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BitcoinBing is a uniquely-constructed decentralized cryptocurrency exchange that provides features to its users that no other cryptocurrency marketplace has ever provided. Its key features, like Customizable interface, Peer-to-Peer trading concept and Powerful trading engine which can handle up to 1,000,000 order per second, makes it totally different from its competitors around the trading ecosystem.

The platform allows its ICO investors to trade on the engine without paying any transaction fees which means that if you are an investor of BitcoinBing's ICO, you are free from transaction fees on the platform, and also, you would receive additional bonuses over time if you are one of the holders of Bing token.

The platform is for users coming from any race or any part of the world no matter where they are from or what their language is. BitcoinBing is a multilingual platform which means that unlike other exchange platforms, it is not limited to only one or a few countries, but it will be available for users from any corner of the world.


Cryptocurrency trading platforms mostly don't allow their users to customize their interface, nor they exempt them from paying transaction fees which are mostly the concern of traders if they are high. And most of all, none of the trading platforms until now have allowed peer-to-peer trading between the users.

BitcoinBing's goals are to provide a secure, reliable and strong trading platform with all these unique features to crypto traders to increase the usability of the crypto trading and gain mass adoption through the uniqueness the platform provides. 

Some Key Features of BitcoinBing

Multiple Currency Pairs

The platform allows multiple currency pairs to be traded by the users which removes the tension of a trader to move to another platform if they are willing to trade one of their coins against a currency that is not available on the same platform.

A Full Stack Trade Desk

The Desk will let the users calculate the risks before trading anything seeing the parameters of the transactions. It will also show the total assets they have and allow them to calculate their profits. The Desk will also have a trade calculator that will give the results of trades receiving the parameters from the users.

Desktop & Mobile Friendly

The UI is designed to be used on both Desktop and Mobile devices. Since the usability of trading platforms on mobile in increasing, it is very important to give them the same features and looks the users on the desktop get. The optimization of the platform is done in a way that it can be used on different operating systems on both Desktops and Mobiles.


BitcoinBing has made its interface customizable for its users to give a different user experience for the traders on the platform. The traders can personalize the look by their own preferences while having all the features as they are. The customization can be done on any operating system the platform is available on.

Token Information

Symbol: Bing
Price: 1 Bing = $0.50
Soft cap: $4,000,000
Hard cap: $40,000,000
Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 Bing
For Sale: 150,000,000 Bing

Funds Allocation

Marketing: 50%

Administration: 20%

Development: 10%

Legal & Compliance: 10%

Partnership & Bonus: 10%

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Raihan Shakeel

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