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BitBoss-ICO-Review, Crypto news, BlockchainBitBose Platform is created in order to create a decentralized bank solution that is used based on the blockchain technologies. The team of the ICO is working on the aspects to provide revolutionary fund managers to all the investors as well as the traditional online traders so that it is easy for the investors to utilize their finances in an efficient manner on a single platform. This helps in boosting their investment as well in all the market conditions. The concept of BitBose involved a trading robot called as PADDY. It is one of the investment ecosystems that is backed by the Hybrid technologies.


The main objective of the ICO is to introduce the BOSE ERC20 token which acts as a central currency and involves in all the transactions on the platform. Any user can buy the BOSE tokens and will have the access to all the features of the platform that will help them to register in it. This umbrella will be like a bank under the British law and will be abiding all the rules and regulations of the system in place. It works on the principle of the Hybrid technology and the main objective of the ICO is fulfilled. BitBose uses AI which constantly learns by means of a machine learning like a loan officer. This also verifies the eligibility criteria of the person who is desirous of getting a loan. Further, it assigns a credit rating and the maximum amount that he/she can avail as a loan.
BitBoss-ICO-Review, Blockchain, crypto news


Bit Bose’s Crypto loan offers one of its solutions of its kind where the funds are denominated into a form of Crypto or a fiat currency. Then these currencies are secured like a bank in their platform as a guarantee for the same. All the activities on this platform are organized or conducted with the help of the BOSE tokens which are used for the transactions. It will be the utility token for this platform as it helps in exchanging different kinds of crypto exchange for BTC/ETH/FIAT during the ICO event or on crypto-exchanges after the ICO event. The BitBose platform is divided into three different key heads according to the core functionality while the backend remains integrated tightly with one another for faster processing time and a seamless user experience. The components of the BitBose platform are: The first is the BitBose Bank which is used for depositing funds and taking loans for all kinds of clients. There exists a BitBose Exchange which is utilized for the simplest trading experience. BitBose Smart Portfolio is the other platform for access to algorithmic trading by a bot that improves trading acumen by machine learning.

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