About Digital GOLD:

GOLD is an ERC20 Token on Ethreum Blockchain. It's 100% Backed by Physical Gold Stored in Companies Secured Vault which can be audited and verified any time Here
To Audit of their Smart Contract, They have partnered with Leading Swiss-based Company ChainSecurity which is very famous in well experienced in Blockchain Security.

GOLD ERC20 Token is a Stablecoin Pagged to 1 Gram of Gold. its price will always stay equal to 1 Gram of Gold in all exchanges.

GOLD Token Can be used any time to Buy, Sell Gold and Store or Transfer them with Complete Anonymity and can 100% Protect your Assets from loss of value.

So Transparency, Security, Anonymity, and Liquidity Are the Main Features of Digital Gold and these features are Rare now in any new Blockchain-Based Projects.
Now you can have the awesome Experience of Owning Real GOLD is Digital Gold is 100% backed with Physical GOLD. owning one GOLD Tokens would mean that you own 1 Gram of GOLD. you can always sell it or if you want you can always convert it into real Gold or Real Money through the Digital Gold Marketplace or from any of the supporting Exchange (LiveCoin, Bitforex, and Cryptex).

The Digital Gold Team is very Dedicated and Constantly Developing and Working on the project as you can see that in their social media and the news page is being regularly updated. Just recently they've published a news update about Minting Another 2000 GOLD Tokens which means they have increased the holding of Real Gold in the Secure Value by 2000 Grams.

Unlike Other Most New blockchain Projects who start with doing an Initial Fundraising which is called ICO or IEO. Digital Gold is a fully self-funded project, it did not require any individual to invest any money in the project. but now when it's being well established and listed in several exchanges, crypto lovers and traders can always use it as a trading asset to invest and earn a profit.

Digital Gold Development So far and Future 2020 Roadmap:

Digital Gold Project's Development was Began back in the final Quarter of 2018 and they've done so much in these 16 months of 2018 and 2019. now they are successfully entered in  2020 with new missions and goals to achieve. 
Here are some major Development Digital Gold's Hardworking Team Done in 2018 and 209:
1: Team Formation
2: Legal Setup
3: Company Incorporation
4: Development of web platform and smart-contract.
5: Partnership with BullionStar.
6: Official Marketplace Launch.
7: Listed GOLD Token in 3 Exchanges.
8: Launched IOS and Android WALLET.
and so much more. you can verify everything from their Website, News Blog and Whitepaper.

They did not stop there. they have a huge future roadmap for 2020. for First Quarter of 2020 they planned to do:
1: Exploring New Market.
2: Presence at International Blockchain and Investment Event.
3: Collaboration with Market's leading Blockchain Projects.
and many more to come.

Watch Digital Gold's Youtube Video to Understand the Project Better:

6 Amazing Features of Digital Gold:

Digital Gold is an Amazing Project with so many Advantages and Features that make it rich, user-friendly and easy to adopt for all cryptocurrency and gold lovers. below are the 6 main features of Digital Gold which will surely attract you to make it one of your primary Cryptocurrency.

1: 1 Token = 1 Gram of GOLD
2: No Transfer Fee
3: Secure
4: High Liquidity
5: Low Cost
6: Privacy
Want to Know more about Features and Advantages Click Here


Gold Token is Listed at several Crypto exchanges where it can be traded, bought or sold easily like any other Cryptocurrency or Token. Below are the Links of 3 Exchanges Listing GOLD Token.
Cryptex: Link
LiveCoin: Link
BitForex: Link
Or you can Directly Buy Sell GOLD in Official Website's Marketplace Page.
You can check Their CoinMarketCap Page for Live Price Updates and Charts Here

Want to Know About Trading Cryptocurrency? Read Our Newbie  Bitcoin Trading Guide

Important Information and Links

Total Token Supply: 17,194 GOLD
Token Type: ERC20 (Ethereum Standard)
Exchanges In Listed: 3
Bounty Program - Want to Earn some GOLD Tokens? Join the official bounty program and Earn GOLD for doing simple daily Internet Activity and Content Creating.

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Digital Gold Official Website - Available in 14 Different Languages.
News Blog
Bitcointalk Announcement
YouTube Channel
Seetmit Blog

Author Details:

Bitcointalk Username: jamalaezaz
Profile Link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=721115
Ethereum Wallet: 0xD4DEEEf9F5E144d87363d910A22Cd158e6eAcDAd
Faucets Sites are Type of Micro Task Site where a user can earn a (very) small amount of Money (in Crypto mostly) for solving a Captcha, the primary source of income of these kind os sites come from Advertisement. when a user visit their website and solve a captcha. they website's Ads will get viewed by that user too. that way the Ads Get More Impressions and Make more money. and website owners pay a small percentage of Advertisement Payment to their regular Faucet Claimer.


The faucet doesn't pay any Good amount of money. most people in Crypto consider it a waste of time. but still, a large number of Crypto Users Visit faucets sites every day and try to make some coins out of them. Faucets also have referral programs. some Referral marketers use to promote their referral links those are the only ones who earn a little bit higher compared to the faucet claimers. 

Our Today's Blog Post is About Ethereum Faucets. There are tons of Faucets available on the web, but I have Searched Ethereum Faucets which are Known to be the most famous and highest paying faucets to earn Ethereum. If you can actively Claim and Can make some referrals in these sites you can earn some Bucks in Ethereum from these.

Here is The List:

1: Fly-Eth

Fly-Eth is direct to wallet faucet, You can withdraw your payment directly o your ethereum wallet once you reach to minimum withdraw of 0.00200000 ETH. You Can Claim this faucet in every 60 Minutes. It Also Offers 20% Referral Commission for each User you Invite to Join the site with your Referral Link.

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2: Allcoin

Alltcoin is not just a faucet. it has so many other features and ways of earning, like playing games, mining, PTC and Offerwalls, and Ofcourse Referral Program. and it also supports several other cryptocurrencies Including Bitcoin means it's a Multicoins faucet, it's referral commission is 25% of earning of each user you refer and minimum withdraw 

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3: Speedup Faucet

This faucet also allows it's users to claim multiple coins. it has a low minimum withdraw like others but it has some requirements like users cannot claim from the faucet if they are using an adblocking extension in their browsers.
Speedup Faucet Offers 20% Commission to its referrers.

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NOTE: Before we dig too deep into this, let me first remind you that Bitcoin mining and Bitcoin trading are two entirely different things.
Before figuring out which exchange to use, let’s first examine what it's. Why you may need one. A crypto exchange is a place where you’re allowed to buy and sell Bitcoins or Altcoins, from other people within the bitcoin community, using more mainstream and traditional forms of currency, such as the USD or EUR. Or by using other forms of cryptocurrency. So if you’ve ever asked the question, “How do I invest in Bitcoin?”, then a bitcoin exchange may be your answer!


So how does this Bitcoin Trading system work?

Some of the exchanges will allow you to purchase BTC directly, using your native currency. For example, at Coinbase, after creating an account, you can link your bank account to their website. Whenever you want, you may use their system to easily buy bitcoin online. See the image below, from my Coinbase account:
Not everyone wants to be a miner. Some people would rather just watch the price of the coin they’re interested in. Then once it reaches the desired price, they’d buy it, a fraction of it. That’s the power and beauty of the Bitcoin. You don’t need to own a whole Bitcoin to become an investor. You can own a fraction of a coin. That’s perfectly fine! Now, once you've your BTC, you can then use one of the other exchanges to transform your BTC into any kind of crypto coin of your choice!
These other coins are referred to as, “Altcoins“, or simply alts as it’s an alternative coin of the Bitcoin. The price of each Bitcoin and alt is regulated by its users. There are Buy Orders and Sell Orders. These are prices that are set by the community. Let me explain, a little more.

Let’s say that I have .5 Bitcoin (BTC). I want to use that amount of .5 BTC, to purchase DigiByte (DGB). Why DGB? It’s just an example. Let’s say because I followed someone else signals based on TA/FA. How many can I buy? To figure this out, we’re going to need to do some calculations.

Let’s say someone has DGB. Wishes to have BTC instead. They’ll perform a Sell Order. What this means, is that, suppose they've 10,000 DGB. I wish to have BTC instead. What they’d do, is figure out how many Bitcoin they feel their DGB is worth. Since BTC is currently worth more than DGB, you should be able to sell a fraction of a BTC to buy a hefty amount of DigiByte. All clear?

I’m looking now at Binance and someone is selling 1 DGB for 0.00000082 BTC. This means that you can buy a lot of DGB for barely any Bitcoin. You don’t need a calculator since you can basically input the amount of DigiByte (or whichever Cryptocurrency) you’re interested in acquiring. In REAL-TIME, the amount of BTC you’d need to spend will be updated, directly on the site! Pretty awesome, right? So if 1 
DGB is 0.00000082 BTC, you can just play around with the numbers, until you see how many you can afford.
This is how you calculate. Also, keep in mind that while you’re figuring it out, someone may have offered a better Sell Order price. After you figure out how much you’ll need to spend to get your desired coin, it’s a good practice, from my experience, to copy the amount you need to spend, to your computer’s clipboard, using CTRL+C or Right-Clicking. Then simply REFRESH the browser screen, to see if any better rates are available!
So now, once you've done this, you should see how using a Crypto The exchange could be much more beneficial than trying to become one of the greatest bitcoin miners. This all happens pretty much in an instant. There’s no waiting around for your mining results to give you satisfaction!
So that about sums it up. You should now have a clear understanding of why and how using a bitcoin exchange can make your life become much easier than it might be.
Until next time… 

Divi Overview And Masternode Setup One-Click Masternodes by Satoshi Sean

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DataEntry is a Widely required work, A lot of Businesses Require a lof of Data Entry Work. and Data entry is not just one work. it has a lot of works within it. Like Typing, Excel Sheet Creating and Managing, PDF to Image and Image to PDF, Typing, Data Scrapping, Web Scrapping, Data Mining, Lead Research, Email Database Creation, list creation. and much more.

so today we want to share a very affordable (in fact cheaper than affordable) Data Entry Service. 
This Data Entry Includes 16 Main Services.

Here is the List: 

  • All Kind Of Typing / Copy Typing
  • Book Composing
  • Web Scrapping
  • Data Research
  • Word Processing
  • PDF to Excel/Word
  • Image to Excel/Word or PDF
  • Web Research 
  • Market Research
  • Email Research
  • Data Collecting
  • Product Listing (Wordpress, E-commerce etc)
  • LinkedIn Data Collection
  • Contact Details Search
  • Admin Support, Customer Support, Email Support

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What is Bitcointalk:

Bitcointalk is a "Simple Machine" forum mainly for and about Bitcoin, but it also has a section for Altcoins and Tokens.
Bitcointalk is by far the most famous crypto-related forum. According to it's website's status, it has over 2 million registered users and attracts several hundred thousand visitors every day. Bitcointalk is a very wide forum and has so many interests and categories. but today we will focus on one of it's a major feature. and This is probably the biggest interest of people who regularly visit the website several times a day.

You Got it right.
I am talking about those so many earning opportunities which attract thousands of people every day and if not all but most of them earn good amount of money in form of cryptocurrency every month including Bitcoins and Other Altcoins and Tokens. And If you want and ready to put some efforts you can also be one of those fortunate people and make a lot of money through Bitcointalk Forum.

Here are 7 Ways to Earn Cryptocurrency in Bitcointalk.org Forum

1: Offer Services
2: Participate In IEO/ICO Bounty Programs.
3: Participate in BTC Signature Campaigns.
4: Participate in Contests.
5: Sell Goods and Digital Goods.
6: Micro Earning.
7: Trade Bitcoin and Altcoins

1: Offer Services

I'll start with this option as our first option because this is no doubt the most famous feature of Bitcointalk to Earn Money in Crypto for Forum Users.
There are Three Specific Sections where you can create your Service Portfolio Thread and Start getting clients:
1: Services
2: MarketPlace (Altcoins)
3: Services Announcement.

Some Most Famous Services are Include:
1: Graphic Designing.
2: Content Writing.
3: Web Development.
4: Coin Development.
5: Bounty and Signature Campaign Management.
6: Escrow Services.
and many more. Go to the sections mentioned above and take a look.

2: Participate in IEO/ICO Bounty programs.

There are hundreds of Active Bounty programs running in which you can join and earn Tokens (which you can exchange into bitcoin later) by Doing some Tasks..
Not all Bounty Programs are Good and Pay. but there are still some legitimate bounty programs that help you earn some $100 to $500 easily from one bounty program. All you need to do is just some research and due diligence about the project and bounty program.
if you find 5 to 10 Good bounties out of several hundred out there, you could make a good chunk of cryptocurrency.

Most Bounty Tasks Includes:
1: Social Media Activities. (Liking, Following, Sharing, Commenting)
2: Joining Groups (Telegram, Discord, etc)
3: Writing Reviews in Blogs or Making Review Videos on Youtube Channel.
4: Translating Whitepaper, ANN Thread and other stuff in Your Language.
5: Joining signature Campaigns. (BTC Paying Signature campaigns are separate)
And there can be other tasks on Bounty programs (that depends on the project owners)

3: Participate in BTC Paying Signature Campaigns.

by joining these Signature campaigns you'll earn only Bitcoins for Making posts in Bitcointalk. all you need to do is to make quality posts all around the forum and then apply in a signature campaign because these campaigns require high-quality posting. you'll only get a chance if you are a very constructive and high-quality poster of the forum.
The competition is very high in these campaigns, obviously because they pay in bitcoins.
Here is a Post which has details about all BTC Paying Signature Campaigns:

4: Participate In Contests:

This is another way to Earn Cryptocurrency in Bitcointalk. A lot of companies when they require something, for example, a logo, Signature codes, etc, start a contest on bitcointalk and whoever creates the best design wins.
besides graphic designing contests, there are other types of the contest as well, for example, Content writing, signup contest, referral contest and another type of contests.
You can Always Look in the "Service Board" for these kinds of contests and earning opportunities.

5: Sell Good and Digital Goods.

If you are a Seller and want to sell some goods like T-shirts, Merchs and Stuffs or if you want to sell some digital goods like Accounts, Keys. License and Games etc for Bitcoin and Other Coins, you can always List your product on Bitcointalk's Goods and Digital Good Boards and get some buyers for your products easily.

6: Micro Earning.

Micro Earnings is a Board solely Dedicated to Crypto related earning sites like Faucets, PTC. Surveys, CPC Ads and other Small Earning Sites, in this board you can find so many btc paying sites and join them for make some money in BTC and other Coins.
Here is the Link of Micro Earnings: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?board=212.0

7: Trade Bitcoin and Altcoins

Trading Cryptocurrency does not need any intro. it's one of the most famous parts of Cryptocurrency.
 and the most famous crypto forum has a dedicated board of trading. where you can buy sell bitcoins against almost all kinds of other coins and fiat currencies worldwide. Trading is one of the very profitable ways to make money. but it requires experience and investment. it also involves risks. so if you are new in Cryptocurrency you should first learn properly about it and trading before jumping into it.

So these were the 7 Ways to earn cryptocurrency in Bitcointalk.org Forum. I hope You like this Article. Please do Let me know your thoughts and opinion in the Comment Section.
Libra, a simple global currency launched by the renowned social media giant to improve the standards of financial infrastructure and to empower the people who don’t have bank accounts all around the world.

31% of the total population doesn’t even have a bank account, the remaining people who have access costs are high. it nearly costs 7% to send money globally.
85% of the world’s transactions take happens in the form of cash, it becomes difficult to store cash but it can be moved easily. US retail businesses face $40 billion in losses annually due to the theft of cash.
It improves people’s earning potential by 20% and reduces extreme poverty by 22%.

The Libra Blockchain is a decentralized, programmable database delineated to back a more stable cryptocurrency that will have the potential to serve as a well-organized channel of exchange for billions of people all around the world.

There is a Libra protocol to contrivance the Libra Blockchain and focuses to build a financial infrastructure that encourages innovation, nether hurdles to entry, and improves access to financial services. 

Libra is a self-made association, it is a non-profit organization going forward with a vision to emancipate billions of people around the globe by offering them a global currency and financial infrastructure.

The Libra Blockchain is an assigned system that controls both ownership of Libra and the transfer of Libra from one user to another. It is an important thing that all the users of Libra should acknowledge the consistent view of the system. 

Otherwise, a spiteful actor might claim he was paid when he didn’t even send funds. This is called a “double spending attack”.

Blockchain helps in preventing these types of attacks using LibraBFT, an adaptation of HotStuff Byzantine Fault Tolerant agreement protocol. 

To find more information regarding Libra, go through the following infographic developed by Karthik from Mrbtc.org. We will be glad to know your views on it.

Click Image to Enlarge it

Click Image to Enlarge it
Securities and Exchange Commission has been dictating terms and conditions related to cryptocurrencies however, with time, aspects have been modifying for the better. To add to the list of Regulatory Authorities, another U. S. Sanctions Laws came into existence. This Sanctions Law is from the Office of Foreign Assets Control or OFAC of the Treasury Department.

A Watch on Cryptocurrencies

Office of Foreign Assets Control is in full form as it has been taking charge to the way crypto enthusiasts work when the questions involve cryptocurrencies. It was just last week that two Iranians were sanctioned related to offenses committed for cyberattacks on the U. S. Networks. So, you can see that a strict watch is now in action, clearly mentioning: follow the rules or face consequences!

What can the Office of Foreign Assets Control do?

OFAC has been given the authority to ‘impose sanctions’; these would, however, be only related to the ones which seem to be a threat to the ‘National Security of the United States’. In addition to this, whenever, a ‘primary sanction’ has been imposed then it would mean: people from the U. S. can by no means transact either directly or for that matter indirectly with the so-called sanctioned party.
Another point to be taken note of is: sanctions from Iran are on the rise for being in the ‘prohibited list’; while a few transactions are under the list of ‘prohibited sanctions’ in Venezuela, these generally relate to ‘debt transactions’.

Note: In case there is a violation of sanctions then they stand to be either a ‘criminal or a civil offense(s)’. Due to such a nature, very high fines would be collected from the lawbreakers!

OFAC and its Take on Cryptocurrencies: Regulations on Cryptocurrencies

Crypto Industry Stake Holders had requested the Office of Foreign Assets Control to clarify U. S. Sanction Laws over time, however, there was not any response to the requests. But this was not for long because somewhere in March, OFAC barred all citizens of the United States to stay away from transacting with Petro!

Petro happens to be a cryptocurrency which the Government of Venezuela had launched, turning Petro to be one of its kind!

To assist people in understanding rules and regulations laid down by the authorities at OFAC, it has been updating FAQs and clearing queries being raised over time. Well, such a step indicates that there are going to be further developments in the way cryptocurrency regulatory works.

Apart from this, it is better for all individuals involved to ensure that you take ‘compliance’ a little more seriously because if this is not done then there are going to be negative repercussions at the end. Thus, it is better to be safe than sorry later on.

In order to ensure that there is clarity, all crypto enthusiasts can go ahead and read up a little more on the way ‘compliance rules’ work besides getting to know what exactly is a regulator’s terms and conditions for cryptocurrency transactions.

Read Also: Wings W3 A Game Changer in Mobile Industry

Exclusive Features that prove Wings W3 is a Game Changer in the Mobile Technology Industry. 


Wings have been one of the successful and revolutionary introductions in the mobile phone technology industry. With a futuristic development approach, state of the art technology and elegant designs, Wings W3 has already proved to a huge success in the markets of Latin America and is ready to hit the global market now. Here are the top 10 distinctive features of Wings W3.

1. Wings Play Store:

Wings mobile has always kept the privacy of its customers a topmost priority. Unlike the traditional Google Play Store’s work policies that make it necessary for the user to link their personal email account for usage, Wings Play store offers complete anonymity. No registrations and No personal email association. Ultimately giving the user complete control over its information. Can it get any better? Yes! As Wings Pay system further makes the installation transactions and in-app purchases of the users completely encrypted and impossible to breach!

2. Wings Suite:

Have you ever imagined a system that can provide you with all of your online data in a variety of places? Whenever you need and wherever you want? Say no more, as Wings Suite makes the transfer of data between its mobile phones and Wings Books pretty simple. Whether you often use a mobile phone and a laptop simultaneously or run out of battery on any of these, with Wings technologies you can transfer all of the data, even GSM calls from any mobile carrier to your laptop quite easily.

3. Wings BackOffice:

Wings BackOffice is one of the major reasons for the distinction of its mobile phones in the technology industry. This is by far the only software present in the world that provides its users with complete management of commercial and distribution systems. Specially developed, designed and implemented as a multi-language and multinational software platform, it is capable of setting up a new business unit in the market in less than 60 Days!

 • Billing.
 • Calculation.
 • Logistics.
 • Distributions.
 • Commission settlements.
 • Warehouse management.
 • Transactions and payments.
 In short, Wings BackOffice can manage an entire e-commerce system for you.

4. Wings Second Number: 

The availability of separate phone numbers for work and personal use in a single mobile phone is a blessing in itself. As it can enhance your work management and productivity to a much greater extent. Wings provide all of its mobile phone customers a feature to add as many telephone numbers as they wish. With the help of which they can make phone calls, receive incoming calls and use the internet while also having the second number as caller identification.

5. Wings Guardian:

Privacy breaches are the major drawbacks of modern-day technologies. It can be your mobile phones, your carriers and even the installed apps that are capable of using your private information without your consent. However, that’s not the case with Wings technologies and mobile phones. Wings Guardian features ensure the confidentially of its mobile phone users. This additional security layer first identifies, verifies and then eliminates any possible application or trojan installed on the phone that is using microphones or cameras without the user’s consent.

6. Wings Secure Call:

Wings secure call feature guarantees no phone call interception. With its highly advanced triple-layer protection that makes any VOIP data flow non-existent through its server. Therefore, making call recording, tracking and interception a thing of the past.

 I. Transport Layer Security (TLS) for Internet communications
II. Zimmermann Real-time Transport Protocol (ZRTP) for end-to-end exchange security through encryption keys.
III. ICE technology for Peer to Peer utilities.

7. Wings World Roaming Free:

Working independently of any operator, Wings’ World free-roaming converts Global System for Mobile (GSM) incoming calls to Voice Over Internet Protocols (VOIP) calls completely free of cost. That means Wings’ mobile phone users get an opportunity to make calls globally from 60 countries using an internet connection without even spending a single penny!

8. Wings Defender:

Using an integration of Windows 10 and Wings’ Defender Software on all of its Wing Books (laptops), Wings’ users enjoy a secure working environment. The software remains regularly updated with all the Viruses, Malware and Trojans. So that the users can surf safely over the internet while also making their hardware long-lasting and free from any internal damages.

9. Wings Dialer:

The first-ever Hybrid dialer in the world, Wings’ one of a kind Dialer enables its mobile phone users to utilize a fused technology version of GSM with VOIP. This unusual combination allows users to perform a variety of communication tasks through a single operational feature.
 • Free-Roaming.
 • Second number.
 • Free national and international calls through VOIP transfer.
 • Secured calling network.

10. Wings VOIP Call:

With 90% savings as compared to the market rates, Wings’ mobile phone users get the facilitation of making exclusive VOIP calls. Once the recipient has been chosen, the user can either go for a GSM call or opt for the VOIP one. So that they can communicate and interact with whoever they want and for as long as they want while being in any part of the world!

The uniqueness of Wings’ Mobile Security Systems

100% secured Communications Network:

Secretly Listening to the conversations of users, Non-consensual use of personal data and Recording phone calls; these are some of the major issues faced by the modern world technology systems today. Recently, many famous companies also admitted to committing the very crime. Ultimately, making the use of online technologies a nightmare for the people. That’s where Wings Mobile Phones come in. Wings technologies have a straightforward “No middle Man” policy. That means neither any of its mobile phone user’s data is recorded nor it can be intercepted by any intermediate operator or the company itself. Due to the use of triple-level security protections, Wings Mobile phones provide a completely secure communication system. The presence of TLS, ZRTP layers, and ICE technology guarantee no VOIP data flow through the server. With the implementation of Neural libraries, Wings is now more focused on improving the preexisting encryption algorithms. Like, Diffie-Hellman elliptic curve (up to 384 bits) for the exchange of end-to-end AES encryption keys (up to 256 bits) for confidentiality and HMAC-SHA1 for authentication.

Safer OS Builds:

Wings Safe Core OS is an Android-based operating system. Wings uses a combinational hybrid of two operating systems i.e. a secured android platform within the commercial android. That means no Android API or application has access to Wings' OS as it remains based on an entirely encrypted partition of the storage memory. In order to provide users with complete control over their privacy, Wings OS are specially designed keeping in view the user confidentially for their sensitive data. It includes Financial and Banking Details, Personal Photos, and Videos, E-banking and Cryptocurrencies. In addition, Wings OS is only accessible through a three-step verification method for the users. That includes

 I. A personal identification number (PIN).
 II. Facial recognition based on high-level Neural technologies.
 III. Fingerprint verification.

First-ever Minephone Technology

Wings hold the honor of introducing minephones for the first time in the history of the mobile phone industry. These minephones are capable of performing all of the cryptocurrency-related procedures. Its Minephone WX can even generate up to 2 Ethereum per month for the miners! Pretty amazing, Isn’t it?

Understanding BitWings (BWN):

BitWings (BWN) is a token of Wings Mobile which remains implemented in an intelligent ERC-20 contract on the ethereum blockchain. Wings WX mobile phone utilizes a generation software capable of producing one of the world’s leading cryptocurrencies quite effectively. So that even a beginner can start his blockchain journey right away. With the use of Neural Technologies and encrypted work environments, WX offers the maximum security of data for its users. Moreover, the mobile phone remains completely secured with Biometric Facial Recognition through Neural FaceID.

How does it perform crypto mining?

The coins remain generated with the help of Proof of Data (POD) System. In addition, MediaTek Helio P60 Neuro Pilot 8-core allows optimal performance for the miners to use the phone for mining as well as mobile phone purposes. Its 365-daily payment, max power of 1000 MH/S also adds to its mining capabilities. Ultimately, making the mobile phone capable of generating 2 Ethereum per month which is a great bonus itself.

Utility Token Vs Security Token:

The major difference: 
Utility Tokens are sold to the public through (ICO) Initial Coin Offering. These are the no-profit tokens that only enable the investors to use tokens for services offered by the company. Security Tokens are sold to the public through (STO) Security Token Offerings. These tokens are bought by the investors in exchange for money while also making them part of company profit depending on the token purchases.
Why BWN is a Utility Token?
BitWings believes in offering top-class services to its users which can also only be brought by those who own BWN tokens. Such services remain exclusively offered by the BitWings for its BWN token owners who are also responsible for introducing one of a kind, unique innovations in the fields of smartphones, technology and also cryptocurrencies.
 • Wings introduction of the first-ever minephone in the world market, capable of mining up to 2 Ethereum per month is only available for purchase through 6000 BitWings.
 • Secured, triple-level encrypted call technology through which no VOIP data flows the server and is unimaginable to intercept is also available for BWN token owners only.

100% issuance value:

BitWings strength in the cryptocurrency lies in its true issuance value of $0.20 which also acts as protection against market fluctuations. Furthermore, The BWN tokens are an exchange medium for purchasing products in the Wings Mobile ecosystem while also the token holders get a 10% discount on the entire range of Wings Mobile products/services. Even if the BWN value falls, the token holder can have a reserved value of $0.20 which can be used in all of Wings Mobiles’ online and physical stores through Wings Pay.

Foundation of BitWings:

BitWings remain built on two prime guarantees
I. Innovation:
BitWings establishing vision lies in innovation. The company is constantly devising new channels for maximizing its software, hardware efficiency while also enhancing business productivity through decentralized global distribution. Through our of the box strategic solutions and consumer-oriented plans to value the customers, BitWings’ business is now aiming for taking a lead positing in the cryptocurrency market that remains dominated by big players. Ultimately providing a new pathway to the world of mobile phone mining.
II. Privacy:
BitWings only mission is to provide its clients with full control over their privacy. In order to eliminate the risks of data breaching. With Wings Mobile Phones’ artificially intelligent algorithms, modernized Technolgy development procedures and sophisticated security systems our customers enjoy the highest level of security they can ever imagine. Whether you are making phone calls or processing your online transactions, no third party can neither access your information nor intercept your phone calls. Even no two Wings’ devices can read each other’s data!

Technical Specifications of Wings W3


High-Resolution Cameras: 

For the photography lovers, Wings W3 provides a high resolution 16MP rear camera and 2MP front-facing the camera. That also remains guarded with Wings Guardian's highly sophisticated algorithms. Therefore, no third party can use your cameras without your authorization.

Colored Finger Prints Sensors: 

The slide fingerprint sensor on Wings W3 also comes in a variety of colors. Making it irresistible in its look while also being a gateway to a new era of technology. Furthermore, the sensor holds the protection of Wings’ triple-layer security methods that remain impenetrable by all means.

Sleek metal Design: 

Elegant and sleek design, unique body dimensions, and lightweight structures. That’s what Wings W3 feels like. The W3 comes in two colors; deep black and red passion. Moreover, the metallic design further adds to its look. Fast processing Speeds: With MediaTek MT6761 and Quad-Core – 4x A53 2.0GHz processors, the W3 offers unimaginable processing speeds with high precision.

Cryptocurrency Exchanges, take a Note of This: New Cryptocurrency Exchange to be Put Up

“To stay in power and to lead a pack, taking risk is an ability that few have.”

Well so to say, Cryptocurrency Exchanges have to be prepared for recent developments and what system the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has put across. The most important aspect which one was missing out all this while was that the responsibility of a creator does not end with the creation of an exchange on a Blockchain, instead, it goes on to be on the rising end.

And this is what even Rober Cohen, Chief of Cyber Unit of SEC thinks.

Cryptocurrency so far had been on a racing streak sprouting in all corners of the economy, however, in order to keep track of advances in this particular field came in U. S. SEC’s Cyber Unit. According to the latest developments, SEC shall make a note of minute details so as to keep Cryptocurrency Exchanges in the track.
SEC’s focus turned toward Cryptocurrency Exchange solely based on the fact that there is an ‘Exchange’ involved in talks and this can turn tables for all parties involved. Therefore, it was necessary for something or someone to take charge of changing the environment.
Another fact to be taken note of is, decentralization or smart contract were never in question, it was only these sets of ‘decentralized exchanges’ that had to be looked at. Reasons being, exchanges, for the most part, ran on ‘self-executing codes’. Responsibility of these codes also included contacting individuals directly!

Cryptocurrency Exchanges: Would they ever be Accepted?

The question that an individual faces here is whether any one out there is going to accept these Cryptocurrency exchanges or not? Some of the exchanges have worked their way up while there were also others who could not make a mark for themselves.

Scams are another factor that takes away trust from a platform.

If you have ever noticed then some of these Cryptocurrency Exchanges have been launched with an ‘ox platform’. While on the other hand there are also other exchanges which have seen the light of the day as they were being solely made on Blockchain.
And if views of experts are to be taken in to consideration then we may make a point very clear: it is next to impossible at the moment to shut down Exchanges that have formed their basis on Blockchain!
In simple words Blockchain based Cryptocurrency Exchanges have found themselves to be built on a platform that does not seem to have an end to it. With loads of decentralized servers apart from domain providers and a lot of similar other stuff, exchanges are heading towards a whole new wave of development.
A development, that many see as an answer to an easier way out; whilst some experts are of the belief that if monitored on regular basis then Blockchain based Cryptocurrency Exchanges shall leave a mark for itself. To let this thought turn in to a reality, it shall certainly take some more time because streamlining aspects is an important part of development as far as these exchanges are concerned.
And with U. S. Securities and Exchange Commission right around the corner, exchanges under Cryptocurrency tag have to abide by the rules. Do they?

Binance, has been in news of late while growing leaps and bounds with its great work in the field of cryptocurrencies. Still there was room enough to launch yet another department that aimed to bring in transparency for the benefit of everyone involved.

8 November 2018, a Day to Remember

8 November is a day to remember as it was then that Binance launched its ‘Altcoin Research Lab’ creating another source of public assistance. This division from Cryptocurrency Exchange giant would analyze investment opportunities in range of diverse Cryptocurrency projects; thereafter this information is going to be shared to the public.

This is also the very first time that a leading Cryptocurrency Exchange is working on ‘institutional grade cryptos research’. Such a research shall be carried out by ‘Binance Research’, aimed to raise transparency levels besides providing quality and quantitative reports on the way Cryptocurrency Reports work.

Folks from the crypto world are enthusiastic about Binance Research Division as it could resolve major issues concerning cryptos which keep cropping every now and then. It is also to be understood that there has not been till date any such venture made purely for providing information related to crypto world.

In Depth Research

Yes, you read it correctly, it is certainly going to be an in-depth research at Binance Ecosystem from the experts at Binance World. Updating these reports is also a part of the game plan because changes are inevitable and hence, it is necessary that some one keeps a track of all these things, while reporting these issues or solving any queries related to crypto world.

With latest reports on the go, a crypto enthusiast shall make the most use of this division. Availing information from these reports would not be that difficult also, reasons being the whole information shall be made available online.

People who form this research team include experts from the field such as Blockchain Engineers, Data Scientists, Investment Bankers, Academicians and Journalists among others. This team would be in charge of building reports from the scratch and shall report ‘Price Analysis, Token Sale, Trading Data and Adoption Metrics’ to name a few focus points.

Reviewing major projects yes, is one of the focal points however, Subjective Metrics is yet another of the categories the team would work on.

The Go To Option for Many

Binance, over the years has moved ahead while still maintaining its position of being a ‘Crypto Trading Platform’. And now if you see, it has worked its way to become one of the best and leading ‘Blockchain System’.

It was therefore about time for a leader of this stature to spread out its wings to yet another division whilst maintaining quality in all the verticals it moved in to. This thought gave birth to Binance’s Research Division, the first of its kind in the crypto world. In case you are not aware of it, there are two other divisions of Binance namely, Binance Info (* a Cryptocurrency Database) and Binance Academy (* an educational portal) already up and running!

So, stay tuned to get the latest information on Crypto Analysis made online by the experts in their efforts to keep everyone informed on how Cryptocurrency is moving forward by the hour!

Cryptocurrency Market Is Rising Again

It was only yesterday that we reported about sudden changes in the way Bitcoin worked but as you can see there can never be anything which one can be sure of. And so are cryptocurrencies’ latest ‘bull run’ that has brought some relief to investors of Bitcoin!

Of course, stabilize is the correct word here because right from October of 2018, with the unstable market around, Bitcoin still maintained its status quo. Difficult to believe but that is how Bitcoin works. And when you look at the picture, you understand that Bitcoin has been trading some where around $6,400. This is certainly a positive sign for investors say some experts.
On the other hand, Ethereum, as well as Litecoin, move around $211 and $51 respectively. Agreed that there was indeed one point of time when Bitcoin touched its all-time low, however, that was way back in the month of June. And as per reports, Bitcoin in June was around $5,900 which turns out to be a few hundred less than the current status.

Binance CEO’s Views

Changpeng Zhao, CEO of Binance has even reported having said that there is going to be ‘bull-run’ of cryptocurrencies and it shall not take a lot of time as well. Binance is one of the top Cryptocurrency exchanges across the globe and if something to this extent comes from the CEO of it then there are a lot of chances that Bitcoin along with other cryptocurrencies shall see their rise again!
Bitcoins and Blockchain had been made to change the way decentralization worked; it did make quite a stir among people about the way it worked and so it was a time that it caught the attention of people (the way it did by having numerous investors from various sectors of the world).
Things, however, did not work as per the plan as some Governments did not completely take cryptocurrencies on their anvil.

Predictions or Reality
As moments pass, it becomes all the more difficult to take a final decision as to what would be right and what is not supposed to be correct. To clear this air of confusion, Llew Claasen, Executive Director of Bitcoin Foundation has been reported saying that Bitcoin shall hit $40,000! Now, this is not a small sum?! Adding to this statement, Claasen said that it shall be by the end of this year that Bitcoins hit this mark.
When asked about other cryptocurrencies, Claasen’s only answer was: (that) about 90% of cryptocurrencies might fail. Reasons for this failure could be lack of risk-taking ability, most managements of Cryptocurrency projects may not have.

At the moment with 5 known scams of Cryptocurrency, the list is going to be an endless one. Situations are indeed volatile, major reasons being: it is tough to predict the future of a Cryptocurrency for a limited period of time. Hence, this leads to varied statements about pros and cons of investing in a certain department.
Bitcoin, on the other hand, seems to be a store of a kind for value; it is also being regarded as an asset or an aspect most shall bank on.

Readers, stay tuned for more updates on Bitcoins and cryptocurrencies future right here.