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Bounty Details
Enkronos is  the first fully trusted Blockchain credit system for ethic data driven campaigns. “Enkronos Apps” are a unique data driven multi-application platform for advertising, marketing, AI and big data solutions.
In the telegram bounty, Hunters receive ENK tokens for joining the Enkronos telegram group.
Enkronos Twitter Account: @enkronos

1 ENK = $0.53 at ICO price.

*Retweets must be quoted retweets with hashtage #enkronos, and include a comment about Enkronos.
  • 250-749 followers:                    5 ENK tokens retweet + like 
  • 750-1499 followers:               10 ENK tokens  retweet + like 
  • 1500-9999 followers:            20 ENK tokens  retweet + like 
  • 10,000+ followers:                50 ENK tokens retweet + like 
  • Accounts with fake followers will be disqualified.
  • Maximum 20 tweets/retweets per week.
  • Tweets MUST include #enkronos in order to be tracked.
  • Retweets must be quoted retweets, and include a comment about the project.
  • Bounty Ending: Nov 20, 2018 - Jan 06, 2019
#enkronos                                    Join Bounty Here



Bounty Budget: 1,000,000 OROX

Token Symbol: OROX

Start Date13/11/2018


Join Bounty Here

Project Related Links and Details:

Website  *    Whitepaper  *  Twitter  *  Facebook  *  Telegram 

Max Reward  |  ERC-20
500 iBET
~ $ 5

BetOnYourself Telegram Join Bounty
Oct 15, 2018 - Feb 15, 2019
Coin Total:3000000 iBET
Submissions Per Hunter:1
Bounty Details
BetOnYourself is an online platform built on the Ethereum blockchain that allows  gamers to play video games for money by betting on themselves to win!  

In the BetOnYourself Telegram Join Bounty, Hunters receive iBET tokens for joining the BetOnYourself Telegram group.
BetOnYourself Telegram Group = https://t.me/BetOnYourselfChat


1 iBET = $0.01 at ICO price


  • Hunters MUST remain in the Telegram group until after the bounty distribution.
  • Hunters MUST participate in meaningful discussions in the group.
  • Bots/fake accounts will disqualify you from all Universal Protocol bounties.

Posted by POINS 18 days ago
12 days left123/1000
Max Reward  |  ERC-20
10 PIN
~ $ 2.4

POINS Telegram Campaign
Oct 05, 2018 - Nov 05, 2018
Coin Total:100000 PIN
Submissions Per Hunter:1
Bounty Details
POINS Platform is based on blockchain technology that uses Scrypt Algorithm with high transaction speeds.
Cryptocurrency Integrated System (POINS) “Three Platforms One Coin”. A Complete Trading Platform (Poinsdex.com), Trusted Payment Platform (Poinspay.com), and an Easy Startup Incubator Platform (Poinsku.com
Official POINS Telegram group: @poinscommunity


 1 PIN = 0.001 ETH (about $0.23 at time of this post)  
You will receive 10 PIN for participating in this bounty. Be sure to follow the rules, as failure to comply will result in no bounty being issued to you.

Max Reward  |  ERC-20
~ $ 4.5

Plaza Telegram Bounty
Oct 09, 2018 - Nov 10, 2018
Coin Total:1000000 PLAZA
Submissions Per Hunter:1
Bounty Details
Plaza's MerchantChain™ fuels Total bCommerce™ — next-gen commerce on the blockchain — with transaction speeds that eclipse current distributed ledger technologies and a stable coin built for daily transactions. Any seller can build decentralized applications on top of the merchant chain. Some have called it the Shopify or Magento of the distributed ledger era — we call it Total bCommerce!
This is Plaza's Telegram Bounty to support our TGE. Hunters have rewarded PLAZA tokens for joining the Plaza Telegram group until at least the tokens are distributed after the TGE has finished.


1 PLAZA = 0.0002 ETH (about $0.045 at time of this post)
You will receive 100 PLAZA for participating in this bounty. Be sure to follow the rules, as failure to comply will result in no bounty being issued to you.

Max Reward  |  ETH
500 BAL
~ $ 5

Join the Balehu Telegram Channel
Oct 11, 2018 - Dec 31, 2018
Coin Total:1250000 BAL
Submissions Per Hunter:1
Bounty Details
Join the official telegram channel and earn BAL coin in return.

                                                     Join Bounty Here

Sylo Join Telegram Channel Bounty
Oct 11, 2018 - Nov 08, 2018
Coin Total:690000 SYLO
Submissions Per Hunter:1
Bounty Details
Sylo is a decentralised communication network, protocol and ecosystem powered by the SYLO token. Sylo is also an application that brings together crypto-payments, user  communication, and a marketplace of DApps which all utilise Sylo for  communication and storage. 
In the Sylo Telegram Announcement Join Bounty, hunters are rewarded SYLO tokens for joining in the Sylo Telegram Announcement channel.
Sylo Telegram Announcement Channel =https://t.me/sylo_announcements


 SYLO = $0.0087 at TGE price


  • No bots/fake accounts (we check)
  • Must stay in group until rewards are distributed.

Disclaimer: Hunters must complete KYC registration and go through KYC process with Sylo to receive tokens.
To do so: https://tgeapp.com/join/referral/Vrx5Kt5N  Restricted Countries: US, China, Korea, Singapore and New Zealand.  
Tokens will be distributed December 2018
Posted by Sylo Announcement 12 days ago
15 days left198/2000
Max Reward  |  ERC-20
345 SYLO

winkPark Telegram Bounty
Oct 09, 2018 - Dec 31, 2018
Coin Total:10200000 TALAR
Submissions Per Hunter:30
Bounty Details
winkPark is and innovative map-based mobile app which uses gamification elements and relies on cooperation between users. In the app, registered drivers mark available parking spaces in streets or car parks. Before they depart, they add their position to inform the community that this parking space is soon going to be made available.
winkPark is powered by TalaR token. 
Hunters get reward of TalaR tokens for joining and participating the winkPark Telegram Official Chat. You can also ask some unique questions, positive comment or even change your avatar for our winkPark logo.
winkPark Telegram Official Chat: https://t.me/winkParkOfficialChat


1 ETH = 4400 TalaRs at ICO price
1 TalaR = $0.05
  • joining Telegram group: 100 TalaRs tokens (~$5)
  • positive comment, mentioning winkPark in other groups: 30-157 TalaRs tokens (~$1.50-7.50)
  • unique question: 30-157 TalaRs tokens (~$1.50-7.50)
  • changing your avatar for winkPark logo: 180 TalaRs tokens (~$9)


1. No bots/fake accounts (we check).
2. Post a message “hi”, “hello” or welcome message.
3. Must stay in a group.

ONAM Join Telegram Group Bounty
Oct 22, 2018 - Dec 01, 2018
Coin Total:569080 ONAM
Submissions Per Hunter:1

ONAM Exchange

Bounty Details
Introducing ONAM Exchange to the ever-changing world of crypto. ONAM Exchange is ushering in a new era of standardization in digital asset trading by placing an emphasis on adhering to compliance, security, and usability.
In the ONAM Telegram Join Bounty, hunters are rewarded ONAM tokens for joining and participating in the ONAM Telegram Group Hunters must post at least one message a week in the group.
ONAM Telegram Group = https://t.me/onamofficial

Attention: If you participated in our previous Telegram bounty you may not participate in this one. Hunters will be disqualified from retire ONAM campaign for this.


1 ONAM = $0.08 at ICO price

  • Join ONAM Telegram Group 
  • Then click "participate" below
  • Reward = 188 ONAM tokens (~$15.00)


  • No Bots or fake accounts (We will verify) 
  • Post a message about ONAM upon joining.
  • Must stay in group until rewards are distributed.

Submission Instructions