Monday, 9 July 2018

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Gigtrick Ico Review-Transaction Mechanism...



Gigtrick is serving as a beacon house for freelancers in the dark times. The website is specifically designed and developed for the freelance workers across the globe. Using the integrated blockchain technology and decentralized databases for networking, gigtrick is one the most innovative freelance site. The blockchain technology has done wonders in the field of information technology. There’s no denying the fact that it has brought revolution in the services and retail market as well. Industry has been affected hugely since the introduction of this technology because of its benefits. The blockchain technology provides unmatchable ease, security and accessibility to the users. Using a P2P network for connectivity between the two entities, the blockchain technology provides not only security but effective transactions and flawless communication.

Gigtrick has utilized the immensely advantageous and modern blockchain technology for the real world freelance workers. It is a bridge that connects the users digitally over a network that is based upon a P2P network.


Gigtrick is an open marketplace for freelancers across the world. Using a highly customized and integrated blockchain to achieve excellence and proficiency in connections; gigtrick has provided a sophisticated and smart working environment for the users. The website has implemented the latest ethereum blockchain. Gigtrick’s on demand ecosystem makes the website one of the most unique and easy to use websites. The website has introduced a lot of features and additional functions in the website. Gigtrick is using its own POS (Point of Sale) software for the freelancers where they can do secure and private transactions. The transactions are solely based on the traditional P2P blockchain technology and no agent or any third party is involved in the transactions. The increased security, efficiency and transparency of the transactions is the most unique feature of gigtrick. Besides, the company has also designed its own social media where users can chat with each other and share posts.

Using the integrated social media, gigtrick users can share their stories, posts and knowledge with other users and freelancers that are also using the services. Thus by providing absolutely unique features and introducing the latest technology in the system, gigtrick is proving to be the one stop solution for the users.

Transaction Mechanism:

As I stated earlier, gigtrick is using the ethereum blockchain for implementing and using the system. The payments can be made using the ethereum coin. Gigtrick has also introduced their own coin named GBTC. The company has yet to offer the ICO tokens, however, their pre-sales are on. Any user can get tokens in the pre-sale by registering to their network.

Gigtrick was founded in February 2017 and introduced their fiat currency in December. By the start of this year, they started making an impact in the market and are currently offering pre sales for the users. With highly sophisticated network, advanced designing and development technique, and latest blockchain based technology, gigtrick is quickly capturing the market. Gigtrick offers the solutions freelancers have to face in traditional freelancing platforms. Whether it is security or efficiency, the website is introducing new methods to solve the issues in the freelance industry.

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