Monday, 9 July 2018

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Latest News on Cryptocurrency Market: Coinnup to Launch a Mobile App

Coinnup is all set to take monetary transactions to a new level

Embracing the revolutionary concept of Blockchain powered Fintech solutions, Coinnup is ready to launch a mobile app that will provide Fintech solutions at your fingertips and take monetary transactions to a new level. The app will include all the core features, such as Mobile Recharge, a Universal Wallet, Crypto Exchange and Cryptocurrency trading.

A comprehensive solution to trade cryptocurrencies with a mobile app

Coinnup’s all-in-one application facilitates cryptocurrency trading. The users simply need to donwload and install the application, and perform diverse tasks like exchanging cryptocurrencies, sending money or paying bills. In addition, a user can also buy groceries with just a few taps. Coinnup was launched with an aim to provide people with an advanced platform for cryptocurrency trading.

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The core features of Coinnup

As per the latest news on cryptocurrency market, Coinnup will have the following core features:

Universal wallet

The Coinnup mobile app will have a Universal Wallet for storing multiple currencies. Users can retrieve and use coins according to their needs, without any hassle. The light architecture of the wallet allows smooth transactions and super-fast operations. The use of public and private keys enhances the security of the wallet, making it highly-secure. The integration of the Paymaz exchange in the App eliminates the need to exchange the coins before a transaction.

Buy/sell cryptocurrency

Thanks to Coinnup App, cryptocurrency trading will not be a lengthy process any more. According to the latest news on cryptocurrency market, the App will cut down the cost by around 70%. The App will also empower the users to make easy fund withdrawals anytime, anywhere. All this makes Coinnup App a more convenient option compared to other traditional Fintech solutions.

Mobile recharge

Mobile recharge is what most people look for. Coinnup’s Paymaz platform provides an option to recharge a mobile, send mobile credit to others and make transactions using cryptocurrency or fiat currency.

Cryptocurrency exchange

One of the most important features that the app will provide to its users is exchanging cryptocurrencies with minimum transaction fees to provide the best deals to the users. The app provides instant processing and the most secure architecture with the lowest trading fees. When a single app offers so many features, the users are sure to welcome it with great enthusiasm. Coinnup will hopefully turn out to be one of the best platforms for blockchain based Fintech solutions and to accept the digital tokens and cryptocurrencies.


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