Sunday, 9 September 2018

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Contractium Ico Review- Introduction Of Contractium.....

Contractium is a software which relies on Ethereum smart contract.
This enables its users to create smart contracts using their mobiles, desktops etc.
With the introduction of Contractium, the users can easily find an alternative to the usual print contracts
which need the signatures of all the parties involved in the contract. Contractium provides a
payment gateway in the countries which deal in cryptocurrency, and in case of countries
which do not accept cryptocurrency, it has a system of online rewards. The company feels
like as the world around our ears is innovating day by day, we all need to innovate, and
question the working efficiency of every little thing, to make sure that our work is being
done in an optimal way. Contractium plans on becoming the leader in the Ethereum network.
To approach businesses worldwide, Contractium has developed a website. This article is about
the review of the website.
Design review:
The design of the website is quite attractive, and unique.
The color scheme blue and white. It starts with a display of the company’s mission,
and any additional information on top (such as ongoing sales), right along the options such
as buying, “Log in”, and “Register”.  Scroll down, and you will find the reviews of the
services offered by Contractium. This is a brilliant tactic to make the users aware
of how well the company performs. Further below is the explanation of the company,
how it works, what it does, and so on. The design as a whole is quite innovative, and
unique. This is enough to set a good first impression on anyone visiting the website.


Operations review
The website works perfectly well. The transition from one page to another,
is also quite smooth. The on-page functions work smoothly as well. The animations,
and pop-up messages are quite effective as well.
The content of the website is product-based, and effectively delivers the message
of the company, and what it offers. The tone of writing, however, at certain point
lacks market orientation. The areas where the customers are targeted are hard to
find. Other than that, the content, as well as the subtext throughout the pages is
excellent. The unique way of how the graphs, and the pop-up messages are displayed
is quite attractive, as very few websites go out of their way to provide such an interactive
experience for its users.
The website is developed is a brilliant way. It lacks some small marketing factors,
but they are not as significant as the additional positive aspects of the website.
The uniqueness of the website is the most prominent factor. The website also effectively
conveys to the visitors, how important the work of Contractium is, and also how well it
performs it by providing on-screen evidences in forms of reviews by some famous sources.
The website, however, takes a lot of space. This might be de-motivating for some users
who are impatient. Its efficiency can be increased if it conveys the same amount of
information in a lesser space.

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