play Store.

Remember, one more factor, EOS Block Producers have been given the responsibility of governing EOS Blockchain!

EOS Reports Fake EOS Wallets to Google

Due to an alert team back in EOS Community, Google took action and removed all fake EOS Wallets in no time. Indeed, the team at Google ensures that there is not even a single fake app on its Play Store.
To assist you further in this regard, we would suggest you to keep a check on reviews found for a product. In case you find numerous reviews say around 1,000 or more then most probably you may go ahead and use it else it is better to back off beforehand rather than losing out funds.
As said, precaution is better than cure.

Currencies have over the centuries changed handed and denominations while retaining its true colors that is: used purely for transactions or money given in exchange of goods. Keeping same thoughts in mind, cryptocurrencies had come into the picture but still, somewhere they lacked to create interest among people.

With time and continuous efforts from the brains behind this currency type, things have changed as many folks have tried shifting their focus from using traditional ‘set’ currencies to the cryptos.

A Shift Slowly Picking Up Speed

Cryptocurrencies have finally begun to make themselves useful in the way they were intended to. Here we are talking about one of the many incidents wherein the residents of Moscow employ cryptocurrencies to conduct transactions. It might come as a bit of surprise for some folks as till now there has been a wave of uncertainty as to how would Bitcoin rise with passing time.

Remember readers, Bitcoins are one of the cryptocurrencies and yet there are many more cryptos out there. Bitcoin is one of the cryptos that many people use for transactions apart from ethereum, ripple, litecoin etc.

Report on What Cryptocurrency Usage Survey Has to Say

A survey had been recently conducted according to which close to 5% residents of Moscow preferred non-cash methods of payments inclusive of the cryptocurrencies! To be precise, about 1,000 people carried out transactions in such non-cash modes of payment. And to ascertain this survey further, regarding age group of people using these new modes of transactions, the surveyors got to know on questioning that there was no age bracket in particular and instead, all of them belonged to different age groups.

It does make sense here: cryptocurrencies were never meant to be put into service by only one age group but rather it has to be utilized by one and all!

Forms of Payment Used

On the other hand, there are still about 96% of residents who opt for bank cards while 16% of them used e-money. This survey also threw light on other payment services that people used namely: internet banking is utilized by about 32% of residents whereas some of them constituting about 40% of the population had switched to numerous mobile bank applications.
Hence, as you notice, people switch from one to another application (currency) in some time only. Therefore, it was about time for Cryptocurrency to make a mark for itself clearing the air that yes, it was time ripe for it to make a real entry in the real world out there.

Are People Ready to use Cryptocurrencies?

Curiosity arises whenever this question is asked - are people actually ready to use cryptocurrencies? Well, if looked at the above results from a survey conducted on residents of Moscow then we can very well say, about 5% of residents shall definitely give a try to Cryptocurrency as yet another ground-breaking payment method!

Revolution and change have been the most power packed words we adore and fear at the same time. With time, change becomes inevitable; thus, industrialization was a turning point of a whole new era for many of us. But have we ever wondered as to where would this stop? Or is there any way to throw together traditional and new techniques?

Of course, there are many ways to do this but everything boils down to one thing which is: is it worth the trouble?

The Emergence of Bitcoins and Blockchain

Post industrialization, one aspect that caught imagination of folks was this: Blockchain built to establish Bitcoins. Interesting though it may sound but somewhere down the line things got a bit tricky leaving a trail of thoughts.

Here, we speak about the initial idea of building a Blockchain, meant solely for Bitcoins. Time, however, took it to different places and now we find Blockchain being used in departments one could never think of. This leaves us with a question… has Blockchain worked for the best or not?

Money vs Cryptocurrency

Money, in simple definition, is a tool through which goods are exchanged, it is also recognized by the Governments across the globe. On the other hand, Cryptocurrency is based on Blockchain and still has not been recognized by any Country’s Government. Here comes the major difference!

Any reasons?

Reasons are abundant for not providing Cryptocurrency the platform it expected, one of them being Cryptocurrency (it may be Bitcoin or Ethereum or any other crypto) is decentralized to a great extent. This causes a clash thereby giving rise to good vs evil (in some cases). If you look around then you understand that most of the time, wrong doers try to find an escape route to finance their deeds.

Here it is, that most of them opt for Cryptocurrency as they do not leave a trail. Transactions turn easier than expected.

It was never this straightforward before though.

With Governments not identifying cryptos as a legal currency, it was bound to take a step back and hence one might very well observe that there has been quite a downfall of working of cryptocurrencies; some of them clicking whilst others struggling to stay at top of the game. From the very beginning, somewhere in 2017, there was a surge of investment from different corners of society, leading to a boom in cryptos; one, which had not been seen before.

Like a bubble bursts, Blockchain also burst only to reveal its true self wherein people could use it in numerous fashions * (in fields, making their work trouble free).

Never Ending Art Form

Aha! You may say this, Blockchain has led a revolution of its kind turning tables for what ‘money’ stood for. It did make banks in Japan to utilize it for making ‘Money Tap’, a domestic payment app. This got approved only after financial regulations were followed.

And so there might never be a dearth of Blockchain’s use, it is best if we use a wait and watch policy, for now, to decide future of Blockchain with its link to the biggest turnaround of the century ‘the Cryptocurrencies’.
Top 5 Ways To Get Litecoin, Top List, Cryptocurrency

Litecoin is a P2P decentralized cryptocurrency and an open-source software project released on October 7, 2011 by Charlie Lee. It was a fork of Bitcoin Core client hence an identical spinoff of Bitcoin with only a few differences, like the block generation time which is 2.5 minutes for Litecoin while for Bitcoin it is 10 minutes. It also has a different hashing algorithm than Bitcoin which is SHA-256 for Bitcoin and Scrypt for Litecoin.

Litecoin is one of the oldest and most famous cryptocurrencies of all time, and when something is famous, everyone loves to have them. So, we are going to discuss 5 ways of getting Litecoin in this article.

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Top 5 Ways To Get Litecoin, Top List, Cryptocurrency

1. Get Litecoin through mining

Mining is a process in which an individual uses computational power to mine a block that contains transactions. The transactions inside the block are verified and added to the blockchain once a block is mined, and the one doing it successfully before someone else gets rewarded for that. It becomes more difficult to mine a block with the increment in the number of miners on the network since they all will compete to mine a single block and only one out of them will get to mine it.

If we talk about mining Litecoin, it is not really as difficult to mine it as Bitcoin since Bitcoin has a larger number of miners, but it is not easy as well because Litecoin has got some competition too. You are most likely to get a portion of the rewards if you use a strong equipment or you might even mine a complete block in Litecoin mining.

You can mine Litecoin with: GPU, Mining equipment, or sometimes maybe even with a CPU but the earnings might not be enough for the electricity you will need to pay for if you mine with a CPU.
Below is a complete tutorial on how to mine Litecoin:

How to Mine Litecoin - A Guide on Litecoin Mining and Other Altcoins


Top 5 Ways To Get Litecoin, Top List, Cryptocurrency

2. Earn Litecoin with Trading

Trading is the process of buying and selling coins in order to earn profits out of the sales. A user buys a currency in a lower price and sells it back when the price is higher and get profit out of it. Trading requires skills and market experience, and it might be risky for someone who doesn't know anything about it. Though users earn thousands of dollars out of it, some of them lose the equivalent in a single day as well. A user should only invest what he can afford to lose in trading if he doesn't have the required skills and the experience to understand the markets movements.

Cryptocurrencies are mostly very much volatile by nature, though Litecoin seems to be a bit more stable than the others. Someone can easily earn some bucks out of it if they read the market for a few days, or a few months. But, as I said earlier, it has its risks, so someone should better start with a smaller capital to test themselves before they get in with all of it and lose it at once.

Below are some links of exchanges that allow trading Litecoin with different currency pairs:

Top 5 Ways To Get Litecoin, Top List, Cryptocurrency

3. Earn Litecoin through PTC sites

PTC (Paid To Click) sites are websites where you are paid for clicking and watching advertisements of users or companies that have posted them on the site. Such sites mostly offer membership tiers which allows the users to earn more if they buy one of the tiers offered by them. PTC sites have been around for many years now since advertisers use such platforms to promote their projects and products and beginners use them to start their online earning journeys. Though they don't pay much, but they are a good start for beginners since they are not experienced enough to earn money through other methods out there.

You can find a bunch of PTC sites if you search in Google. I'm giving you a site where you get paid for watching ads and you can cash out your earnings in your Litecoin wallet as LTC.
Below is the site:

Top 5 Ways To Get Litecoin, Top List, Cryptocurrency

4. Earn Litecoin through Faucets

Faucets are websites that pay very small rewards to users for completing minor tasks like filling captchas or other similar activities. Every Faucet has its own time limit which lets the user claim the reward again once it runs out. Faucets basically are ways for their owners to earn revenue through the endorsements they put on their website while the claimers are rewarded for visiting the sites. Just like PTC sites, Faucets as well pay very small amounts to its users since they don't earn much themselves, but they are also a good experience for beginners starting their journey in cryptocurrencies.
You can find a bunch of Litecoin Faucets on Google with a simple search. I'm listing a few of them for you guys down below:

Top 5 Ways To Get Litecoin, Top List, Cryptocurrency

5. Earn Litecoin by selling your Services

Freelancing had always been a very popular way of earning money through internet. The process is pretty simple where an employer hire someone to do his work and the person who meets his skill sets criteria will be his employee and get paid once he completes the task. If someone has some skills which he can bring to practice then he is most likely to get hired by someone on internet to do a task and hence he earns money by sitting at home. Freelance industry now a days is extremely large and the competition between Freelancers is so very high. So only a person who acquires the skills required by the marketplace will get a place in it.

Earning Litecoin through freelancing is not a tough task if you have what it takes. People earn Bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies or even currencies by offering their services to the community. If you have some skills to show, you can always demand to get paid in Litecoin in return for your work that you have done. Though there are many Freelance platforms out there, I personally recommend Bitcointalk Forum since it has a very large audience of Crypto Enthusiasts and a person will the right skills is most likely to get a job in there.

Below is the link to the Bitcointalk Forum:

List Of Bitcoin Forks, Cryptocurrency, Top List

A fork basically means an upgrade/update to an existing software/program/code in order to add some changes in it. Such changes are also done to the blockchains of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. The developers decide to fork the existing code and bring some changes to it. The miners are asked for the changes and upon their agreement, they start making the changes. Depending on the changes, a fork can be of two types:

1) Hard Fork
2) Soft Fork

1. Hard Fork

A Hard Fork is a big change in the rules of a network which doesn't share its consensus with the entire network and thus making a completely new network/chain and leaves it to the community to decide whether to accept the new rules and use the new network/chain or stick with the old rules and keep using the old network/chain. The new set of rules makes an entirely different blockchain which does not accept nor validates any transactions from the old blockchain. Anyone willing to use the new rules or changes will have switch from old to new.
Hard forks on Bitcoin resulted in creating new cryptocurrencies with their own running networks and nodes. These are: Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Gold.

2. Soft Fork

A Soft Fork is a change that shares the same consensus and doesn't require a new network or blockchain of its own but it gets added to the current blockchain when the majority of the miners accept and use it. Such a change can make changes to transaction speeds, lessen the fees charged on a transaction or any other changes like that. The community doesn't require to switch to any other network and can have the changes taking effects with only some minor software or wallet changes.
Soft forks on Bitcoin resulted in transaction speeds and reducing the fees on transactions. Noticeable soft forks on Bitcoin were: Segwit (Segregated Witness) and Lightning Network.

There have been many forks on Bitcoin so far, both Hard forks and Soft forks. All of them have had some changes of their own. Below is a complete list of all Bitcoin Hard Forks, Soft Forks and spinoffs that have either either made a change in the current network environment or taken a part of it and made their own changes with it and presented it as a completely different environment for the community.