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Blockchain has inched itself closer to most of the departments it can. Even recently we reported of how many official departments are taking advantage of the latest technology through which records can be maintained in an easy manner.

Interestingly, blockchain has not refrained its use to the West because even one of the South Indian Governments has taken forward blockchain thereby bringing itself up to date with the techniques used. Usually, in Andhra Pradesh Government, they used blockchain technique to maintain Land Records besides Vehicle Titles while in other places research is still being conducted regarding usage of blockchain.

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AP government considering blockchain

How can Facebook be Left Behind in Use of Blockchain?

Of course, Facebook comes across as those platforms wherein they end up utilising latest technologies. Hence, it was about time for this giant to step in to the world of blockchain! It was first reported by some sources in October that Facebook plans to bring in both Blockchain and Cryptocurrency in its platform.

There was however, nothing clear about the way it would take this forward. What had started as a rumour appears to be turning true with recent events. Well, for your information, there have been job listings in LinkedIn related to Software Engineer but in Blockchain domain!

If reports are anything to go by then indeed there is something cooking in the house of Facebook which remains unclear at the moment. Barring a few exceptions, it may be noted that people are being recruited at the Social Media Giant for Software Engineer’s Post, however, their roles have not been defined clearly or sources may go on record and say that their roles or for that matter purpose of bringing them to Facebook has been hidden.

Use of Stellar Network in Facebook Blockchain Collaboration

Though unclear about Facebook’s intention of blockchain usage in its platform still some sources hinted at Stellar Network. This network is in its initial stages which is to be developed in near future.
When recollecting past reports, Facebook considered Blockchain Technique way back in the year of 2016.

Since then there were experiments for turning Facebook in to a more secured platform. To add to the speculations, Mark Zuckerberg, Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Facebook revealed of his plan to ‘fix Facebook’ somewhere in January of 2018.
Plans included ‘encryption’ for the most part!

What is Facebook Planning to do with Blockchain?

In crypto world, blockchain mostly deals with payments but at Facebook, this latest technology shall hold more ground to ensure that it can be dealt in a professional manner. For example, ‘providing foundation’, by doing so there would not be a set limitation to the number of opportunities that lay ahead.

No word from the offices of Facebook

There has not been any official word so far from the house of Facebook but speculations are rife regarding integration of blockchain with social media platform like FB.

Let us know if you would look forward to a FB Blockchain collaboration and what shall be its effects in comments below.

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A Collaboration of Tech Mahindra and Government of Andhra Pradesh to Look Forward to!

In the West, Blockchain has to a great extent crept itself in to numerous fields yet there are many instances where it did not go up to its expectation. An individual shall be surprised to know that research is still going on as to how can one make use of Blockchain and its related stuff for the betterment of the society or ease of doing business.

However, it looks like Government of Andhra Pradesh is going to beat the likes of West to emerge a winner when the question is about the usage of ‘Blockchain Technology’ in real time.

As we write this article, Andhra Pradesh Government from South India has collaborated with a top Information Technology company, Tech Mahindra to check out various avenues where Blockchain Technology can be put to use. In fact, the South Indian Government has already initiated the process of Blockchain for maintaining ‘land records’ thereby having an edge over others (now let that be the West or the rest of the Indian States!)

That is not all, because Andhra Pradesh also became the first state who has adopted Blockchain for the administration operations such as making note of Vehicle Titles.

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Andhra Pradesh Innovation Society Leads the Way

The Andhra Pradesh Innovation Society or APIS has showed keen interest in the working conditions of Blockchain and hence, agreed to integrate with Eleven01 Team from Tech Mahindra! Both the groups together will be working to bring positive changes in fields that can include Blockchain.

J. A. Chowdary, IT Advisor and Special Chief Secretary to the Chief Minister added:

“We truly appreciate what Eleven01 Team is trying to do. We would be happy to associate with them to bring advanced development and innovations with regards to the Blockchain realm in the state.”

While Ramachandran Iyer, Chief Product Officer of Eleven01 added that it would be another feather in the cap to have Blockchain technology put in to right use.

Though some of us feel that Blockchain is still in its nascent stages but till the moment development takes place in reality, there can never be any conclusion to its usage. Hence, it was necessary for an institution to come up with right concepts or partner it with some of the best minds in the field.
One of the important aspects here is that the South Indian Government has come forward to ensure all the help it could provide to the project between the Innovative Society and Eleven01 from Tech Mahindra!

Cryptocurrency Price Fluctuations

Having witnessed recent Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork and its repercussions, many crypto enthusiasts were in flux to invest in Cryptocurrency. But with G20 Countries having okayed for an in-depth work on Cryptocurrency payments only after complete research; it seems to have a positive effect on the overall picture.

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It is now to see how would both teams move forward in order to make their aim of using Blockchain technology ethically.