Plaza Telegram Bounty

Max Reward  |  ERC-20
~ $ 4.5

Plaza Telegram Bounty
Oct 09, 2018 - Nov 10, 2018
Coin Total:1000000 PLAZA
Submissions Per Hunter:1
Bounty Details
Plaza's MerchantChain™ fuels Total bCommerce™ — next-gen commerce on the blockchain — with transaction speeds that eclipse current distributed ledger technologies and a stable coin built for daily transactions. Any seller can build decentralized applications on top of the merchant chain. Some have called it the Shopify or Magento of the distributed ledger era — we call it Total bCommerce!
This is Plaza's Telegram Bounty to support our TGE. Hunters have rewarded PLAZA tokens for joining the Plaza Telegram group until at least the tokens are distributed after the TGE has finished.


1 PLAZA = 0.0002 ETH (about $0.045 at time of this post)
You will receive 100 PLAZA for participating in this bounty. Be sure to follow the rules, as failure to comply will result in no bounty being issued to you.

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