Cyclean - World's First Green Blockchain Ecosystem -Project Review


 CyClean Summary

Cyclean-ICO-Review, Blockchain, CryptocurrencyCyclean is one of the universal systems that is used to carpet the ever-growing energy demand. The ICO is targeted to fund for the environmental problems and least reduce the overall problems in the present scenario. This is an immediate problem which is to be focused on as the environmental [protection is very crucial in the present scenario as the environmental degradation is increasing day by day. So this ICO will help in funding the requirements of the people who are in need of a loan for the development of the cost-effective environmental issues and additionally promote the greener sports as a minor subject in this platform.


The first objective to be completed is the successful completion of CyClean ICO. Since CyClean encourages both human health via green sports and the health of our ecosystem with innovative green emission, anyone in the world can share CyClean’s agenda. Therefore as we reveal more tangible business and strong execution plans, ICO race will be completed with a success. During the ICO, the commercial business for CyClean Rental service (cycleanrental.com) is already operating in South Korea as a beta service in small scale. This is a strategy to build up CyClean business momentum as soon as the operation of ICO and to be able to operate larger scale of business right after main ICO.


Cyclean-ICO-Review, Blockchain, CryptocurrencyCyClean platform not only aims for combating exhaust fumes or promoting green sports but also promotes clean energy, replacing unsustainable way of energy production with modular deployment strategy. One of such strategies is ESS sunlight panel augmented as CyClean product, rewarding users for producing energy by themselves in a sustainable way. But as it is with the CyClean franchise, our current scope for clean energy promotion is only at the beginning phase. For the energy sector, CyClean have specifically allocated part of CyClean total supply an investment budget. Also, such budget is not sitting ideal or waiting for uncertain opportunities to come. CyClean is actively discussing a partnership with a large scale partner for this matter and we will announce our direction for expanding clean energy promotion once we have legal certainty for this matter. Two of possible things include the magnetic field battery and vertical wind power generator.

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