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Project Name: Spiking

Tagline/Slogan: Get The Power of 1,000 Whales in Your Wallet

Token Name: Spiking Token

Token Ticker: SPIKE

ICO Starts: 2018-05-09

ICO Ends: 2018-12-31

Total Duration: 172 Days

Blockchain/Platform: Ethereum

Key Persons

Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder | Serial Entrepreneur:
Clemen Chiang

Chief Operating Officer & Co-Founder | Previous CozyCot CEO:
Nic Yee

Chief Technology Officer | Previous Topface Team Lead:
Alexey Maslov

Chief Blockchain Architect | GIFTO Chief Crypto Architect, one of the fastest selling ICOs in Asia:
William H. Nguyen

Chief Strategist | Founder of Several Blockchain Projects | Fund Partner:
Jeremy Khoo

Chief Market Analyst | Previous Associate at Societe Generale Corporate and Investment Banking:
Michael Thirapounho

Chief Information Risk Officer | Previous Goldman Sachs VP Technology Risk:
Adrien Diarra

Team Members

Head of Business Development | Founder of Whole9Yards:
Widelia Yi Liu
Chief Business Officer | Previous Head of Branch at Societe Generale Retail and Premium Banking in St. Petersburg:
Andrey Travinin

Lead Engineer | First Engineer In Founding Team:
Reuben Choo

Lead Design & Product | Previous Carmart.ru Product Lead:
Paul Alexandrov

Lead Mobile | Previous Topface Mobile Lead:
Paul Malyshev

Lead Business Intelligence | Previous Propellor Ads Data Analyst:
Valeria Karavaeva

Lead Developer | Proven Expertise in Frontend:
Anatasia Peryakina

Blockchain Developer | Previous Propellor Ads Senior Backend Developer:
Maxim Krasilnikov


Charles Thach

Minh Thach

James Sowers

Yingyu Wang

Peter Sin

Caleb Yap

Eric Alexandre

Eugene Loza

Kenneth Tan

Jack Ser

Andy Tian

Yun Ouyang

Hitters Xu

Zachary Reece

Rune Evensen

Andrew Chen

Julian Chesser

Douglas Foo

Lim Ah Hock

Loo Cheng Guan

Ong Chu Poh

James Tan

Ronnie Tan

Lisa Theng

Toh Soon Huat

Kazumasa Tomita

Bryan Yee

Carl Wang

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