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Saturday, 7 July 2018

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Aencoin ico review-What is unique about Aenco..




Aenco is a blockchain based worldwide budgetary arrangements stage, consolidating many years of involvement in customary money related administrations and prime business, with system of Healthcare innovation ("HealthTech") advancement accomplices and new-age applications, on the whole created under the umbrella "Aenco Global HealthTech Financial Solutions stage".

What is unique about Aenco? 

  • Aenco is a "one stop shop" for the conveyance of bleeding edge institutional financing, prime business and center brilliant capital answers for the HealthTech business, and in addition an examination and coordinated effort center point for social insurance organizations and ventures engaged with the field of blockchain advancement. 
  • Aenco will join its answers stage and center money related biological system with the more extensive social insurance innovation network, through the AEN token, as the key environment building square and augmentations over ALL its administration and network conveyances. 
  • The Aenco stage engages rising and inventive medicinal services organizations with advanced financing abilities, so they can center around creating high potential and impactful innovations that can change our reality and everyday lives. 
  • Aenco is upheld by the gathering's arranged directed framework (counting the foundation of a business bank inside the gathering) and nearness in significant locales including Europe, Hong Kong, and the United States, through which Aenco will successfully convey its answers, creating an expanding and quickly advancing environment. 


Aenco is to consolidate three things: money related blockchain innovations, keen capital arrangements and human services innovation under one umbrella. We trust that Aenco can be the One-Stop-Shop for making a regularly developing biological community with all our therapeutic networks and supporters of our Aenco framework. By joining fintech arrangements and research joint effort center points, we can make an amazingly ground-breaking stage on the whole to present a portion of these exceptionally difficult medicinal services innovation division businesses that can truly change human lives and our everyday qualities.

Token And ICO Details:

The AEN Token is an Ethereum based token under the ERC223 standard. The introduce of the computerized token AEN is to be the "restrictive enrollment" and utility based token intended to fuel the exercises of the Aenco environment, applications, and its HealthTech organize. It will be the cash in which network members use to do progressing exchanges occurring on the stage and on new ventures which are advanced and recorded there. AENwill go about as motivating forces from the system itself, driving continuous prizes to our locale and furthermore enabling more extensive holders and clients to get to our Aencosolutions stage, sharing of medicinal utility with its HealthTech accomplices, and by and large being a piece of the Aenco biological community and all its future exchanges upheld.

Token Sale:


The offering of AEN Tokens is being led more than one private session and two open sessions with fluctuating extra plans as takes after. All tokens (Private, Pre-ICO or ICO) will be distributed to the token holder wallet upon the later of (I) the official token allotment date at finish of ICO, and (ii) expiry date of the secure up period regard of the pertinent part. Points of interest of the assignment dates will be discharged through Aenco site at and all our locale channels. And if you are thinking to invest in crypto currency than AenCoin is one of the finest choices.

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Bountyhive Username: misbahsamar
Eth adress: 0xB148eeF6fc7c82Ff27a2a945acca38aEFD930820

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