Tuesday, 10 July 2018

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Multiven Ico Review-Smart Technology.....


The blockchain technology is the most emerging technology of the current century. Based on the principles of artificial intelligence and smart coding algorithms, blockchain technology has solved many issues. Among many different uses of the technology, the most used advantage of the blockchain is the solution of ever growing financial issues. The blockchain technology has provided solutions for financial issues by providing a decentralized network. Cryptocurrencies that were introduced nearly a decade ago work on the blockchain technology. As a result of growing trend in the technology and adaptation of cryptocurrencies as the alternate payment method, numerous different companies have adopted the system.

Multiven is a website that connects users with the digital world. The website is an open market place like ebay and amazon where different users and traders can meet and trade digitally. However, the difference between multiven and traditional market places is that multiven is digital and uses blockchain technology. Hence, by providing an autonomous, decentralized and peer to peer network, multiven is proving to be a smart digital market place.

Smart Technology:

Founded in 2014, multiven initially provided blockchain solutions to trade digital currencies like cryptocurrecny and fiatcurrency. It has expanded its business structure and currently provides a digitalized market place that integrates blockchain technology to provide financial solutions for its users. Multiven is currently one of the most innovative and unique market place. With market value of over $3 trillion, multiven is one of the few websites that provide blockchain based IT solutions. After registering with the website, the users can buy and sell new and sued smart phones, computers, and other IT products. Smart technology makes it easier for the users to connect as the network is based on P2P technology. No vendor is involved in the transaction. Because of these unique features, multiven is secure, transparent and easy to use.


 Multiven provides a platform for cryptographers and IT experts to collaborate and share their knowledge. This open source platform is named Pingsta. Currently, over 1200 IT experts, cryptographers, and computer engineers are connected at Pingsta.


Multiven provides an exchange for cryptocurrencies. Multicoin is a token sale point used at multiven that can be utilized by the users to trade cryptocurrencies. It is utility token and connects digital currency traders with vendors.

Initial Coin Offering:

Multiven has started offering the initial coin tokens recently. 5% of the maximum supply will be offered in the ICO. This ICO will be provided by the platform until the amount ends. Offerings will be provided to the customers and the users of the platform on random selection basis. All the tokens that will remain unsold will be burned. Multiven head office is located in Netherlands. They handle all their tasks fron their head office. Multiven has also opened their office in Paris. These site offices make multiven a unique marketplaces. Most blockchain facilities and digital wallets are virtual, however, multiven provides virtual digital wallet as well as physical site offices for the customers and users. For more details, visit the site.

Useful Link:

Website:  http://multiven.io/
Whitepaper:  https://www.multiven.io/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/MultivenWhitepaperv1.4-July2018.pdf

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