Dataeum - The First Blockchain-based Platform Using Crowdsourcing For Data Generation - Project Review

Dataeum Summary

Dataeum-ICO-Review, Blockchain, Crypto newsDataeum is a one of the blockchain platform that uses the crowdsourcing technology in order to enhance the collection of the global physical data which are present anywhere in the world with 100% accuracy. This is done with the help of the collectors that are used to incentivize the people who have purchased the XDT tokens in order to submit the physical data as well. The platform has already had an application that is being used to enable and gather all the physical data that is present anywhere in the world and with 100% accuracy in order to make it available over the decentralized system.


The main objective of this ICO token is to support the small and large scale businesses which are using some kind of data that is required to grow their business. It is estimated that by the year2020 the accumulated growth in the digital business will grow to a larger extent from 4.4 trillion to about 44 trillion gigabytes. It is also estimated that the production is poor in some of the businesses due to the poor availability of the data that is available and the losses are increasing because of this quality. The data instruments are being prepared to solve this problem under the funding of this ICO so that the data is very well established for the overall development of the businesses. 


Dataeum-ICO-Review, Blockchain, Crypto newsThe collection solution which is being offered by the ICO token is successful in terms of the scalability and stability with a large number of collectors. Dataeum is capable of providing the data that is used to meet the client requirements as they are capable of providing the data that is required for the successful businesses to run. The platform uses the global physical data and helps the people around the world to utilize the data for their needs. The solution efficiency of the token has already been proved in the collection campaigns that were organized in Paris, London and Barcelona. It is expected that the Dataeum will become one of the best block chains in the world in terms of the data provisions that are made in their database as it has collected millions of physical data that is present across the globe and readily available to the business.

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