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Tuesday, 28 February 2023

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From the Pitch to the Blockchain: The Cryptocurrency Projects of Football Giants


    As technology continues to evolve and transform industries, soccer clubs around the world are finding innovative ways to engage with their fans and increase revenue. One such trend is the use of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency to create fan tokens that allow supporters to have a more direct stake in their favorite clubs. By creating fan tokens, soccer clubs are able to offer their supporters unique digital assets that grant them access to a range of exclusive experiences, rewards, and even the ability to vote on certain club decisions.

Rise of Tokens: Revolutionized Fan Engagement and Funding for Sports Clubs

    The trend started back in 2019 when covid-19 hit the world and caused severe quarantines in so many countries causing stadiums, movie theatres, dining places, and all other public places to shut down services. This affected the economies of many countries, and private sector entities including sports clubs were victims of that too. So, they decided to leverage blockchain technology to monetize their fan bases, provide them with benefits and get the funding required in return. By the time of writing this, fan tokens have reached a total market cap of $355m with a 24h trading volume of $80.9m.

    In this article, we'll take a look at some of the most famous soccer clubs around the world that have embraced crypto and fan tokens, and explore the various projects they've launched to connect with their fans on a deeper level.

FC Barcelona

    In partnership with Chiliz, Socios.com enabled fans of the iconic football club to access exclusive experiences and voting rights via its fan token, BAR. One example of the token's influence was when fans voted for the slogan to be featured on the captain's armband in 2021. In the token sale, 600,000 BAR were sold within 2 hours, setting a record as the fastest-selling fan token on Socios.com, raising over $1.3 million. Currently, BAR is trading at $4.78 per token, with a market cap of $30.6m and a 24-hour trading volume of $3.9m.

Manchester City

    Through a partnership with Socios.com, the popular football club Manchester City FC has enabled fans to actively engage with the team like voting on polls for club-related decisions by offering CITY, a fan token. In Aug 2021, CITY token holders chose the fan wall design to be featured at Wembley. Fans also receive exclusive rewards like match day VIP hospitality and signed merchandise. Launched in March 2021 on Chiliz, CITY is now one of the most popular fan tokens on Socios.com, with a current price of $5.28 per token, a market cap of $28m, and a trading volume of $11.6m in the last 24 hours.

Paris Saint-Germain (PSG)

    By offering fans much more than just a digital asset, the Paris Saint-Germain fan token, PSG, has quickly gained popularity among supporters. Through its unique voting rights, token holders can actively participate in significant club-related decisions, such as choosing the inscription on the captain's armband and voting for club awards. Token holders can also receive the club's NFT, digital badges, and VIP match day tickets. PSG plans to offer more promotions for token holders in the future, including signed shirts from players and crypto events hosted by players as influencers. The signing of Lionel Messi last year contributed to the token's popularity, with the price doubling before the transfer was concluded. PSG’s current price is $6.54, with a market cap of $25.1m and having accumulated $3m in 24h trading volume.

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    Paris Saint-Germain's partnership with 1xBet casino is also an exciting development for both fans and the club. As the official regional partner of the French club in Africa and Asia, and one of the top crypto-supported igaming betting brands, according to CoinGorilla, 1xBet has the right to run marketing and promotional campaigns featuring the team and its members. This partnership allows fans and PSG token holders to greatly benefit from the promotions and exciting prizes offered by 1xBet. Their current promotional campaign, "Bonjour De Paris" offers fans the chance to win PCs, laptops, tablets, mobile phones, TVs, gaming consoles, team shirts, and other prizes by placing bets on games featuring Paris Saint-Germain.

    Moreover, PSG fan token holders can deposit their tokens in the platform and use them to place bets on sports games or play any other games offered by the platform. This partnership will not only provide fans with more opportunities to engage with their beloved team but also generates revenue for the club, which can be invested in improving the team's performance on the pitch.

The Ball Keeps on Moving

    Fan tokens have become an innovative way for soccer clubs to monetize their fan bases and connect with their supporters on a deeper level. With a total market cap of $355m and growing, fan tokens have provided fans with unique digital assets that grant them access to a range of exclusive experiences and rewards, while also providing clubs with additional revenue streams.

    The success of fan tokens is evident in the popularity of the most famous soccer clubs that have embraced crypto and fan tokens, such as FC Barcelona, Manchester City, and Paris Saint-Germain. It's likely that more clubs will follow in their footsteps and adopt fan tokens to increase revenue and enhance fan engagement. As blockchain technology continues to evolve, the possibilities for fan tokens in the soccer industry are endless, and we can expect to see more exciting developments in the future.

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Friday, 10 February 2023

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Coinslotty.com Sweetens the Deal for Affiliates After New Milestone



Stable Tech’s flagship online casino today announced the celebration of their first major milestone. The Curacao-based iGaming company has onboarded 100 affiliate partners in the past three months, and to mark the occasion, 100 affiliate partners will receive a special gift package. The gift package will be delivered to the partners starting this week, with a portion of them being handed out at this year's ICE conference in London - the Coinslotty Crypto Casino announced today.

Golden Rewards for First Believers

    All 100 affiliates that got onboarded in the past four months will get a package. The gift package, designed to commemorate the milestone, comprises a hand-made medieval-style golden coin pouch filled with 5000 Coinslotty's signature golden coins and a branded Apple AirTag. 

    The Coinslotty.com crew is not only bursting with a wealth of coins but is also showcasing plenty of imaginative possibilities. Partnering with Croatian Choco Concept and skilled artisans, they have created a unique and memorable gift box. 

    The package contains 5000 Coinslotty chocolate golden coins, crafted by one of Croatia’s most respected artisan chocolate makers, and hand-brushed with a golden color for a consistent look. The package is packed in a recycled mat box and finished with a purple ribbon. 

    Designed to roughly represent a 1oz gold coin made of 40% cocoa Belgian chocolate, each piece measures 44mm in diameter and 5mm in height and weighs between 9 and 10 grams. For an accurate measurement, a 3D design was first created to develop a feeling for the size of the coins that were needed. A custom silicone mold was then made to test out the first batch of chocolate coins.

    The package also includes medieval-style leather coin pouches, which were made by hand in Samobor, Croatia, by a skilled leatherworker specialized in bespoke products. The pouches are made from cowhide and synthetic leather, with a golden string to complement the coins they are designed to house.

The third item in the package is an Apple AirTag to help partners track their belongings. Perhaps it might help Coinslotty track affiliates’ success too!  Nested within a custom sponge mold and placed within a Belkin black carabiner secure holder, the Coinslotty team opted to personalize the device further with UV printing, a better choice than laser engraving. This helped bring out the best of the product and Coinslotty’s logo.

Next Steps for the Coinslotty Brand

According to their Marketing Lead, John, the brand’s core objective is to reach out to the crypto community and engage with them directly. BitcoinTalk.com, one of the largest blockchain platforms on the internet, was selected as the first step in this journey.

This personalized approach by Coinslotty to engage with the community and establish its presence on relevant forums shows its commitment to reaching its goal of becoming a community driven crypto casino. 

In another move up its sleeve for the year, the team also aims to establish itself on YouTube by opening a Youtube channel and featuring Casino Twitch streamer highlights in addition to the ten twitch streamers it already sponsors and works with. The project will be reportedly managed by Direcut Productions, the same company that did the CasinoEuro YouTube channel, as well as the Casumo YouTube channel.  

About Coinslotty.com

Coinslotty is managed and operated by Stable Tech N.V. and holds a valid E-gaming license No. 8048/JAZ issued by Antillephone. Launched in November 2022, it has established itself as a reputable player in the blockchain industry — thanks to its commitment to ensuring fair and transparent gaming practices. The brand has received authorization from the government of Curacao, which attests to its credibility and trustworthiness. All games offered on Coinslotty.com are ISO/IEC 17025 compliant and certified as “provably fair.” Furthermore, the brand boasts industry-standard payouts ranging from 95% to 98%, which is a testament to its commitment to providing a fair and enjoyable gaming experience for its players.

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Thursday, 4 October 2018

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Platio Ico Review...

About Platio

Platio is the saving money answer for organizations that need to consistently and safely oversee both crypto and customary monetary standards. Controlled by EOS blockchain innovation, Platio empowers clients to pay rates and providers with whichever resource they pick, via card or moment exchange.

Platio will meet the saving money needs of the new crypto-fiat economy, enabling our clients to exploit the best of both crypto and standard back. Platio will likewise offer Asset Guard and Smart Escrow, imaginative inherent protections for crypto resources and exchanges. These are set to expand trust in crypto as an advantage and drive its worldwide selection.

What it advance?

Through the Platio Smart Banking Ecosystem ("Platio Ecosystem"), we will likely make digital money an across the board methods for installment by expanding its utility. Our center is to give customary money related administrations to the computerized monetary forms network in a protected and agreeable way. We trust that the worldwide network needs an answer that takes the best highlights from both, new and conventional budgetary frameworks and gives the world economy a chance to grasp the developing advanced economy.

The Platio Ecosystem will be founded on a flawlessly worked versatile and web interface, where clients will have all the fundamental information and instruments readily available to in a split second execute with crypto, fiat or stock. Platio's stage will be based on EOS innovation, fit for facilitating smooth, routine connections of Platio's multilayered biological system. Our computerized administration arrangement will be incorporated with this vigorous foundation and will work with crypto, fiat, and stocks. The nonattendance of fit universal administrative systems for the deal and utilization of cryptographic money has hindered its appropriation and the development of worldwide markets in computerized resources. The Platio Ecosystem will encourage money related activities in fiat, crypto and regular stocks all inside one environment. It will likewise upgrade the utility of crypto resources with two extraordinary items: Asset Guard and Smart Escrow.

About Platio Solar:

Platio empowers clients to pay compensations and providers with whichever resource they pick, via card or moment exchange. Platio will meet the keeping money needs of the new crypto-fiat economy, engaging our clients to exploit the best of both crypto and standard fund. Platio will likewise offer Asset Guard and Smart Escrow, imaginative implicit shields for crypto resources and exchanges. These are set to expand trust in crypto as a benefit and drive its worldwide reception. Platio is a global fintech organization authorized by the FCA and headquartered in London.Platio gives a stylish and space-sparing off-matrix sustainable power source framework by coordinating superior sun powered cells into alluring walkway clearing components made of reused plastic. Power produced amid daylight hours can be put away by vitality sparing units or be utilized to work capacities incorporated into the asphalt or adjacent electric gadgets of open spots (open lighting, movement control frameworks, other vitality devouring road contraptions) autonomously from the lattice. Not at all like other in-asphalt incorporated sustainable power source advancements, Platio is anything but difficult to introduce and keep up, since it doesn't require an uncommon establishment and furthermore it is separately upgradeable with a few further shrewd capacities.

Useful Link::::

Website::::  https://platio.io/
Onepage::::  https://platio.io/static/docks/platio-onepager.pdf

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Bitcointalk Profile:::::  checkmatesir
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Sunday, 23 September 2018

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Stem Cell Innovation Ico Review


SCIA is committed to growing access to the global research, advancement, and usage of undifferentiated organism treatment through the blockchain. Undifferentiated organisms are fit for giving endless applications to use in the treatment of infections including Alzheimer's, visual impairment, deafness, diabetes, and numerous types of tumor. While the undifferentiated organism advertises is anticipated to reach $297 billion by 2022, the industry experiences poor access to treatment choices, constrained correspondence among experts and medicinal specialists, poor global coordinated effort, and high expenses of treatment. SCIA needs to cross over any barrier among getting to and understanding undifferentiated organism innovative work globally while making a community-oriented and successful system of key players in the business.
Stem Cell Innovation

Their stage will help give a protected stockpiling to clients' therapeutic information and give clients command over their undeveloped cell records. From a specialized point of view, we like that SCIA wants to use two blockchains based on extremely solid establishments. One will be based on ETH to control their token, and the second will be based on the Hyperledger Fabric Network and use brilliant contracts to secure touchy information. While there is no working MVP, the group is solid and has great associations with industry specialists in pharma and foundational microorganism inquire about. While numerous contenders are endeavoring to utilize blockchain to take care of issues in the medicinal space, SCIA's experience makes them interestingly situated to go about as the lead for undifferentiated organism administrations. We are eager to perceive what this gifted group can do to help change the immature microorganism showcase! While their whitepaper is noteworthy, we might want to see extra reports on their guide, and in addition more press and promoting to help guarantee the achievement of their stage.

What actions is SCIA Taking to Further Research? 

With the up and coming ICO dispatch booked for this late spring, SCI is centered around achieving more innovative work to promote the undeveloped cell industry. As a major aspect of its development technique and enthusiasm for opening extra markets to foundational microorganism patients, SCI will utilize a liberal part of their ICO assets to help innovative work, urge government organizations to separate boundaries identified with undifferentiated cell utilize and securing, and give an instructive stage to guarantee the general masses perceive the potential identified with immature microorganism treatments.

Why Blockchain-based Technology? 

With regards to gathering, putting away, and utilizing the data of therapeutic patients identified with undifferentiated organism treatments, blockchain innovation was picked as a result of its unrivaled safety efforts. There's no precluding that the future from claiming business situated in blockchain advances, however, SCI has made blockchain utilize one stride further and made their own helper blockchain stage to guarantee a much more prominent measure of specialized help and security. Thinking about all parts of HIPAA, our helper blockchain, called SCIChain, will guarantee the direction and control of data in the best possible channels. One blockchain stage, in view of the Ethereum stage, will be utilized to convey ERC-20 tokens, and the tweaked blockchain stage, based on Hyperledger Fabric, will be utilized for a patient and expert application and association.

Think about the Possibilities of Stem Cell Innovations:

To guarantee secure and clear access to undeveloped cell medicines and treatments for patients everywhere throughout the world, SCI uses a blockchain-based stage that will be home to a network of undifferentiated organism authorities, patients who require access to those pros, a database and asset focus, the capacity to banter with experts whenever – day or night – get moment access to their records, control record availability to outsider suppliers and even other social insurance experts. More or less, SCI is putting one's capacity to enhance personal satisfaction and life span in the hands of those that need it most: the general population. Together, the group at SCI and its sweeping encouraging group of people are changing the substance of immature microorganism innovative work and guaranteeing patients who require that data access it.

Useful Link:::

Website::::  https://scia.io/
Whitepaper:::  https://scia.io/white_paper_v1.1.pdf
LinkedIn::  https://www.linkedin.com/company/18561998/
Twitter::::  https://twitter.com/stemcellapp

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Wednesday, 19 September 2018

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Navibration ICO Review


What is Navibration? 

Navibration is a routing framework by vibration with which you can move about anyplace on the planet with no Internet association or maps, and no compelling reason to take a gander at your gadget. It is composed only for use by walking. Licensed route framework.

Navibration S.L. is a youthful Spanish organization that appeared when we chose to devote our chance and vitality to our energy. We began like youngsters with an incredible dream: to reconsider and question everything. We loved the current methods for moving the world over, however, didn't care for that it was once in a while hard to decipher a guide or consistently need to take a gander at a gadget while on the way. In view of this, we searched for something imaginative; something new. Imagine a scenario where some time or another we settled on the course ourselves. We pondered. Furthermore, imagine a scenario in which one day we should have been ready to believe to discover our goals. Furthermore, this day, at last, arrived, satisfying the first we had always wanted. Like kids, our heads are loaded with them, and we are putting our essence into making them materialize.

Navibration Experiences:

Navibration Experiences will be a decentralized informal community of sound guided courses from various urban communities around the globe. These sound aides will be geolocated and will have the eccentricity that they will be described by the fundamental authentic figures of every city being referred to. The whole biological community will be based on blockchain innovation and it will be a multiplatform device, accessible both in the work area variant and in tablets and cell phones. The substance of the sound guided courses of Navibration Experiences will be made by the clients themselves in a grouping of four stages; Navibration, as far as it matters for its, will deal with the fifth and last one.

The section into the scene of our token will enable us to build up a biological system in which it is conceivable to decently and straightforwardly remunerate all clients of the Navibration Experiences stage in view of their commitment to it.

Our token will assume a major job inside our interpersonal organization. It won't just be simply the way to compensate clients, yet clients themselves should have a specific number of tokens with a base age to get to the full usefulness of Navibration Experiences.

Principle focuses:

Navibration, a Spain-based innovation organization that has been upheld by the Government of Spain and built up a licensed innovation, is making the cutting edge route framework which will rethink not just the manner in which we move in obscure spots, yet in addition the method for finding the majority of the subtle elements and privileged insights about them. This will be accomplished through Navibration Experiences, the world's first informal organization of sound guided visits based on blockchain innovation, where content is made by the clients. Each new visit will be accessible available to be purchased on the stage and will be controlled by shrewd contracts to guarantee straightforwardness, appropriate impetuses, and client commitment.

Our quality seal:

In the event that you choose to wager on this task, you do it with the certification that the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness of the Government of Spain has officially done it before you, financing the underlying advancement.

Useful Links:
Website:::       https://www.navibration.com/token-sale/
LinkedIn:::     https://www.linkedin.com/company/27109610/
Twitter:::::  https://twitter.com/Navibration

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Bountyhive Username:::  misbahsamar
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Tuesday, 11 September 2018

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SgamePro Ico Review-Introduction Of SgamePro...


SgamePro is an online platform. Using it, people who are interested in playing mobile games, can earn money. This is how it works. You need to play some of the most popular mobile games. Perform well in those games, and you will get “tokens” of cryptocurrency. These tokens can be used to trade in some other cryptocurrency, used for shopping online, or even converted into real life money. SgamePro is in an official collaboration with
the number one, and the most subscribed Youtuber in the world, Pewdiepie. To start, you need to buy Sgame Coins. These coins are like the entrance ticket to a carnival. This is the currency of the company. The platform has a protocol, which measures the amount of time you spend playing. You are rewarded according to it. Once you start earning rewards, you can directly spend them on many popular products, such as Xbox, and Netflix.

Design review:

The design of the website is really innovative. The color scheme is blue on top of white. The most attractive feature is the white set of abstract lines operating like a computer program, which follows the cursor. The size of everything is according to its importance. The clock ticking which is counting down the time left for sale is also quite effective. The diagrams to explain the way payments work is also really helpful, and is designed to effectively explain the entire process to anyone visiting the website for the first time. The small details all over the page are also a sign of the level of quality offered by the company.  The design of the website is good enough to leave a good first impression on anyone visiting it.

Operations review

All the operations used on the website work quite well. The animations, pop-ups, and the subtext elements, such as the moving cursor, all work smoothly, and there is no lag of any sort. The transition from one page to another takes place smoothly as well.


The website has product based content. It effectively delivers the purpose, and applications of using the platform well. The tools, and terms used by the website are hard to understand for someone who does not know about crypto-trading. But, the explanations given by the company along every step are quite helpful. The diagrams, and the messages are quite appealing as well. The specialty is the collaboration with Pewdiepie, and the video message of Pewdiepie himself followed by it. This can prove to be quite attractive for many of his fans visiting this website.


The website is a really well-developed one, and every aspect of it is really professional, and innovative. The design, along the content is enough to make anyone have second thoughts about not using the platform. The idea is brilliant no doubt, but the way the message has been portrayed, and is communicated to the visitors is quite brilliant as well. The way its collaborations are advertised is also a genius way of gaining trust of the visitors.

Useful Link:::
Website:::   https://sgamepro.io/
ANN Thread::   https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4452342

Author's Detail:::
Bitcointalk Profile:::   checkmatesir
Eth Address::::   0xB148eeF6fc7c82Ff27a2a945acca38aEFD930820
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KuBitX Ico Review-Introduction Of KuBitX...


KuBitX is a company which aspires to revolutionize the world of cryptocurrency trading. Until now, the majority of the trading takes place on centralized exchange platforms. The users of these platforms are offered many perks, and advantages, but in reality, none of them can be fulfilled. The reason is that these platforms were made during the “boom” time, due to which everyone just hurried along, and focused on releasing their platform. Due to the lack of time, there were many loose ends in these. Some of these included poor customer service, slow withdrawals, and deposits. This is what KuBitX is working to remove. It plans on doing so by introducing many new techniques, and methods, such as the use of native currency. The entire process will be clean, and transparent. The professionals working with us are all from Fortune 500 companies, and the platform itself is super easy to use.

Design review:

The design of the website, and its layout is really sophisticated, and professional. The color scheme used here is blue and white. The website starts with the usual menu on top, and the brand logo. There is an introduction video at the very start which helps new visitors understand what the website is all about. The design is good enough to leave a good first impression on anyone visiting the website first time. The interactive style in which the information about the company, and the statistics to prove them, as well as the name of big companies which are operating with it, all are quite impressive.

Operations review

The website, and all its functions work very well. There is no lag, or delay in any action performed.  The transition from one page of the website to another is also quite smooth. The animations, and the graphs are interactive, and are timed perfectly to pop up once the area where they belong is being scrolled.


The content of this website is very much product based. The text, as well as the subtext, effectively delivers the message to the visitors about what the company is, how is it better than others, and why you should opt for it. Unlike other websites, in this website, the market based content is beautifully blended along product based content. The website also gives the professional details of the people working for them, to give the visitors an idea of the level of service they could potentially get.


The overall layout of the website is brilliant. All the aspects of the website, such as content, design, and marketing level are up to the mark. However, even though everything is up to the mark, what the website lacks is the introduction of something unique. This may be in the form of layout, or any other similar factor. This developers will find that it is a really useful feature. However, it requires creativity, which is why most websites do not have something like this. Other than this, there is nothing wrong with the website itself.

Useful Link::
Website:::   http://www.kubitx.io/

Authors Detail::
Bitcointalk Profile:::     checkmatesir
Eth Address::::     0xB148eeF6fc7c82Ff27a2a945acca38aEFD930820

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