Max Reward  |  ERC-20
500 iBET
~ $ 5

BetOnYourself Telegram Join Bounty
Oct 15, 2018 - Feb 15, 2019
Coin Total:3000000 iBET
Submissions Per Hunter:1
Bounty Details
BetOnYourself is an online platform built on the Ethereum blockchain that allows  gamers to play video games for money by betting on themselves to win!  

In the BetOnYourself Telegram Join Bounty, Hunters receive iBET tokens for joining the BetOnYourself Telegram group.
BetOnYourself Telegram Group =


1 iBET = $0.01 at ICO price


  • Hunters MUST remain in the Telegram group until after the bounty distribution.
  • Hunters MUST participate in meaningful discussions in the group.
  • Bots/fake accounts will disqualify you from all Universal Protocol bounties.

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