winkPark Telegram Bounty

winkPark Telegram Bounty
Oct 09, 2018 - Dec 31, 2018
Coin Total:10200000 TALAR
Submissions Per Hunter:30
Bounty Details
winkPark is and innovative map-based mobile app which uses gamification elements and relies on cooperation between users. In the app, registered drivers mark available parking spaces in streets or car parks. Before they depart, they add their position to inform the community that this parking space is soon going to be made available.
winkPark is powered by TalaR token. 
Hunters get reward of TalaR tokens for joining and participating the winkPark Telegram Official Chat. You can also ask some unique questions, positive comment or even change your avatar for our winkPark logo.
winkPark Telegram Official Chat: https://t.me/winkParkOfficialChat


1 ETH = 4400 TalaRs at ICO price
1 TalaR = $0.05
  • joining Telegram group: 100 TalaRs tokens (~$5)
  • positive comment, mentioning winkPark in other groups: 30-157 TalaRs tokens (~$1.50-7.50)
  • unique question: 30-157 TalaRs tokens (~$1.50-7.50)
  • changing your avatar for winkPark logo: 180 TalaRs tokens (~$9)


1. No bots/fake accounts (we check).
2. Post a message “hi”, “hello” or welcome message.
3. Must stay in a group.

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